Saturday, August 04, 2007

Who Said the Dems Are Dishonest????

In clear violation of yet another campaign
promise, Democrats maneuvered last night
to forcibly reverse the outcome of a vote that
would have barred illegal immigrants from
receiving taxpayer-funded benefits.

After a majority of the House initially passed
the measure barring illegal immigrants from
receiving taxpayer funded handouts, Democrat
leaders stepped-in to strong-arm their politically
vulnerable members into switching their votes
in order to defeat the measure and deliver
benefits for illegals. And what's even worse --
they did this in the dead of the night, when they
hoped no one was watching.

Democrats are quickly proving that they are
politically tone-deaf to the issue of illegal
immigration. Their latest move to provide
illegal immigrants with taxpayer funded benefits
is an outrage and we need to stop it.

Despite their claims of being in touch with the
American voters on this issue, the liberal
Democrat party remains out of step with the
views and values of this country.

Send a clear message to Nancy Pelosi and the
"vote-switching" Democrats- that we will not
stand idly by while they attempt to run roughshod
over the will of the American people.


1 comment:

  1. The Socialist party of Demorats are hard at work, I see. Taxpayers are to be rewarded for their own hard work by have their money taken from them, to pay for people who don't belong here legally.

    How do the Demorats propose to fund this crap?. Raise our taxes more?. Washington needs a king sized enema. These high handed bastards are not "public servants.
    They think they are the masters.