Thursday, November 29, 2007

Clinton Attack Dogs Unleashed Against Zogby

Mark Penn, Chief Clinton strategist

Penn mischaracterized this latest online Zogby poll as our first interactive survey ever – a bizarre contention, since we have been developing and perfecting our Internet polling methodology for nearly a decade (Zogby Intreractive Methodology), and since Penn’s company has been quietly requesting the results of such polls from Zogby for years.-- Fritz Wenzel, Director of Communications, Zogby International
Wounded dogs will bite. Apparently that is also true of wounded politicians. As I predicted two days ago the Clinton campaign is denigrating the recent Zogby poll that shows that America is in an “Anybody but Clinton ” kind of mood these days. Zogby polling indicated that any Republican beats Senator Clinton in the General election.

This is nothing new before Senator Clinton even considered running the sentiment in most political circles (even Democrat) was that she would win the Democratic nomination and lose in the general election because of her years of high negatives or as Senator Clinton likes to put it her 15 years of fighting the Republicans.

It’s hard to forget or forgive someone who has considered you their enemy for 15 years. This combined with the recent antics of a Democrat controlled Congress that has waged their own little private partisan war on Conservatives. People are not feeling very comfortable with the prospect of Democrats with power.

Mark Penn’s minimization of the new Zogby poll on MSNBC(see video)comes straight out of the Clinton playbook and for most partisans his spin will be enough to assuage their concerns until of course they awaken the day after the elections to the stunning realization that for the third consecutive Presidential election their candidate was rejected by the majority of the American people.

Mark Finkelsteinreports that Mark Penn went on Joe Scarborough’s morning show and scolded him for even mentioning the poll.

Zogby denies Clinton ’s campaigns charges that this was a defective new experimental poll. Zogby stands behind the poll’s results. They also offer that until now the Clinton campaign has been their most regular customer regarding polling information.

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  1. Anonymous11:49 AM

    I thought you'd like to see the latest RCP Democrat polling in Iowa: . Obama leads Hillary in three of five polls, and ties the fourth. Not a nice thing to happen to "The Candidate of Inevitablility".

    Zogby is going to have a lot of company in Hillary's Dog House. Those Pollsters can be SO CRUEL!!! I am playing the World's Saddest Song (How My Heart Bleeds Purple Peanut Butter for You) on the Worlds' Smallest Violin for Hillary.