Friday, September 21, 2007

Iraq is bin Laden’s War according to a Muslim Cleric

Osama bin Laden in Camoflage

“Brother Osama. How many wars and how much bloodshed have occurred in the name of Al-Qaeda? How many innocents, old men, children are killed in the name of Al-Qaeda? Are you happy to meet God carrying this heavy burden on your shoulders?-- Sheikh Salman ibn Fahad Al-Oudah, Islamic scholar

Can you believe it? A Muslim criticizing Osama bin Laden? No wait a Muslim scholar actually blaming Osama bin Laden for the war. What?!? I thought that the war was Bush’s fault. That’s what Democrats, Liberals and anti-war agitators would have you and me to believe.

According to Harry Reid and all the rest of the hate America first Democratic Party the President was walking around in the oval office one morning in 2003 and said, “You know I really feel like invading the Middle East, I know let’s put thousands of American and Iraqi lives at risk and start a war!”

As nonsensical as that sounds that is the perspective that we’ve gotten from Democrats every day for the last 4 years that the war against terrorism as been waged. Liberals, Democrats and their allies in the American media have spent as much time and resources to undermine the Bush administration’s fight to protect America against the attacks of bin Laden as it costs to fight a war.

By the way just how much money do you suppose has been spent to undermine the Bush administration, millions? Anti-Bush Billionaire George Soros and has spent over 15 million alone (that’s a low estimate) and that doesn’t account for the millions spent in the media, reporting negative and biased stories against the President and against the effort to keep America safe. So I must say that when an Islamic cleric declares that it is actually Osama bin Laden who is responsible for the whole thing that is certainly different from what we’ve been hearing wouldn’t you say?

Right now a Democrat Controlled Congress is attempting to appease its base of constituents by pushing through legislation that would help al Qaeda and injure America’s ability to protect itself. Democrats call their attempts ending the war but Osama bin Laden claims that there are only two ways to end this war. One, every American is killed by a Muslim or two, America converts to Islam.

It light of bin Laden’s threat nothing that the Democrats propose is going to end the war unless of course their legislation calls for America’s all out surrender to al Qaeda and/or their legislation would have to declare that the National religion of America is now Islam. Only those two things would end the war against America.

There might be one other thing that might end the war. I admit that it is such an obscure possibility it is hardly worth mentioning but here goes. what if Liberals and Democrats alike take from the example of Sheikh Salman ibn Fahad Al-Oudah and rightly place blame for this war on Islamic extremists, al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.

That act alone would dishearten the Islamic extremists who look to the American media and the Liberal Democrats for solace and support. By blaming America for a war that in reality is the fault of Osama bin Laden Democrats and their allies have actually prolonged the war.

Al Qudah wrote in this open letter to bin Laden:
“The image of Islam is not the one it used to be. The world is talking of Muslims killing non-Muslims. Even the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) did not kill hypocrites who were mentioned in the Qur’an for fear of people describing the Prophet as a man who kills his companions,”
Only more talk like this from Muslims and Democrats alike will end the war not blaming an American President that has attempted to protect us from this threat!

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