Thursday, September 20, 2007

No, Do Taze Congress Bro!

by Kurt Francom

It seems like everywhere John Kerry goes some body’s getting negative attention like that University of Florida student Andrew Meyer who was subdued by Campus police because he wouldn’t give up the mic.

Just think if Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi would get tazed every time they said something negative. “The war is lost!” Zzzzzzz. Now what did you say Harry?

Or what if Hillary got tazed every time she was asked a question and she when off on one of her tangents without ever answering the question. Zzzzzzzz. A little taze to put her back on the subject and if she comes up with that I can’t remember Schick a taze or two should be employed to jog her memory.

And here’s some news since the Democrats have taken control of Congress they have sunk to a historic 11% approval rating according to a Reuters/Zogby poll. What that means is at least 89% of Americans would taze the members of Congress if given the opportunity.
A paltry 11 percent rated Congress positively, beating the previous low of 14 percent in July.-- John Whitesides, Political Correspondent
11% that’s an all time low! America you have just tazed Congress! Zzzzzzzzzz! And John Kerry’s apart of this tazing too!

I can just hear those Senators and Congressmen pleading, “But we didn’t do nothing, don’t taze us American Bros!

Yes, that’s the point and yes we know you haven’t done nothing but divided the nation with your politics of hate! So like Andrew Meyer you, Democrat lead Congress, have to go!

All Democrat incumbents and Republicans who have allied themselves with Democrats have to go.

Come elections in 2008 Americans are going to the polls and we are going to be voting like a University of Florida Campus police with a tazer. Our message is the same message given to Andrew Meyer, your time is up and if you are a Conservative hating Democrat or a Republican who is not a Conservative you’ve got to go!

Speaking of Andrew Meyer I thought you might want to see what the hate that Democrats have bred is doing to political discourse in this country. See below:


  1. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Three Cheers to John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) for his defense of Meyer, as Meyer was tasered!!! The video clearly showed thet Kerry BOISTEROISLY defended Meyer by whispering to the Police that he wanted to answer Meyer's question! It's a good thing that there are Defenders of Free Speech like John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) around to stop the Police Brutality of the Tasering of Meyer.

    I'll bet that Kerry (who served in Vietnam) whispered to the Cops who tasered Meyer that he would have them fired for this OUTRAGE! Kerry (whjo served in Vietnam) is SO BIGHEARTED, that he probably put up Meyer's Bail himself, and hired a Defense Lawyer on Meyer's Behalf!

    Yep, Kerry (who served in Vietnam) is a REAL STANDUP GUY!!!

  2. Anonymous8:41 PM

    If a wimp like John Kerry can have someone who asks a tough question tasered for heckling, imagine what Hillary would do to an adverse blogger like Alaphiah.

    Be aware of the meaning of the last clause in the Declaration of Independance, the one that mentions "Sacred Honor".

  3. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Hey! Hey! JFK!
    How many boys did you taze today?