Thursday, October 25, 2007

Martin Luther King NOT!

Sen. Richard Durbin, father of baby Amnesty

The Dream Act is certainly not a bastard bill it has a father Democrat Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) and 26 Senator co-sponsors as doting mothers. As of October 2007 they are:

Sen. Evan Bayh [D-IN], Sen. Joseph Biden [D-DE], Sen. Jeff Bingaman [D-NM], Sen. Barbara Boxer [D-CA], Sen. Maria Cantwell [D-WA], Sen. Hillary Clinton [D-NY], Sen. Larry Craig [R-ID], Sen. Michael Crapo [R-ID], Sen. Christopher Dodd [D-CT], Sen. Russell Feingold [D-WI], Sen. Dianne Feinstein [D-CA], Sen. Charles Hagel [R-NE], Sen. Thomas Harkin [D-IA], Sen. Edward Kennedy [D-MA], Sen. John Kerry [D-MA], Sen. Patrick Leahy [D-VT], Sen. Joseph Lieberman [I-CT], Sen. Richard Lugar [R-IN], Sen. John McCain [R-AZ], Sen. Robert Menéndez [D-NJ], Sen. Patty Murray [D-WA], Sen. Bill Nelson [D-FL], Sen. Barack Obama [D-IL], Sen. Harry Reid [D-NV], Sen. Bernard Sanders [I-VT], and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse [D-RI]

This latest “assault on reason” is a baby amnesty bill broken off from the Comprehensive Immigration Reform that President Bush hawked earlier this year. The Senate voted 52-44 in favor—eight short of the 60 votes necessary to proceed with this year’s version of the Dream Act. So it will not pass this year but there is always next year.

Apparently this version of baby amnesty has been floating around the halls of Congress since 2003 and was once sponsored by Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT)

This bill’s intent is to give the children of illegal aliens, children who were not born in this country, legal status and U.S. citizenship and apparently it has been reintroduced yearly since 2003.

Children being used as political pawns for illegal immigration policies

This 2007 version and well as The DREAM Act of 2005 is nearly identical to the version that passed the Senate Judiciary Committee in October 2003 by a 16-3 vote. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), formerly chair of that committee, was then the sponsor of the DREAM Act. He has assured constituents that the fact that he did not introduce it again this year does not mean that he is any less supportive than he has been in the past.

The twelve Republican usual suspects and "ex-senators walking" who still don’t get it and voted for this bill are:

Sam Brownback (Kan.), Norm Coleman (Minn.), Larry Craig (Idaho), Olympia Snowe (Maine), Bob Bennett (Utah), Susan Collins (Maine), Chuck Hagel (Neb.), Orrin Hatch (Utah), Kay Bailey Hutchison (Texas), Trent Lott (Miss.), Richard Lugar (Ind.) and Mel Martinez (Fla.)

The only way to prevent this type of bill from being reintroduced into perpetuity or until it passes into law is to rid Congress of the Senators and Congressmen who continue to vote against the wishes of the American people.

The American people said no to Comprehensive Immigration Reform and we say no to any law that would reward illegal behavior by legalizing that illegal behavior or the fruits of illegal behavior.

This “Dream Act” Senators is not the Dream of Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. nor is it the American Dream! This is a Nightmare of special interest making and “reason challenged” Senators who know very little about their constitutional responsibilities or what the American people want!

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