Monday, October 29, 2007

Why Mitt Romney won’t win the Republican Nomination

Presidential Hopeful Mitt Romney

It is because he’s Mormon? Nope, even though Romney’s Mormonism is a negative in many minds that is not the reason that he won’t win the Republican Nomination. It is because his current fourth among the front runners Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Fred Thompson? No Romney’s money and political charisma could overcome the political dead wood of those campaigns.

The reason Romney won’t win is because he didn’t do his homework and he thinks that he can work with Democrats as a Republican President.

Really! At a town hall meeting at Fort Myers, Florida Romney touted his bipartisan work with a Democratic legislature while he was governor of Massachusetts. Responding to an audience member who expressed frustration with Congress members who strictly vote along party lines, Romney pledged to work with opposition leaders.

What? Has Mitt been in a deep dark coma for the last eight years? Or does Mormonism prevent one from seeing the real world?

How can anyone forget President Bush’s promise to unite and change the political climate in Washington D.C eight years ago? Has Romney forgotten, or is it blind hubris that makes him think that he can do what President Bush couldn’t do? For all of President Bush’s “good will” Democrats declared war on him and then ridiculed his efforts of attempting to change the hate in Washington.

Listen, the message that I laid out is the same message I'm going to talk about in New Hampshire. Is that I've got the capacity to lead. I'm a uniter not a divider. I see an incredibly optimistic view of our future. –George W. Bush

Al Gore, the Oscar and Nobel Prize winning principal Democrat Hater introduced into the American political mainstream the rank partisan hatred that divided this nation in 2000 and consequently 2004 by falsely accusing George Bush of stealing the 2000 election. Gore and his advisors orchestrated the events that have come to be known as Chad-gate thus pushing this nation into the abyss of political rancor that has no modern precedence.

Global warming many not be attributable to man but the overly heated politics of hate politics in America can be attributed to man, one man that man is Nobel Peace Prize Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.

Al Gore is the father of the hate politics which Democrats have grown so fond of, of late. Consequently Mitt Romney nor any other Republican will be able to work civilly with Democrats because of Democrats allegiance to their radical base.

Democrats don’t want to work with Republicans, Democrats want to destroy Republicans and everything that Republicans and Conservatives stand for. The only way Romney or any Republican can work with Democrats is to totally betray Conservatism and Conservative ideas.

That is why the President and a few questionable Conservatives were able to work with Democrats on Comprehensive Immigration Reform (Reform that true Conservatives in the Senate stopped). Betraying Conservatism is the only way that Mitt Romney would be able to work with opposition leaders this is a fact that should be plain to all by now.

The fact that Romney doesn’t acknowledge or know this indicates that he is not fit to be the Republican nominee.

The last thing that Conservatives or Republicans need at this time is someone to portray themselves as a Conservative but once in office fail to fight for Conservative ideas as fervently as Democrats fight for their Liberal ideas like the girly Republican Governor of California Arnold Schwarznegger who recently sold out California to the homosexual lobby.

When the question was asked of Governor Romney about the partisanship in Congress, Romney should have reminded the questioner that the American people were misled into voting for that very partisanship in Congress by partisan Democrat operatives who took advantage of and created negative situations against their political rivals, Republicans.

Romney's vow to work with Democrats who have their knives out in this political knife fight is just political ignorance.

Just as Dorothy reminded herself and Toto too, that she wasn’t in Kansas anymore President Bush found out that he wasn’t in Texas any more as Governor Romney if he were elected President would find that he won’t be in Massachusetts bipartisan politics anymore.

He’d soon discover that he’s in Washington, D.C. in a Washington knife fight fighting for his political life without a knife. He would be fighting with Democrats who hate Republicans, Democrats who he promised that he would work with.

Such ignorance should not be awarded the Presidency! Such ignorance will not be awarded the Presidency!


  1. And what if Romney DOES win the nomination, which, by the way, is becoming more and more a reality? Then I guess any credibility (if ANY to begin with), left with you will quickly evaporate. Further, you would completely purge this article from your archives. You should!

    And what’s with the subtle anti-Mormon thing, again - and again? You started the article off with a seeming dismissal of Romney’s religion as a negative factor in his run, at least by you, and not others. And then you inserted this:

    “What? Has Mitt been in a deep dark coma for the last eight years? Or does Mormonism prevent one from seeing the real world?”

    What’s malicious about this is that it’s your OWN assumption - an “opinion” of someone who tries hard not to appear as a bigot, and yet it still shows. C’mon!

    PS: I better bookmark this one!

  2. Mitt is lucky to have such a loyal follower as you.

    Look this is a matter of opinion my opinion that is true. My point is that it should be clear to any "real" Conservative that there is no working in a bipartisan fashion with Democrats because of their allegiance to their radical base.

    Everyone should know this.

    If Mitt should win and carries out an agenda of working with Democrats then here is what will happen.

    Conservatives will not be appointed to the Federal Bench and/or Supreme Court.

    Illegals will be given citizenship.

    Marriage will be destroyed as in the state of Massachusetts.

    And hundreds of thousands of Conservatives will feel cheated, betrayed and abandoned.

    You read too much into it my friend I’m not speaking from an anti-Mormon perspective. I'm speaking from an anti-phony Conservative perspective! You tell me what is it that would prevent a smart politician from seeing how George Bush was treated when he tried to work with Democrats?

    Bush had Teddy Kennedy over to the White house for movies, tried to build bipartisanship in several ways all to be stabbed in the back like Caesar on the Ides of March by Democrat Senators and Congressmen alike.

    I’m not going to hide this prediction I believe that Conservatives want someone to fight for them and if Mitt is already making concessions to Democrats he is not the one!

    So this post will not be deleted because if he should happen to win the nomination and then the Presidency and if he begins to carry out his promise to work with Democrats this will be here as a reminder that I told you so when he abandons Conservative ideas to go along to get along with the Democrats.

    Then you can write me back and tell me that you now see what I was predicting!

  3. Alaphia........... maybe because my thoughts parallel yours, I've seen many of your predictions come true.

    I guess dan is a novice at this!