Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sour Grapes Become Raisins!

Withered by age and adversity, the once
mighty Dan Rather has taken the first step
into oblivion, or should I say to becoming a
total fruitcake?

The mighty talking head, who once ruled
the nightly news, has finally cracked! This
$70 MILLION lawsuit over the forged Bush
military records, is something that only an
egotistical has-been would bring against CBS.

The case seems to be totally without merit,
since CBS says It was, after all............ ALL
Dan Rather’s story. He got the "tip" about
the "letters", he did the interviews personally,
he organized the "facts", he had total
hands-on control from start to finish. Only
after it blew up in his face, did he involve
his producers and CBS.

He claims that CBS wrote and forced him to
read on-air, the apology that he finally made
to the American people. He still claims the
story is true, in spite of tons of evidence to
the contrary. This man has a serious ego

He has yet to apologize to President Bush,
who was the INTENDED injured party.

Are we supposed to feel sorry now, for the
man who ruled the newsroom with an
unforgiving iron fist? Anyone whom I have
heard speak of Rather, who had worked with the
man, had nothing good to say about him.
His vindictiveness carried from the first
unfavorable incident with an assistant, right up
to the firing or banishment to "TV News Siberia"

Now it is Rather’s turn to be swept out of the
media, and relegated into the discredited talking-
head heap. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

As an aside.......... I DO remember the 2000
elections...... when CBS prematurely called
Florida for Gore. Rather was exuberant, as he
almost shouted with glee........"WE won"!

Is that the way an "impartial, respected" news
anchor calls the election results? His mind-set
was so strong in wanting the Democrats to
take the White House, that impartiality didn’t
enter into his reporting. He reported OPINION,
rather than news.

He was incompetent when he was on top! Why
is anyone surprised now?



  1. Anonymous5:54 AM

    Thanks, Brookie, for bringing up Dan Rather, Sam Houston Institute of Teaching's Greatest Student.

    "He claims that CBS wrote and forced him to
    read on-air, the apology that he finally made
    to the American people."

    Was that puny attempt at an insult that Rather made after he was caught in his LIE supposed to be an APPOLOGY?

    I must conclude that at least one of two things about Dan is true:

    1) He has MENTAL problems, certainly a case of MEGALOMANIA.

    2) He has DEPRAVITY problems. At best, he is AMORAL.

    Go ahead, Dan, and spend your money on a Law Suit. Just remember that you have become the very example of an EVIL RICH PERSON that your Liberal Socialist Bias has always condemned!

  2. Rather looks more like a dried prune to me. His swelled head could never be mistaken for a raisin. Good thing for him that noses don't get bigger from telling lies.