Thursday, July 19, 2007

This is the Congress that Democrats built

Senators Reid, Schumer and Durbin

Just what did they think? The saying goes you sow the wind you reap the whirlwind. Here’s another, you make the bed you lie in it.

The politics of personal destruction were only supposed to affect George Bush. All of the negative politics were only supposed to reflect badly on George Bush. All the blame from everything from the 2000 elections to Katrina and Rita was to only mire George Bush. ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, Air America, the New York Times, etc, etc, etc were suppose to poison the political atmosphere only against George Bush.

So why does a Democrat controlled Congress have the lowest approval rating of any Congress in the history of Zogby polling?

Maybe it’s because Harry Reid can’t open his mouth without some overtly negative diatribe against George Bush. Nor can John Kerry, neither can Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi nor any of the Democrats.

It’s the negativity stupid! Democrats have been serving up a steady stream of blame, shame and who outed Valerie Plame.

Liberal bias has incessantly brow beat us with the topics of Gitmo, Abu Ghraib and anti-Patriot act all negativity all the time. A culture of corruption, where are the weapons of mass destruction, he lied and people died, the war is lost and the surge has failed.

All night anti-war congressional visuals and 500 to 1000 congressional investigations, Cindy Sheehan and camp Casey it’s all just too much, too much negatively. Negatively overload, danger , danger Will Robinson, can’t we just all get along?

Now divine justice, or Karma or the chickens are coming home to roost, or the cows are coming home or what goes around comes around. In other words the hate that was meant for Bush only is now being visited upon the Democrat Controlled Congress.

So this is the house that Democrats built, almost eight years of unadulterated vitriol against President George W. Bush, clichés not withstanding the hate that they intended solely for him is now being directed back at its source unto a partisan hateful lying political Democratic Controlled Congress.

Pelosi and Reid built this city on hate of the other and now 85% of the American people are in a foul discontented mood regarding the entire Congress.

Let’s be clear this national malaise that is felt regarding Congress is a direct result of the politics of negativity and Democrats are the architects and the constructers of this house of hate so it is all but fitting that they should live in the house that they’ve created.

Democrats fooled the American people in 2006 with the politics of hate and lies but for 2008 nobody is going to believe the “us against them” politics of hate.

The Presidential candidates will need to bring something more substantial than Bush bashing every time, all the time! 2008 candidates will have to bring positive insights and answers to the many problems which face America.

A new direction, yeah this time we need a new direction not the broken promise of a new direction which Democrats gave in 2006.

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  1. For all of the "I hate George Bush" rhetoric, not one useful idea has emerged
    from the "Party Of No Ideas". The whole bunch of them aren't worth the paper that their paychecks are printed on.