Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Robert Novak, Columnist

Senator Hillary Clinton has none!

If believability is political capital Hillary Clinton is bankrupted. Everything is a vast rightwing conspiracy or everything is Bush’s fault. It doesn’t matter that she voted to give the President authority to go to war with Iraq. We should all believe that she now knows what is best for the United States of America.

Everyone is piling on Hillary because she’s a girl, no because she’s the front runner, oh it all depends on which audience that she’s speaking to at the time. And don’t forget that everyone who criticizes her is using the Neocon Republican play book.

Who believes any of this? Radical partisan Democrats do! And you wonder why would anyone give these people power. You’ve seen the ghetto that they’ve made of Congress. For twelve years in the minority Democrats obstructed Congress making sure that the people’s business, our business, would not get done. They did this to politically thwart their hated rivals the Republicans.

Now that they are the majority they have alienated so many of the Republicans by their politics of personal destruction and hate they can’t get anything done now that they are in power.

Democrats have made Washington an absolutely toxic and caustic place to inhibit with their intolerance for Christians and Conservative values so much so that what happens in Washington is adopted in Vegas!

Back to Hillary, over the weekend Robert Novak reported that the Clinton campaign was circulating a rumor among Democrats that they had some major dirt on Senator Obama who happens to be Hillary’s closes competition for the Democrat nominee to be President of the United States. Immediately Clintonestas attempted to deflect the blame to Republicans…again.

Now this is just fresh off of the Iowa planted questions fiasco where the Clinton campaign planted two questions (we know about) in the Iowa campaign audience the second one was planted after they were busted for the first one. They then stated that planting questions was not a Clinton practice and they would never do it again. Well they lied!

On to Las Vegas where Senator Clinton needed a strong showing because she did so poorly, flip-flopping all over the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania debate stage on the issue of driver licenses to illegal aliens.

Now questions arise as to whether CNN was complicated in planting a Clinton friendly question, as well as, staging an entire pro-Hillary debate format complete without one single follow up question to the Senator.

And there was that precedents setting boo down your opponents never before heard in the back and forth between on stage candidates. Planted boos too?

Now Robert Novak reports that little Miss, “Let’s not mudsling” campaign is dishing mud on Senator Obama but they aren’t really slinging they’re just saying that they could sling if they were prone to sling. So noble don’t you think? Yeah right!

So they accuse Novak of being a rightwing reporter, yeah like the newly Clinton demonized Tim Russert, who tracks to the left. Russert is now accused of attempting to swiftboat Hillary because he dared to ask her a question in the Presidential debates held at Dartmouth. Ridiculous! No wonder CNN didn’t!

Need I remind the Clinton campaign that this is a Presidential election not the High School Prom Queen popularity contest and if one says that they are qualified to lead they had better be able to prove it.

As yet we’ve not seen Senator Clinton’s basis for her claim that she is qualified to be President, her White house first lady papers because the Clintons won’t release them.

Nor will the Clinton’s release papers concerning Hillary as first lady when Bill was governor of Arkansas.

I’d say if the Clinton’s want to release secrets they should start by releasing Hillary’s first lady papers from the White house years where she claims that she gained the experience to be President. I’m sure Senator Clinton doesn’t expect the American people to simply take her at her word for the most important job in the world now does she? Well does she?

After all this whole nominee process is actually a job interview before the American people and no serious interviewee would show up without a written résumé, asking the American people to just believe.

Here’s Novak not backing down from his report and in addition to that Novak’s years as a trustworthy reporter gives him something that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have… BELIEVABILITY!

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  1. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Hillary has burned so many people. Russert, though a Liberal, might react well to a couple of sympathy emails from Conservative sources of the compassionate understanding variety, especially if they're not too crass.

    The message should be:
    We seldom agree on anything, but we respect your opinion. When you deviate from our party line, we won't knife you in the back for doing your job like Hillary would. If you do your job in keeping the playing field level, we'll do ours by beating Hillary and keeping her off your back.