Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bushwhacking Hillary

Sen. Hillary Clinton

Edwards has been making a more vigorous case recently against Clinton's ability to win a general election. He's also led criticisms of her that have been picked up by other candidates — that she's too connected to lobbyists and that her vote to declare the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization could be a repeat of her mistake in voting for the Iraq war.—AP Washington
Democrats who are worried that Hillary will win the Democrat nomination only to lose the Presidency in the general elections because of possible Republican, “Anybody but Hillary” sentiments do have something to fear.

Conservative ire is bound to rise because of Clinton’s years of polarizing ultra-partisan politics against the people she named the vast right-wing conspiracy when in fact it was the vast sexual compulsion of William Jefferson Clinton(According to President Gerald Ford) that was the cause of her and her unfaithful husband’s problems. Now that she knows the truth (that Bill lied) you’d think that she’d apologize for her mischaracterization of the people that she opposes. (Don’t hold your breath!)
Memo to the Democratic presidential candidates: You can still beat Hillary Rodham Clinton, but you better act fast.AP Washington

Nonetheless Democrats don’t have to feel helpless they already have a way to rid themselves of the possibility of Hillary sucking all of the air out of the room in this presidential campaign yet they act as if they are presently unaware of it.
It’s true, Democrats already have the means to stop Hillary if they chose to use it. They could Bushwhack her.

Bushwhacking is a Democrat devise created to attack President Bush 7/24, 365 days a year. I’ll explain how it works.

Every time that you as a Democrat say anything publicly, anything at all, you always tie it negatively to President Bush. For example you might be asked a question about new hospital being built in your congressional district you say.

Yes while it is nice that this hospital was built, you do know that President Bush denied adequate funding for federal stem cell research and he is generally opposed to science. (Listen to Reid, Pelosi or Clinton they work this tactic to perfection)

That’s how it works you’ve been so accustomed to hearing it over the last eight years that you probably though that every sentence that a Democrat spoke had to be punctuated with some negative aspersion against President Bush. No that’s just Bushwhacking at work!

You can turn on any Sunday morning news show Face the Nation, Meet the Press, Chris Matthews and a wide range of topics might be discussed but every Democrat to a person will tie whatever remarks they make into something negative against the President.

For going on eight years; 7/24, 365 days a year that is what the American people have been exposed to. In every Liberal remark another whack at the President.

Effective? Take a look at the President’s poll numbers. I’d say almost eight years of Bushwhacking has been a very effective tool which Democrats have used against President Bush. So effective that foreign enemies of America will often use Democrat talking points to Bushwhack the President.
"It never occurred to us that the commander in chief of the country would leave 50,000 citizens in the two towers to face those horrors alone . . . because he thought listening to a child discussing her goats was more important,"Osama bin Laden
That’s bin Laden referring mockingly to the President’s visit at a school when the 9/11 attack occurred, mocking derision that he obviously learned from listening to Americans demeaning their own President.

Yes one of the few American exports we have left, bin Laden Bushwhacking Bush like he picked up from the Democrats, oh and he’s not the only one who could forget Hugo Chavez, dictator of Venezuela to the applause of U.N. delegates mockingly Bushwhacking an American President with allusions to fire, brimstone and the smell of sulfur.

So how does this help Democrats rid themselves of the specter of the blue stained dress that is hovering over the White house once again?

Well the very first test if a Democrat is worthy of the White house is whether they can beat Hillary. If the Democrat “also rans” can’t beat Hillary there’s really no reason for Democrats to even talk about the White house. If Hillary can’t be beaten in the Democrat primaries she will certainly be stopped in the general election wasting yet another Democrat opportunity to get to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Right now the Democrat campaign is political Survivors Island and as a Democrat “also ran” if you can’t beat Hillary you might as well get off of the island!

So Bushwhack her, treat her like she is wearing a George W. Bush Halloween mask. Use the Bushwhack technique against what stands between Democrats and the occupying of the Whitehouse. The Clintons !

Every statement every question answered has to be punctuated with a negative about Hillary. If you are asked about ending the war you say.

Yes I would make it my first priority to end the war but you do know that Senator Clinton will not guarantee bring the troops home as I would.

You know the drill a continual steady drumbeat of unadulterated negativity against Hillary Clinton, 7/24 365 days a year. (The bonus is you don’t even have to make Hillary’s negatives up!)

Bushwhack her, you did it to a sitting President you certainly can do it to save the Democrat party from the second worst mistake it could possibly make.

What was the worst mistake you ask, the worst mistake of the Democrat party is that Democrats have allowed the elite of the party to sell the party’s soul to the radical fringe element of the George Soros Moveon.org persuasion.

A hard left Democrat party is not the party of America so after you’ve Bushwhacked Hillary you’ve still got some work to do!

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