Friday, October 26, 2007

Democrats Get the Message Out

Nancy Pelosi: Easier Promised than Delievered

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Patrick O’Connor of the Politico reports that Democrats are ducking the Main Stream Media for an unprecedented political push to get their message out.

What is so interesting about that is MSM almost always provides cover for Democrats. For Democrats to now feel that they must hide even from their allies in the media speaks to the deep political psychosis that has set into the Democrat camp.

Polls were all the rage when they were used to batter President Bush about the head but now that the polls for a long sustained period have showed that Democrats are less popular than their nemesis-in-Chief Democrats and the media alike have resorted to prefacing any of their negative polling by first bringing up the Presidents negative numbers but apparently even that is not good enough.

Ironically Nancy Pelosi seeing the need to bolster the image of the Democrat Party plans to launch a public relations (campaign) offensive Monday to polish the image of the new Democrat majority after a series of legislative setbacks which only reinforces the fact that Democrats in leadership have not produced what they’ve promised.

Pelosi plans to do this by by-passing allies in the left leaning media, afraid that even they will not report Democrat propaganda as she intends it to be packaged.
The campaign, ranging from traditional events to conference calls with groups outside of Washington, is designed to circumvent the national news media. -- Patrick O’Conner
What this means is that Pelosi plans to use the coalitions which she and Sen. Harry Reid have built with groups on the radical left netroots like to get the unadulterated propaganda of the Democrat Party out.

Pelosi wishes only positive to be made of her Democrat led standoff with President Bush and over the war in Iraq . She must feel that MSM is not doing an adequate job putting Democrats in the most positive light.
In a private meeting for scores of staffers, top advisers to the party’s leadership called on every Democratic lawmaker to amplify domestic accomplishments, from raising the minimum wage to expanding college aid, in a series of events back home in their districts.

Part of the Democrats’ new offensive will remind voters exactly who they voted out of office last fall, particularly with regard to the updated ethics and lobbying laws.
You've got to accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
Latch on to the affirmative
Don't mess with Mister In-Between-- Lyric by Johnny Mercer
On the message side, Democrats will accentuate the positive by focusing on government accountability in the form of new ethics and lobbying laws and pay-as-you-go budgeting principles that require Congress to offset any increased spending. They’ll also focus on legislation Congress has approved to improve national security, including the presidential veto of legislation the House approved to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq .

And finally, members of the majority will hype their three domestic accomplishments, $2.10 increase in the minimum wage, an expansion of college aid, and additional money for states along the Gulf Coast battered by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
Will this be enough to bring back the hate Republicans mood in the country of the 2006 mid-term elections where Pelosi and Reid skillfully painted Republicans bad Democrats good?
“Democrats should be very concerned about the low esteem in which the Congress they now lead is held,” according to the same Democracy Corps poll. “The longer voters perceive a lack of progress and a failure to produce the changes they demanded in the last election, the greater the danger will be for Democrats.”-- summary of a Democracy Corps poll conducted last month by James Carville and Stan Greenberg.

It all is dependent upon whether swing voters, Independents and Conservatives have seen enough of “Democrat Leadership” and vote for reality rather than the perception that Democrats have created in 2006 and are now attempting to create for 2008.
The irony is Democrats can’t trust the MSM to get their message out. Doesn’t that raise a red flag to the swing, Independent voters?
Just as Democrats are wary of MSM maybe you should be too, or better yet maybe you should be wary of the Democrat message. Any message that packaged can’t be true!

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  1. We've seen it all before, Al. It's amazing that the Democrats have been so adept at swaying the public with lies and propaganda, without them ever having caught on that they have been duped!

    The die-hards will vote "party line", JUST to keep Republicans from getting into office. And should Hillary or Obama get in, the conservative persecution will continue.

    But I guarantee this, (and dan can bookmark this too), that it will be the Democratic voters who will be the very first to complain about higher taxes, more immigrants taking their jobs, and MORE EXPENSIVE health care.