Friday, August 03, 2007

Ravings of a Mad Lunacratic

Democrat Strategist Dan Gerstein

Lunacy and Lunatic are the musings of a mad hatter by the name of Dan Gerstein in his column written for the Politico entitled, “Forget about a Bush impeachment -- it's Gonzales” In this column Gerstein lays out the minds of Liberal Democrats. And man is it a frightening place!

In his informative but startling article Mr. Gerstein confirms everything that sensible people were attempting to warn the country about regarding Democrats gaining political power.

Let’s unravel some of the twists and turns of a purely partisan mind, one which is partisanly delusional to the extreme, shall we. And after that I think even the most neutral Independent voter will retch at the prospect of Democrats leading this country in 2008 especially after this candid examination of the way which ultra-partisan Democrats thinks.


Why is Impeachment of President Bush even a discussion in Liberal circles? And because it is, Mr. Gerstein presents an argument stating why Democrats want to impeach ergo Cindy Sheehan but can ill afford to because it is not politically expedient for Democrats to do so. Gerstein’s solution? Why simple silly impeach Alberto Gonzales!

The truth is Democrat Liberals hate Conservatives and everything that Conservatives stand for, according to Democrat National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, and if it were up to these haters they would impeach the whole lot of you Conservatives! 50% of the country would be censured by Russ Feingold because if you happen to be a Conservative Republican you are criminally wrong in everything that you do and believe.

That is what this talk about impeachment of President Bush is; Democrats are criminalizing policy differences between themselves and the President. Just like their plans to criminalize all Conservative belief and religious belief.

So look for the fairness doctrine to shut up your Conservative talk radio, look for hate speech legislation to shut up your churches from speaking biblically regarding the act of homosexually and look for the quick and thorough dismantling of any sign or symbol of Conservativism when Democrats achieve control of the American Government.

Understand it isn’t actually about George W. Bush. It isn’t George W. that Democrats wish to impeach, censure or just run out of Washington on a rail, sure Democrats put in a lot of work to destroy his Presidency, but it would be the same thing if any other Republican candidate representing Conservative ideology would dare to lay claim to the most powerful elected office in the world.

Democrats can’t stomach the thought of a Conservative leading this nation. So they’ve skewered President Bush for almost 8 years and so having the chance to impeach him and drive him out of office in shame would give Democrat haters orgasmic shivers of ecstasy which even sex couldn’t duplicate for the ardent Liberal Conservative hater.

Gerstein writes,
“Is impeachment in the best interests of the country? Is the evidence strong enough to convince 67 senators that the president has shown himself to be unfit for office and/or a danger to the country? And not least of all, what are the costs to the country and to the impeaching party of bringing charges and then losing?”

You see in the mind of a Liberal Democrat when they speak about the interests of the country they are not speak for the 50% of Conservatives that reside in this country. Democrats equate this country with themselves only.

So in an almost equally split Senate Democrats would have to come up with 17 to 18 Republican senators to achieve the Democrat wet dream of impeaching President Bush.

But in a political climate that holds Congress at an all time historical low the politicizing Dems wouldn’t even think of attempting something so politically disadvantageous because according to Gerstein, American discontent is not nearly broad enough or deep enough to sustain what would start out and likely continue as a wholly partisan campaign to forcibly remove Bush from office a year early.

Dan Gerstein is an ultra-partisan who like most liberal Democrats would impeach President Bush if he and they thought that you’d let them. They’re thinking about it really hard, so hard in fact that nothing else in Congress is getting done.

Gerstein’s dilemma is that though Democrats pretend that they are the whole country they know for a fact that there are enough Conservatives in this country to stop them from winning the Presidency in 2008 and from fully controlling Congress so they won’t be doing anything to piss off Conservatives at least until they can get control of the government and then it’s Katie bar the door.

Gerstein and liberals like him understand that impeaching President Bush would create a firestorm of Conservative political action much like the immigration bill did.

Can’t have that now, huh Mr. Gerstein? Not just before Democrats get what is owed to them from 2000 and 2004 elections. So they’ll just impeach Alberto Gonzales.

Admittedly it’s not as satisfying as stripping the big guy of his executive privileges but it’ll have to do, so not to awaken the sleeping dog Conservatives before the Democrat Presidential candidate is raising his right hand on the January 20, 2009 with his hand over a Qu’ran swearing to protect and defend Liberal Democrats sensibilities, so help him international law and the Hague of which it stands three nations a North America Community with liberty and freedom to whomever comes across our borders to destroy us and destroy any traditions that made us the great country and power that we once were.

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