Friday, July 20, 2007

Sen. Reid was on a Cot during All Night Senate Session

The Big Sleeper Senator Harry Reid(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

It was billed as an all night Senate debate on withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq. Democrats called this very symbolic session to identify with the troops who often stay up all night defending this country.

"How many sleepless nights have our soldiers and their families had?" --Sen. Dick Durbin,D-Ill

Senator Harry Reid was the architect of this thinly veiled stunt meant to peel away and entice weak Republican Senators into supporting Liberal demands to cut and run from Iraq.

After Senator Reid’s careful staged midnight address which was meant to show the world that he as Senate majority leader would be up all night in this must important gesture of self-sacrifice against the war.

After all it was the least that a Senator could do to simultaneously support the troops and at the same time protest against the war, but mysteriously the Senator suddenly went AWOL. Was he kidnapped by an American al Qaeda sleeper cell?

In the greatest disappearing act since Captain Joseph Hazelwood, left the wheelhouse of the Exxon Valdez Senator Reid just disappeared.

You remember Captain Hazelwood? Who sometime after 11 pm, departed the wheel house of the Valdez and was in his stateroom at the time of the accidental oil spill, which was one of the largest manmade environmental disasters ever to occur at sea. Hazelwood left Third Mate Gregory Cousins in charge of the wheel house and Able Seaman Robert Kagan at the helm the Valdez hit Prince William Sound's Bligh Reef and spilled an estimated 11 million gallons of crude oil.

So where was Senator Reid? Well according to Las Vegas Sun writer Lisa Mascaro sometime after midnight after the Senators midnight address he retired to his Senate office to a waiting secret cot then he stripped out of his trousers, then his shirt and tie, before settling into his cot for a snooze. On the Senate floor, others carried the all-night debate on the war in Iraq.

Apparently all the other cots were props but one was not. Senator Reid’s cot which was sequestered in the Senator’s private privileged office held the majority leader gently as he lay there dreaming. Perhaps dreaming of the brave fighting soldiers in Iraq?

A worker lays out a cot for U.S. Senators in the Lyndon B. Johnson room, just off the Senate floor, in the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington July 17, 2007. U.S. Senate Democrats, hoping to raise pressure on President George W. Bush and his fellow Republicans to pull troops from Iraq, have scheduled an around-the-clock war debate starting on Tuesday which is expected to last overnight. REUTERS/Jason Reed (UNITED STATES)

In one of the biggest staged Democrat political stunts to date Senator Harry Reid, like the disciples Peter, James and John who disappointed their Lord because they rather sleep than watch with Him for one hour, was sleep. And because of it Reid’s hypocrisy stinks up the whole Senate!

Senate Reid: Sleep would be divine

No one forced Senator Reid to Stage this all night debate so if he wasn’t ready to follow though with his own program he shouldn’t have called it! But to pretend that he was up all night when he wasn’t is simply outrageously disgraceful!

Senator Reid did not do an all nighter, Senator Reid got his sleep. This is but another example of Liberals attempting to have it both ways.

Democrat Senators voted to give the President authority for this war and they have repeatedly voted to fund it and now that Code pink and Cindy Sheehan have gained some traction with the racial anti-protect America left Democrats all of a sudden Senate Democrats are ready for a precipitous withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq for no other reason than votes in 2008!

Anything for votes hey Dems? …Just as long as it doesn’t interfere with your beauty sleep huh Senate Reid?


  1. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Alaphiah, Brooklyn, Natalib, and ModerateDemocrat:

    Dis Blog is a F%*$#@ Moonbat Cave! How dair you poke fun of de grate Hairy Reed and his all nite session! If yew D&%$#!* Neo-cons think that can mke hey just becausse dey du nuttin during de all nite session, yew are crazee Moonbats!

    I'll have yew noe that whwn Hairy Reed and the democrats have an all nite session, dey are dreaming up new Sivil Rites Legislation or new Human Rites Legislation. It's jist unfair dat de Isaamics are subjected too *&^%$## Torture, and now yew want to add insult too injuree by making it impossible to sue those who suppport informants who ketch Islamists doing holy Deeds, susch as strapping bombs on themselves and going into crowed places.

    Islamic Terrorist shud hav rites too! Yew F^&%$##ing Moonbat Neocons are as Crazee az ever.


  2. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Dear JumboDaddy/BopBurrito:

    I am glad to see that you've cleaned up your language and that your spelling has improved, not to mention your reasoning skille and general level of literacy. It's amazing what you can do with a Sixth Grade Education at a "Publick Skule" can do for you. Jethro Bodine would be proud of you.

    I regret that I no longer post to Chatterbox at the Slate, soething about an expired account due to lack of interest. Maybe someone would post my congratulations to you over there so that you can boast to your friends Arkie, MrKaplan, and Muddleview.


    Moderate Democrat

  3. Hey BopBurrito,

    I agree with u. Those terrorists shud halve every rite in the world to go blow themselves up. Its just that they shud stay away from crowed places.

    What you mean by holy?. They make everythin holy when the bomb goes off?

    I hope you can udderstand what I rite cause I am still lurnig inglish. I ain't a libral so it will bee a wile before I am smart two.

  4. Looks like Burrito really knows where the Dumbocrats are coming from.

    He was probably in the cot with Reid!.

  5. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Brooklyn, RC, MD, and the Rest of you Moonbat Neocons:

    Yew shud knot poke fun ov Hairy Reede and de Democrats. Dey werk so hard for umann rites and sivil rites. Maybee dey kneede se sleep to dream up dere legislation. F%$#@,do yew know how hard it is to git de Sivil Rites Carcass, de Yunion Carcass, de Wimin's Rites Carcass, de Moveondotorg Peepul, Deanie Wienie, de La Raza Carcass, and de Akademiks to sign off on sumtin? Yew saw how de ImmyGracion Legislation fell apart because de SH*&^$ty Bludogs chickened out.

    John Edwards sed dat de War on Terror is a Bumper Sticker War. Maybeee Hee is designing a Bumper Sticker that wud skare de terrorists Awaye! F^%* Mon, yew shud hav mo faith in de Demonocrats.

    Perhaps wee could ask sum ov our Beautiful Democrat Gurls to go over to Alkaida too take de place of de Virgins dat de sewerside bombers wud git. Dat would stop dem frum blowing demselbs up! I'm sure Jane Fonda, Mary T. More, and a few udder Democrat Boobs [izzat how yew spell Babes?] wuld luv to go.

    We must ddoo away wit toutchuring innercent terrorists. It iz mean too lock a terrorist in a cage wit a Hog, to waterboard, and to ride dem like camels. Oh! the Shame of it all! Ye Moonbats and neocoms will only make de terrorists mad! Yew shudn't doo dat.

    RC, i'm glad dat yew want to b smart like me. I am so smart, I can count up to mye IQ : 1, 2, 3! I just wish yew cud be a smart Liberal like me!

    No Bull&%#@&t!