Monday, August 27, 2007

Mexico Deports Illegal Aliens

Immigrants Trainbound to enter U.S. Illegally

That’s right all you illegal alien activists if you lived in Mexico and not the United States of America Illegal Aliens are actually getting deported. The BBC reports on August 15, 2007 that illegal migrants mostly from Guatemala and Honduras who cross Mexico on their way to the United States got stuck in southern Mexico when a rail link to the US ceased operating.
According to BBC News the authorities said that around 350 people had been deported so far.

More deportations are planned but some of those who were stranded began walking along the now disused railway to continue their journey.
Wait a minute isn’t the Mexican Government attempting to pressure the United States on U.S. immigration matters? Yet the Mexican Government can deport foreign nationals who enter their country illegally? I hope the irony here isn’t lost on anyone!

I think the greatest hypocrisy is that an America company was providing train service in Mexico that was used by immigrants to reach the United States.

The Genesee & Wyoming Inc. that specialized in freight railroads in United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Bolivia was used by immigrants to hitch rides to the U.S. through Mexico.

I find it hard to believe that GWI’s corporate executives or its board of directors didn’t know that their railroad was being used to import human traffic, on their way to enter America illegally, as well as freight. And if they didn’t know I would call that egregious corporate negligence of the worst sort.

BBC reporter Duncan Kennedy tells what the train ride is like:
It is not until late into the night the train finally rumbles out of the darkness.
The migrants get to their feet. Back packs are secured to backs. This train will not stop.

The chaos starts almost immediately. As the train thunders by at up to 50km (30 miles) an hour a few seize the chance.

They make a grab for the ladders attached to the sides of the train's wagons. Some get a grip and haul themselves on. Others falter, their fingers loosened by the sheer speed of the train.

Ahead, I can see people stumble in the darkness. The ground is uneven and there are other migrants in the way of a clear run.
Some turn their backs to the train. The futility, the danger, too great.
Limbs have been lost in ventures like this. Lives, too.

It is crazy but it is also compelling. Fail to do this and the migrants' dreams of reaching America effectively end in this desolate field.
After the five minutes it takes for this long train to pass, its tail lights finally come into view.

For the scores left in the field, it is a frustrating time. Another long day in the sun awaits.

With the help of a local driver we chase after the train. Eventually, we find it as it slows to a point where we can get on. Even at this pace it is hard to clamber up the metal ladder to the top.

The train clangs back and forth as it sets off again. Thinking I was going to be thrown off, I was petrified before its wheels had made a single revolution.
–Duncan Kennedy, BBC News

Is Mexico satisfied with being the passageway for the illegal immigrant invasion on the United States only if the system of American train service remains intact? I say to corporations like GWI get out and stay out of the business of transporting immigrates inadvertent or not.

Finally, if Mexico deports immigrants who don’t or can’t make complete trip into the United States illegally they have no business lecturing the U.S. on our immigration matters.

As for GWI if your railroad is or has ever actually aided and abetted the illegal entry into the United States you should suffer the harshest criminal penalties and sanctions for your activities.

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  1. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Did you know that Mexico discriminates against their own with respect to hiring? I have it on good authority [my college placement office]that the Mexican Government, especially the States of Tamaulipas and Chihuahua, refuses to hire US Educated Mexicans for their Civil Service. If the City of Houston or Harris County, the State of Texas, and even the Bush Administration can hire US-educated Mexicans, why can't Mexico?

    Mexico spends a lot of effort and cash to get Mexicans across the Rio Bravo to take advantage of the American Dream. They do not even try to reap any rewards from theor people like India does. India likes to get their citizens back. Usually, China does too, except when a Chinese marries an American, which often happens.

    If Mexico wants their Citizens to live the Mexican Dream (similar to the American Dream except they live in Haciendas instead of Houses; work from Noon to 8 instead of 8 to 5, have a Cactus garden in the back yard instead of a Rose Garden; go to Bullfights instead of Baseball Games [they love American Football too much] for the weekend; and drink Tequila Martinis instead of Gin Martinis), they need to wise up! Insead of exporting Mexicans, the should be more concerned about getting some f their Mexican Talent back, for their own good!