Thursday, August 02, 2007

Anthropomorphic Social Change

NSCAT scatterometer image of Greenland

The conversation of climate change in this country and the world is an extraordinary effort in changing social attitudes by social engineering. The green movement along with its special interest and government co-conspirators is attempting to change your mind regarding how you live your life and ,as well, they intend to get into your wallet.

The whole topic of anthropomorphic climate change has been a farce from the very beginning. From Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth Alive Earth World Concerts to the Greenland glacier meltdown consensus, where everyone but deniers agree that man is the cause of global warming and because of the popular consensus everyone is expected to believe in the unproven conjecture of anthropomorphic climate change (ACC).

But what if I told you that latest scientific studies refute the theories of Greenland glacier meltdown? You are probably so thoroughly brainwashed that no amount of scientific proof will change your mind.

However, according to a Danish study researchers from Aarhus University Greenland's glaciers have been shrinking for 100 years. Do you understand the implication of this? If this is the case then to connect the phenomenon of Greenland glacier melt with anthropomorphic climate change is morally and criminally wrong. Criminally wrong when proponents of climate change intend to profit at the expense of sheeplessly conditioned followers of the hype of global warming (GW).

And then there are the cataclysmic and dire forecast of monster storms in the Atlantic, FrankenStorms, hurricanes caused by ACC but where are these storms now?

During the active 2005 hurricane season, the usual doom-and-gloom prophets blamed the storms on global warming (GW). "Nature's wrath," we were told, "hath been unleashed". Aided by a complaisant media, we were told this was our wakeup call, come to punish us for our SUV-driving
Once again proponents of Global warming are wrong so far.

Finally if you are a person that does not believe in ACC you could be threaten with death or the total destruction of your creditability and livelihood as Marlo Lewis was by Michael T. Eckhart, president of the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE).

Eckhart an apparent global warming fanatic wrote to Lewis in an e-mail,
"Take this warning from me, Marlo. It is my intention to destroy your career as a liar. If you produce one more editorial against climate change, I will launch a campaign against your professional integrity. I will call you a liar and charlatan to the Harvard community of which you and I are members. I will call you out as a man who has been bought by Corporate America. Go ahead, guy. Take me on."
Eckhart seriously needs to take a chill pill! Why are these GW fanatics so emotionally disturbed regarding their defense of climate change?

The July 27-29 2007 U.S. Senate trip lead by Senator Barbara Boxer to Greenland to investigate fears of a glacier meltdown revealed an Arctic land where current climatic conditions are neither alarming nor linked to a rise in man-made carbon dioxide emissions, according to many of the latest peer-reviewed scientific findings. Recent research has found that Greenland has been warming since the 1880's, but since 1955, temperature averages at Greenland stations have been colder than the period between 1881-1955.

Did you get that GW fanatics? In Greenland current climatic conditions are neither alarming nor linked to a rise in man-made carbon dioxide emissions and according to many of the latest peer-reviewed scientific findings. Recent research has found that Greenland has been warming since the 1880's

Let’s see the glaciers have been warming since the 1880’s that would put the any melting of Greenland glaciers outside of the timeline for the claim of anthropomorphic CO2 emissions climate change. Humm, seems like the internet is not the only invention of former vice President Al Gore.

In spite of the apparent debunking of human caused global warming liberal minions will continue to buy their Priuses while defending the junk science of global warming they will do this in spite overwhelming evidence that yes climate is changing as it has done since the inception of earth and weather but as in the begin as it is now man is not the cause of weather change.

So those of us who believe in facts will continue to be threatened, defamed or financially ruined by GW fanatics like Michael Eckhart. So much for scientific method and reason for the left!


  1. What I find strange about the whole thing is that renewable energy and products could be an easy sell to the public due to the rising cost of fuel and the fact that oil is non-renewable. The dependence on foreign oil is a really bad idea that costs the public billions every year to pay for a military presence to protect that foreign oil from being interrupted..

    A whole new job market could be created and exportable goods would help to get rid of the foreign trade deficit.

    Instead, the loony-tune left would rather try to cause hysteria while blaming GWB for everything. What could be something good for everyone, is reduced to a political 3-ring circus full of lies, half truths and outright deception.

    Why can't the stupid politicians get along with each other?. It's been a long time since Al Gore invented the dinosaurs and GWB killed them all off to make his oil profits. Even owning stock in Occidental Petroleum doesn't seem to make Al Sore any happier. Getting his hands into YOUR wallet will though!.

  2. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Do the hundreds of millions of people living in Bolivia, Australia, India, Germany, etc., etc. also count as part of the looney left that believe that man-made global warming is a real threat?
    Al Gore inventng the dinosaurs... Getting his hands on YOUR wallet... How do you expect to be taken seriously with such tripe?

  3. Just as serious as anyone who would subscribe to public opinion and a political huckster to advance the lastest pop science theory!