Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Worst Congress Ever!

Thursday's late-night rumble on the House floor, when a vote was gaveled to what Democrats acknowledge was a premature close, epitomized the ugliness that has overtaken the entire legislative process. In the end, the 110th Congress headed for its August recess with civility in shreds and achievements sparse.

Indeed, the only thing that might make August look pleasant is September, when lawmakers will return to resume the acrimonious debate over Iraq policy and confront the looming end of the fiscal year with spending bills unpassed and presidential vetoes in the offing.
–The Washington Post

Since such polls have been established no Congress has had a lower approval rating than the Democrat led 110th Congress.

This is a Congress of ugliness, broken promises, rancor and poisoned finger pointing partisanship. This is a Congress full of venom and vile, polarizing one-upmanship, classless crassness and demeaning disrespect for the office of the executive branch.
76% of Americans disapprove of the Democrat led Congress meaning that this Congress doesn’t speak for Americans though it pretends too.

This Congress has chosen to fight an ideologically civil war of Blue States against Red States, netroots against talk radio, earmarks against what is good for America, judicial activism against strict constructionism, and societal redefinition against traditional values.

With all the aplomb of a barroom brawl Democrats have led this country in a different direction as promised. This direction often opaque and nuanced beyond any discernable understanding because in their hearts Democrats know if they actually produced the open and transparent government which they only promised to get them elected the America people would reject that direction.

It is a direction of classic secular socialist Liberalism that even Europe is rejecting.

As Europeans attempt to adapt a more capitalist conservative political approach as demonstrated by recently elected conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy in France and other leaders, Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italian Premier Romano Prodi and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown the world is moving closer to current U.S. policies not away from them as it seems the Party of Hillary, Harry and Pelosi is doing. Europe is slowly but surely casting off its failed socialist clothing only to have American Democrats gather them up and put them on.

Democrats such as former Senator John Edwards and now Presidential hopeful seem to pursue a pseudo but archaic Trotskyism not realizing that the opulence of $500.00 haircuts made possible by a capitalist socio-economic model is not proletarian but petit bourgeoisie.

This underlines the main problem for the Democrats though they claim to be for the people their recent Congressional dealing betrays them as a vindictive and punishing partisan power hungry Party that is attempting to deconstruct the traditional social model in America and replace it with a multi-cultural but Balkanized tribalistic paradigm that will further divide this nation and fail like Europe did.

When 110th Congress reassembles after their less than deserved August break they will have to face the fact that only 18% of the America people approves of this Congress’ fighting over everything from the war to the firing of U.S. attorneys.

Democrats will have to learn that Americans did not want to see their government torn apart because of pure Partisanism. Americans have suffered almost 8 years of partisan bantering coming mainly from the Democrats and 76% of us say enough.
Get about the peoples business or you won’t have that much cherished prize of the White house that you’ve been pining almost 8 years for!

Democrats spent almost 8 years attempting to convince the American people that we had elected the worst leadership ever and you know what? 76% of us believe you!


  1. .......... and what ever made anybody think, even for a moment, that the Democrats had any intention of keeping their promises.

    I know I never did....... that's why I dreaded it.

    Imagine the shape this country will be in, if by some trick of fate, they should gain the White House.

  2. They whipped the anti-Bush sentiment up to such a fevered pitch that most people a la Cindy Sheehan are just realizing that they've been had!

    Go Cindy! Get Nancy!

  3. Anonymous1:53 PM

    The opposite of "PRO" is "CON". Therefore, the opposite of PROGRESS is CONGRESS.

    Why is anyone surprised?