Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hillary is Bleeding

Senator Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama charged Monday that Hillary Clinton acts as if she were a cabinet secretary instead of First Lady when she attacks his résumé.-- KENNETH R. BAZINET DAILY NEWS WASHINGTON BUREAU
Senator Barack Obama IS the Democrat front runner, well at least in Iowa he is. An ABC/Washington Post poll shows Obama increasing his lead in Iowa, topping the field with 30% support, compared with 26% for Clinton and 22% for John Edwards.

Which is quite an accomplishment because he did it without the help of the media establishment. It is Senator Clinton who was anointed all-odds-on front runner by the media well before she even declared her intentions to run. What this means is the Vulcan mindmelt that media had been attempting on the public didn’t completely take and they are going to have to try some other kind of pro-Hillary brainwashing.
Despite her[Senator Clinton's] status as the runaway frontrunner for the 2008 Democratic nomination for president--Sarah Baxter, Timesonline September 3, 2006
Up until now all of the media foreshadowing that Hillary Clinton is the Democrat front runner produced a zombie-like populist that had polled accordingly. However seeing the Clinton machine in action has apparently awaken the dead.

Gross inconsistencies, duplicities, reverse sexism, campaign dishonestly and talk of political dynasty has all but erased the Clinton pre-fabricated lead. If Clinton is going to win the Democrat nomination she will have to work for it like everyone else instead of relying on royal bloodlines.
53% of independent voters said they would not vote for her.

“The prospect of a Hillary for President campaign has put much of the Democratic establishment in a bind,” Time concluded. “The early line is that Hillary would be unstoppable in a Democratic primary but unelectable in a general election.”
Once anointed unstoppable in the Democrat’s primary it is unbelievable that the Clinton campaign is now concentrating on stopping the political bleeding of the a campaign that may not see the general election.

Senator Clinton was been touting her experience over that of any other Presidential candidate but when pressed to show documents pertaining to her years as first lady all of those documents are currently under controlled custodial care in the National archives as protected by her husband and former President Bill Clinton.

Senator Clinton claims that she has no control over their release which is another negative for the would be Democrat president nominee hopeful.
"I am happy to compare my experience to hers when it comes to the economy. My understanding was she wasn't Treasury secretary in the Clinton administration. I don't know exactly what experience she's claiming."—Senator Barack Obama
Finally no matter how the national media continues to spin it Senator Clinton is bleeding. She may still be the prohibitive favorite to win the Democrat primaries but her recent campaign troubles has made it next to impossible to win over the Independents and Conservatives that she needs to win in a general election.

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