Thursday, August 23, 2007

Democrats Retreat from Retreat

Rep. John Murtha, the face of Democrat cut and run
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Political Party cut and run from their policy of cut and run but Democrats seem to have accomplished this.

I came across an editorial that I’d thought I’d share with you. You know that Democrats have been calling for the immediate withdraw of U.S. forces from Iraq. Don’t win it just end it and all of that kind of John Murtha like patriotism.

I found this editorial on it was originally published in the Washington D.C. examiner newspaper and is entitled, “Regaining their senses on Iraq.”

Regaining their senses on Iraq? Who’s senses Democrats? Yes the author was referring to Democrats as if all of the Code Pink, Camp Casey, Anti-war protest and Congressional Democrats opposition to the war was crazy and now Democrats have regained their senses about the whole thing.

And then there was this caption under a picture of Sen. Carl Levin which read, Democrats, such as Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan, are injecting some much-needed realism into their party’s debate on the war.
“Clearly, there is momentum there, we visited forward operating bases in Mosul and Baghdad. In these areas, as well as a number of others in Iraq, the military aspects of President Bush’s new strategy in Iraq ... appear to have produced some credible and positive results.” Sen. Carl Levin
Whoa wait just a Cindy Sheehan minute, Regain their senses, injecting some much-need realism, it sounds to me that one party has been talking crazy about the war and now they’ve are going to be reasonable?

This is simply stunting. Democrats and liberals spent years souring Americans against the war and the President and now they are coming back to reality?

You see it was never about ending the war in Iraq, no with Democrat Party Elites it was always about ending and or damaging the Bush Presidency now seeing that he has less than 16 mos. left in an increasingly irrelevant Presidency and with most of his political advisors vanquished Democrats believe that they can finally tell you how they really feel about Iraq.

Remember Democrats planned to come back from their August break ready to roadside bomb the Bush administration with fresh criticisms about the war and now Democrats and the Republicans that they were able to persuade join their IED attacks are panicking that they will have to “Refocus” their planned assault in the face of a positive report coming from Army Gen. David H. Petraeus who's report accessing the Iraq war is due September 11 2007.

There have already been leaks that there are very positive developments in Gen. Petraeus’ surge therefore Democrats will need to prepare their own unique interpretation of what that means to their bid for the White house and hopeful increase in Congressional power.

Be assured that you won’t be hearing voices like Rep. John Murtha or Sen. “The War is Lost,” “The surge has failed” Harry Reid. Democrats will attempt to put up voices that are more connected with reality meaning that because the positive news coming out of Iraq is so inconvertible that even the staunchest of Democrat defeatists will be forced to retreat from their campaign of retreat.

Even Democrat Presidential hopefuls are now saying that it is possible to win in Iraq. A fact that was always true too bad Democrats didn’t pronounce it more.

Ironically Democrats will still get their wish to cut and run but it will only be cutting and running from their own negative assessments of America’s ability to win in Iraq and of course they will have to cut and run from their own policy of cut and run from Iraq and put their efforts into more positive pursuits such as concentrating with the rest of the country on winning in Iraq.

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