Thursday, September 06, 2007

ABC Free The Path to 9/11 DVD Now!

Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman,Convicted Mastermind behind the first bombing of the WTC

Do you believe in censorship? Think carefully before you answer because you may be supporting a Presidential Candidate who uses censorship to deal with all of those pesky little incriminating and politically damaging situations. And all of this coming up on the 5th anniversary of 9/11.

Just who I’m I talking about? I’m talking about someone that I have over 900 reasons to oppose from entering the Whitehouse again, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The former first lady and Jr. Senator of New York (notice that I don’t say “from” New York) has developed a nasty habit of making incriminating and politically damaging situations disappear.

Case in point the made for TV drama, “The Path to 9/11” was schedule for release on DVD January 2007, that’s eight months ago, but it hasn’t been released yet.
The project, five hours and $40 million for ABC, received seven Emmy nominations and attracted a two-night audience of about 25 million viewers. But its Amazon page notes that it currently is "unavailable."
The film tells the story of events that lead up to that infamous day in American history. And because the retelling of the story faulted the Clinton administration as well as the Bush administration Clinton Apparatchiks went wild that total blame for 9/11 wasn’t placed on President Bush!

First they attempted to stop the broadcasting of the show completely and when that didn’t work they attempted to have the network edit anything that suggested that President Clinton failed to kill or capture Osama bin Laden the 10 times that the opportunity presented itself.

So now that the edited version of the path to 9/11 broadcasted it is typical that the DVD be released for distribution but it hasn’t happen. Why?

Have you forgotten the Clinton’s long history of making evidence go away?

According to Charles R. Smith of Newsmax 500 FBI files (more like 900), including the file of former CIA Director Bob Gates, that landed inside the Clinton White House and the missing Whitewater files that disappeared down a wormhole in the D.C. universe, then somehow materialized again inside Hillary's reading room.

Of course no one knows what information was taken from those files. And then there’s the National Archives thief committed by Clinton crony and former National Security Advisor Sandy Burger. Mr. Burger entered the National Archives right in the middle of the 9/11 commission investigation of the events leading up to 9/11 and Burger stole and destroyed evidence that obviously he and the Clintons did not want the America people to see.

Then there is the fact that all of the records of Hillary Clinton as the first lady were recently sealed so that the America people would remain ignorant about events during her co-presidency with Bill Clinton.

As lawyers the Clinton’s know the importance of having evidence as well they know the advantage of the lack of evidence. The movie, the path to 9/11, puts in perspective the events surrounding 9/11 because these events do not reflect well on the Clinton administration it is believed that Hillary has put pressure on ABC preventing the release of the TV movie on DVD.

Ironically Fahrenheit 9/11, a Michael Moore anti-Bush movie, was release right in the middle of the 2004 Presidential elections without so much as a complaint from President Bush.

The American people should demand that that the Clintons no longer be allowed to censor, destroy, seal or steal evidence that is by rights the people’s property.

The American people should demand that ABC immediately release the made for TV movie, The Path to 9/11 to DVD.

Write ABC and demand that they free, “The Path to 9/11.” Stop the censorship, and end the Clinton control of the media and public information.

We refuse to go back to a time in America when a Clinton will look into the face of the America people and lied about the facts, manipulate records or destroy evidence. And the Clintons did destroy plenty of evidence concerning his Governorship, his Presidency and Hillary’s involvement in each as the co-Criminal-in-chief.

ABC free, “The Path to 9/11 now!


  1. Why are you surprised Alaphiah?

    The entire tenure of the Clintons in the White House, was one cover-up after another. Actually, let me correct that. The entire political history of the Clintons was one cover-up after another.

    What they couldn't cover up, they justified.

    Right up to his last day in office, Billy-Bob was paying back political debts to the tune of some 340 Presidential Pardons. Some of them from outright crooks, who now walk free.

    Hillary was involved in almost everything that he did, before, during and after his presidency. They even horn-swaggled the American public into paying $12,000 monthly "rent" for the bungalo that the Secret Service men occupy on their estate. That takes care of the entire mortgage payment on their little "love nest".

  2. Even the dumbest tofu chomping liberal alive, should be able to see through that socialist hag. Her and Billy Bob may be dumber than dirt when it comes to doing whats right for the American people, but they are smarter than Einstein when it comes to covering their tracks.

    If it wasn't for politics, that pair of parasites would never draw a paycheck for even one day of honest work.

  3. Here is another Clinton cover up story!
    Gotta love the Clinton's.

  4. My only surprise brook is that so many people back this woman in spite of the absolute criminality that surrounds her and her husband.

    It doesn't say much for honor and integrity.

    With all of the Bush lied propaganda floating around how can anyone support evidence destroying and lying in legalese that is so prevalent in the Clinton lifestyle. One word Hypocrisy!