Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Don’t be fooled the problem is not Toys or China!

"If we will not endure a king as a political power we should not endure a king over the production, transportation, and sale of any of the necessaries of life."—John Sherman
According to the AP the Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Mattel Inc., announced late Tuesday that it is recalling about 700,000 Chinese-made toys that have excessive amounts of lead paint.

It would be too easy to lay this debacle at the feet of the Chinese but responsibility doesn’t belong there. Mattel and Corporations like it have for years outsourced American jobs to foreign countries to take advantage of less restrictive manufacturing laws and cheap almost slave labor.

Corporate pursuit of low wages and less regulations are the reasons that the American consumer is suffering from everything from tainted foods that have been exported to this country to high gas prices and finally to products that would not even be made in America because they do not meet United States standards.

Everything that is wrong in America today can be blamed on an out-of-control corporate environment that will do anything and everything for the sake of the bottom line. Profit!

Corporations control everything from the President to Congress as demonstrated by the Comprehensive Immigration reform drama. Corporations had their finger prints all over that deal! Corporations control all aspects of American life, from what you eat, what you drive, and how you’re entertained, yes corporations decided what Americans like or dislike. Corporations decide what it means to be an ipod wearing, fast food eating consumer driven American.

Whether it’s tainted pet food, ecoli laden lettuce or lead covered toys it is the corporations fault. Corporations are the reason that we are at war in Iraq (the Industial Military Complex or in one word "Haliburton") they are the blame for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens marching in American streets demanding rights in a country that they are not citizens of. Corporations have left the safe shores of America for the siren calls of low wages and little to no regulations in India, China or wherever there is a somewhat stable government to operate from.

What can we do? The people of this country must decide whether or not we want control of our country back, for a fact, American life is infected by corporate influence at every level.

Corporations fund the homosexual movement, Corporations fund the stem cell movement, and Corporations fund the global warming movement. Look behind any movement meant to weaken the family and promote consumerism you will find corporate influence lurking in the shadows.

Until and unless the Sherman Act and anti-trust laws are reenacted in this country corporate power will be the down fall of this nation. We must reign in corporate power!

And you thought it was only about lead paint on toys, no the real toxic substance in this society today is unrestrained corporate wealth lust.

Uncontrolled corporate power is exactly the type of concentrated power and tyranny that the Founding Father attempted to protect the America people from by their theories of separation of powers. By contrast, it is the recent corporate monopolies in media, commerce and financial industries which looms as a very real threat which will put Americans under tyrannous corporate Global rule!

Whether it is toys, CD’s DVD’s, Automobiles, Gasoline, Movies, Music, News and Entertainment Corporations are hell bend on controlling the hearts and minds of the people of the world.

Of course they want your wallet too! And after the Presidential Elections the artificial lower gas prices will be lifted and when gasoline goes up to 4 to 5 dollars a gallon they will have your wallet too.

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