Friday, August 24, 2007

According to Elvira Arellano the U.S. broke its own Immigration Policies First

Mexican National Elvira Arellano and her American Citizen Son Saul

New Illegal Immigration Rock star Elvira Arellano says that it is all America’s fault before the Mexican Congress in an attempt to get her rightful government to support her in her attempt to change another country’s laws. The Mexican Congress did support Ms. Arellano and sent a letter urging Mexican President Felipe Calderon to intervene in the matter.

Yes according to Elvira because America didn’t enforce its immigration laws and because America allowed illegals to come and work, America is breaking its own laws.

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You know Elvira you do have a point and any American politician President, Senator, Congressman or Judge that has allowed this travesty to continue should be deported to Tijuana just like you.

And any Business, Corporate or otherwise, that is lurking in the shadows supporting illegal immigration should be shut down and any political action group that supports, aids and abets illegal entry into this country should be disband.

Any City that gives sanctuary to illegal foreign nationals should be cut off from any and all Federal funding.

And finally any Religious organization that gives quarter to illegal foreign nationals should lose its federal tax exempt status.

It’s good that you brought this point up Elvira because every time the American people raise it, the point falls on the deaf ears in our government. It’s such a shame that it has to came from a non-citizen before our government will hear it.

Let see now, how does that go again, its America’s fault that you stole across the U.S. border, gave birth to your son so that you could claim that he is a U.S. Citizen and it is the U.S.’s fault for deported you when you began to challenge the U.S. with your illegal status. Yeah I think I got it!

Hey Elvira I think you just performed one of those jobs that Americans couldn’t do!

You hear that President Bush Elvira Arellano says that America needs to enforce its borders and stop breaking its own laws.

I guess it doesn’t take a Karl Rove to come to that truth! By the way, why didn’t the boy genius realize this?

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  1. That's like a cab driver blaming his passenger for his accident. After all, if he hadn't gone to where the fare wanted to go, he wouldn't have gotton into an accident.
    It's not too likely the U.S. will get much help from the Mexican government regarding this issue. They have nothing to gain by doing so. As El Presidente might say: We don't have an illegal immigration problem. You have an illegal immigration problem.