Friday, November 30, 2007

Democrat Plants in the Republican Debates?

Cooper Anderson, Moderator Republican CNN Debates

Allow me to give you a one word answer. Yes! Are Democrats really this stupid? Another one word answer. Yes!

But why is anyone surprised and why would anyone think that after Democrats refused to debate on the Fox News Network that Democrats are fair and balanced? Fox’s debates incidentally were co-sponsored by the exclusively Black Liberal Democrat Congressional black caucus, but Democrats were so hell bent on disparaging Fox that it didn’t matter. So why wouldn’t anyone think that Democrats would try the dirty tricks that they delusionally projected onto Fox News and Conservatives? I did.

We know that a Democrat’s fantasy of Republican evilness is just a projection of the deep dark inter-Democrat. Now we have proof that even Democrats can’t deny.

The gay retired California National Guard Brigadier General Keith H. Kerr lied his way on to CNN according to CNN’s Cooper Anderson. Anderson claims that General Kerr was asked if he was a Republican and the retired one star liar told officials that he was. Really, CNN should have better control and screening of their debates! And what’s with the jeering and the booing does CNN normally stock their Presidential debates with WWF fans?

The truth is the gay General is a Democrat and he is working for Hillary Clinton and has worked for John Kerry’s campaign in 2004. Kerr’s whole presentation was a set up crafted by Clintonestas. You could see Clinton fingerprints all over it!

What General Kerr’s carefully crafted question signals is that Democrats intend to make homosexuality a major action item in their Presidential administration. (Wink, wink hey homosexuals vote for us)

Who could forget, one of President Clinton’s very first presidential acts was an attempt to force homosexuality on to the military? A campaign promise he made to secure the homosexual lobby’s support. That action a long with cutting troop ranks and under funding the military to balance the budget brought the morale of the armed forces to its lowest point in recent history.

But it was attempting to force homosexuality on the military that brought a stern rebuke by General Colon Powell who said, "The presence of homosexuals in the force would be detrimental to good order and discipline for a variety of reasons, principally relating around the issue of privacy," Powell’s remarks came in a January 1993 speech at the U.S. Naval Academy

Regardless of that, Homosexuals, Liberals and Democrats view the military as the last remaining Government institution in America that the homosexual agenda needs to conquer so that their domination over the entire American culture will be complete.

What that means is that a President Hillary Clinton or a President Barack Obama would pick up on President Bill Clinton’s policy even if that policy is flawed or detrimental to the armed forces as pointed out by General Powell.

The issue of allowing homosexuals to serve in the military — again, a policy favored by Bill Clinton but opposed by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colin Powell — achieved political prominence in the Clinton administration, ended in Clinton signing Don’t ask, Don’t tell a compromise, which many feel caused such a political divide in our nation that it obscured other Clinton policy initiatives.

Nevertheless, in 1993 the Pentagon, under executive order from President Clinton, completed an exhaustive survey of the military’s policy, and in the end determined, “The prohibition against homosexual conduct is a long-standing element of military law that continues to be necessary in the unique circumstances of military service.”

The Pentagon’s reasoning? Due to the close living quarters and sometimes “primitive” conditions enlistees must endure, the military concluded that, “The presence in the armed forces of persons who demonstrate a propensity or intent to engage in homosexual acts would create an unacceptable risk to the high standards of morale, good order and discipline, and unit cohesion that are the essence of military capability.”

The actual law with regard to this issue clearly states that homosexuality is incompatible with military service. This was codified in 1993 by Congress with bi-partisan support and veto-proof majorities in direct response to Clinton‘s attempts to change military policy.

Yet the Homosexual agenda will not rest and will continue to attack this issue until they are either soundly defeated and beaten back by strong social Conservative Republicans or until a Democrat or Compassionate Conservative Republican sabotages military capability for the liberal popular social engineering that the homosexual agenda favors.

In another development as reported by Michelle Malkin General “homosexual” wasn’t the only planted questioner in the CNN debate.

Almost every question had a Democrat connection; Abortion questioner, “Journey,” a.k.a. “Paperserenade, is declared Edwards supporter (and a slobbering Anderson Cooper fan); David Cercone, Log Cabin Republican questioner is declared Obama supporter and lead toy questioner and Concerned Undecided Mom LeeAnn Anderson is a prominent union activist for the Edwards-endorsing United Steelworkers.

What no questions from Republicans in a Republican debate? Only sophomoric Liberal concerns?

Republicans have only themselves to blame. Democrats have shown by their hyper-partisanship in the last 15 years that they will stop at nothing to defeat Republicans. If they will stoop to treasonous acts such as attempting to destroy the Bush administration in the midst of a war they would certainly try to ruin the Republican debate with planted questions meant to put Republicans in a negative light.

As a final point, CNN was not a fair and objective moderator for the Republican Presidential debates if there was a clear loser it was CNN undisputedly and running close second are the Republican planners who permitted this travesty!

Some good did come out of this fiasco, Undecideds, Independents and Republicans who were considering voting for a Democrat candidate for President have got to be reevaluating their reasons now. Why?

Democrats have made such total fools of themselves between the destructive partisanship of a Democrat controlled Congress, they being wrong when they said we lost the war and now hate filled debates, their own, and attempting to inject Democrat hate into the Republican debates, it appears to every fair minded person that Democrats are puerile minded simpletons who believe they can lie, deceive and plant their way to a Presidential victory in 2008.

See below Cooper Anderson admitting that the “one star homosexual” was a Democrat plant!


Here’s Joe Scarborough commenting on the Clinton Campaign’s Plant

By the way the Steering Committee that Kerr is a member of is Hillary Clinton's Gay, Lesbian, Transvestite and bisexual military committee!


  1. Anonymous5:10 AM

    I can't believe that CNN would be so INCOMPETANT as to let so many questions from Clinton, Obama, and Edwards plants get through to the Republican Debates. Were CNN capable of such monumental idiocy, they would be out of business in no time!

    Aren't the guys at CNN supposed to be more insightful than the other news networks? After all, they could not be capable to pull off another fiasco like Dan Rather's. After Hillary's recent problems with being swiftboated and the following debate where Wolf Blitzer rigged the questions in her favor, you'd think that Hillary would know better than to be brazen about insinuating a couple of plants into the GOP Debate? Hillary certainly isn't THAT STUPID!

    If we rule out STUPIDITY, that leaves CONSPIRACY, but is not a CRASS CONSPIRICAY of this MAGNITUDE evidence of GROSS STUPIDITY?

    CNN, which is it that caused your fiasco? Was it SIMPLE IDIOTIC STUPIDITY or was it CONSPIRACY COMPOUNDED WITH GROSS STUPPIDIYY ? You tell US!

  2. Why did you think they are called the Clinton News Network?

    Funny how Liberal bias isn't recognized until it's so blatant that even Steve Wonder and Ray Charles can see it!

  3. I don't believe Clintstone news network or any of the other MSM
    "ministries of truth" are composed of Hillary loving libs who are just biased for the sake of politics or the good of the country.

    It's all about advertising dollars. If Pol Pot was still alive and running for POTUS, the media jackals would be all over it, just like stink on s**t, if the ad dollars were there.

    The media doesn't care or even the public for that matter, that they are helping to promote a candidate whos ethics and honesty are on the same level as whale crap at the very bottom of the ocean.

  4. I thought up an even better Clintstone melody, but it's a lot more x-rated, so this will have to do.

    The Clintstones . . . meet the Clintstones . . .
    They're the modern liberal family.
    From the . . . town of Little Rock . . .
    They're a page right out of '60's history.
    Let's riot, with the Blacks on down the street,
    So we'll, have more laws by trickery and deceit.
    When you're . . . with the Clintstones . . .
    You'll have a Bubba downs Big Mac time . . .
    A Rodham does Reno time . . .
    You'll have a gay old time.

  5. The mirror truly has two faces.

    The Democrats/Liberals accuse the Republicans of "dirty tricks", "scandals", "rigging (whatever)", etc, etc..... but what they really see is their own desperate image, fighting to be free.

    What puzzles me the most, is how some people can be so stubbornly blind, as to vote for someone with absolutely no redeeming qualities. Oh, right..... she was a wronged spouse.... and the women's libbers gave her the sympathy vote.

    Can they be so stupid a second time?


  6. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Who spiked the Punch? I haven't seen Brookie and RC this happy in a long time!

  7. Now, for a little humor!

    Senator Hillary Clinton was invited to address a major gathering of The American Indian nation two weeks ago in upper New York State. She spoke for almost an hour on her future plans for increasing every Native American's present standard of living, should she one day become the first female President.

    She referred to her career as a New York Senator, how she had signed "YES" for every Indian issue that came to her desk for approval. Although the Senator
    was vague on the details of her plan, she seemed most enthusiastic about her future ideas for helping her "red sisters and brothers".

    At the conclusion of her speech, the Tribes presented the Senator with a plaque inscribed with her new Indian name - Walking Eagle.

    The proud Senator then departed in her motorcade, waving to the crowds. A news reporter later inquired of the group of chiefs of how they had come to select the
    new name given to the Senator.

    They explained that Walking Eagle is the name given to a bird so full of Crap it can no longer fly.