Friday, November 02, 2007

The Politics of Reverse Sexism

“[I]n so many ways this all-women’s college prepared me to compete in the all-boys’ club of presidential politics.”—Senator Hillary Clinton preaching Sexism at her alma mater women only Wellesley College

Hillary Clinton stood on a stage for two hours Tuesday night, being yelled at by six men. —GAIL COLLINS

Hillary Rodham Clinton can’t have it both ways either she is the best candidate for the job or she is an affirmative action under-qualified woman who is attempting to exploit the fact that she is a poor little defenseless woman who needs the help of “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” or the “Divine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood to win the Presidency of the United States of America.

I’m going to say this as crystal clear as I can, no man would be attempting to use sexism to win the Presidency as Clinton is. Senator Clinton’s call for all women to unite to vote her into office is the severest case of reverse sexism!

So Senator Clinton doesn’t think that former Senator Edwards and Senator Obama stepped up their rhetoric against her in the 2008 Democrat Presidential Debates simply because she’s the front runner of her party?

A man would have thought that. A man would have said, Okay I should have expected to be attacked as the front runner. But oh no not a woman, not Hillary she wants to rally girl power ‘cause those mean old men have ganged up on her and hit a girl.

What do you think the Arabs or the Mexicans or any of the Chauvinistic male dominated world cultures are going to do when you’re attempting to negotiate with them Hillary? If you can’t take on Barak “Positive Politics” Obama and John “$500.00 haircut” Edwards without bitching like a little girl, then Mahmoud Ahmadinejab, Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez and the United Arab Emirates will certainly made you their little “BITCH.”

Hillary Clinton had to pull the Sexism card making this an all women “unite against the men” campaign. Of all of the things that divide this country Sen. Clinton has found yet another divider. Hillary Clinton is not a uniter she is a divider. This is fast becoming the lowest point of Senator Clinton’s campaign.

Clinton has been claiming that she is the one candidate that can bring the Country together how dare she pull the sexism card and talk about an old boys club and glass ceilings. That’s reverse sexism Senator. Senator Clinton isn’t running against an old boys network, Obama and Edwards, an old boy’s network doesn’t not make!

Clinton is running before you the American people! She’s applying for the job of President. But true to her nature she is trying to obfuscate and confuse. You’re suppose to be a mindless twit and say, Yeah it’s the 1920’s all over again and Hillary is leading the American women suffrage movement. Not!

Senator Clinton’s a little late for that, because there have been many great female leaders as heads of state. Golda Meir Prime Minister of Israel, 1898-1978, Indira Gandhi Prime Minister of India, 1917-1984, Margaret ThatcherPrime Minister of England, b. 1925, Benazir Bhutto, prime minister of Pakistan (1988-90, 1994-97); Kim Campbell, prime minister of Canada (1993); Edith Cresson, prime minister of France (1991-92); Maria Pintasilgo, prime minister of Portugal (1990-91); Kazimiera Prunskiene, prime minister of Lithuania (1990-91); Mary Robinson, president of Ireland (1990- ); Hanna Suchocka, prime minister of Poland (1992-93) and Argentina's new President-elect Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Women all around the world have broken the glass ceiling and transcended the old boys network. If Hillary Clinton doesn’t win her party’s nomination for the presidency it won’t be because women are victims as she is attempting to portray. The world is not waiting for Hillary Clinton to become the first woman president, don’t be so vain Hillary, that has already been accomplished in Ireland and soon in Argentina.

On the contrary, if Hillary losses the Democrat nomination that will be a rejection of Hillary Clinton only, not women! Senator Clinton doesn’t represent the plight of women in America or the world.

Senator Clinton represents Senator Clinton only, otherwise she would not have invoked the sacred images of women’s suffrage so carelessly by blaming the fact that she bombed in the Presidential debates on sexism.

In 2007 you’ve really got to seek out instances of sexism. Senator Clinton didn’t experience sexism in front of thousands of people in the middle of the Democrat Presidential debates. Obama and Edwards were doing what anyone would do to attempt to win an all out political fight.

What Senator Clinton experienced was the front runner being taken down a notch by her opponents and after that she experienced her campaign’s total implosion because the Senator played the sexism card instead of taking her lumps like a man.

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  1. Of course the liberals, particularly the female liberals, are going to come to Hillary's aid.

    That "yelling" by six men, was just the truth coming back to haunt her. Her opponents were simply showing her for what she is...... untrustworthy, dishonest, and downright unsuited for the position of President.

    Plain and simple!