Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How Do You Become an Illegal Alien Activist?

Elvira Arellano,Illegal Alien Activist

How does one become an Illegal Alien activist and a national symbol for illegal immigrant parents? Why, just violate a country’s immigration laws then manipulate those laws, then defy those laws and then work to undermine those laws. It’s quite simple I’ll show you!


Elvira Arellano became an activist and a national symbol for illegal immigrant parents and various subversive immigration groups which are promoting anarchy and are using Elvira’s face in their fight with the American people and their Congress regarding the 20 million illegal aliens that are demanding the rights of citizenship in this country.

Before the tears are flowing too profusely you do know the other side of illegal immigration don’t you? I didn’t think that you did. Hundreds of not Thousands of illegal immigrates leave their families often containing young children to come to America.

America isn’t breaking up families. Immigrates who chose to leave their families behind to enter America illegally break up their own families for instance there’s 19-year-old Rosa, who left home with a plastic bin liner containing a spare pair of jeans and some toilet paper.

Nothing more - that is all she has to make the long trip to the American border. Rosa left her two-year-old child behind in Guatemala this kind of breaking up of families has been going on for years. In 2005 Voice of America reported that immigrants sent $126 billion dollars home to family members in the country of their origin. American is not breaking up families immigrates are making their own choices, sometimes they leave their children behind like Rosa and of course if caught, for being in this country illegally, because they have reinterpreted the 14th amendment so that their child are entitled to stay in America even if they are deported to their own country for breaking America’s immigration laws, they always have the choice to take their children with them!


Illegal immigrates and their supporters are using their interpretation of the Constitution to aid and abet the breaking of American law therefore they are advocates for anarchy.

The 14th was designed to ensure that all former slaves were granted automatic United States citizenship, and that they would have all the rights and privileges as any other citizen. The amendment passed Congress on June 13, 1866, and was ratified on July 9, 1868 (757 days). LINK

The 14th amendment was never intended to grant automatic citizenship to foreign nationals that violated U.S. sovereignty to establish a quasi-legal claim to citizenship for their children. But Mexican Nationals and other South American people have learned over time that Americans have become less vigilant with regards to its constitutional laws and have used the American constitutional as a train ride to establish a faux claim to citizenship for their children they did this knowing that the American people wouldn’t even know the difference. And they were right!

Think about it what law is valid only after you break another law? That’s how illegal aliens and their supports are using the 14th amendment. Why— that would be akin to saying that by the law of “finders keepers” if anyone is able to rob a bank undetected they are entitled to keep any money that they take. Not good bank policy? Then why would anyone think that it would be good for this Nation to have 20 million illegal foreigners break into this country and take citizenship, jobs, and the benefits of American people?


I’ll tell you why, we’ve become a Nation of law breakers and law changers we’re no longer a nation of laws.

President’s Bush’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform was about law breakers being granted immunity from their crimes by changing the law to make their offenses go away by changes in the law. These law breakers are not the ones that you usually associate with illegal entry however these law breakers are usually the ones who have the power to change laws by lobbying Congress or influencing a President and thereby they make their lawlessness lawful!

That would be like a Comprehensive Pit bull fighting Reform bill put in place so that Michael Vick will not have to face charges, sentence or professional penalties for alleged (he hasn’t be charged with anything yet) dog fighting.

Vick’s U.S. citizenship is supposed to entitle him to a presumption of innocence which he is not benefiting from in the media that has already judged and convicted him.

So why not change the laws so that all of the Pit bull fighting aficionados might come out of the shadows. I’m sure we could put the old kibosh on a few more NFL teams. Players have been probably fighting dogs for years it would be ashamed to separate anyone else from their teams and families for a little illegal dog fighting now would it?

After all, these dogs are fighting fights that most American dogs won’t fight.

As crazy as that sounds, it doesn’t sound any crazier than the pro-illegal alien arguments coming from illegal alien supporters who advocate disregarding this nations laws so that lawbreakers can live unencumbered from the natural consequences of breaking immigration laws.

Imagine if we all lived thinking that laws could be broken and we would receive sanctuary, pity and support because we have children, why crime would run ramped. Oh that is right illegal entry into the United States is at an all time high now isn’t it?

So how does any judge in America find anyone guilty of violation other laws if Mexican Nationals who are in this country illegal are permitted to wantonly break immigration laws and suffer no consequence for their actions whatsoever?

Is it fair that any American, Michael Vick for instance, be tried in the Court of public opinion, be forced to self incriminate in a plea bargain deal and lose his career and freedom while millions of criminal Mexican nationals use the face and plight of Elvira Arellano and her anchor child to campaign to make illegal entry and illegal status acceptable?

I say no! Either enforce all of America’s laws or enforce none of them. What Vick needs is a sanctuary city where he go play football and not worry that anyone will ask him his status as a dog fighter.

He needs a political group behind him demanding that the laws for illegal dog fighting be changed so that he can go about his business and live as he has always done.

If the thought of that makes you retch how is it any different for the 20 million illegal Mexican Nationals who demand rights in a country that they are not citizens of? And the very first right they want is citizenship so that they can further change America’s laws to aid them with changing this country from the reason and the hope that they left their country of origin for into a country that is like the country from which they fled from.

So how does one become an Illegal Alien activist and a national symbol for illegal immigrant parents? Simply chose a country that is not vigilant about its sovereignty, its citizens and its constitutional laws and you play on the people’s good intentions and ignorance, but mostly their ignorance!


  1. This manipulative bitch needs to be kicked out of this country, along with her entire family!

    She has more nerve than Vincente Fox.

  2. She's out but she thinks that she can influence our government from Tijuana!

    Now La Raza or the NCLA need to be kicked out of the U.S. along with all the other front groups for the subversion of America's government.

  3. Anonymous4:15 PM

    The Antidote to being an ILLEGAL Alien Activist is to become a LEGAL Alien Activist. Why should the United States favor Illegal Mexican Immigrants, many of them Criminal, and ALL of whom direspect US Laws when a better class of Immigrant can be had from Legal Asian Immigrants?

    We also need to pay attention to the RACIST nature of the La Raza Unitas, which translates to English as The United Race. Talk about a Mexican Ku Klux KLAN!