Monday, November 05, 2007

Attack, Attack, Attack

Senator Hillary Clinton

The “war room”, the hub of attack, counter-attack and spin which was at the heart of Bill Clinton’s presidential campaigns in the 1990s, has swung back into action with renewed force after Hillary Clinton was bloodied by her rivals for the first time in a debate last week.

It was Hillary Clinton who invented the war room during her husband’s campaign and she has developed her own fighting machine.
Sarah Baxter, Washington

From this point on believe nothing that you hear for the Clinton campaign. Hillary has been wounded and like a wolf with its paw caught in a trap the growling and the snarling that you heard from the Clinton campaign will be invectives and charges against her opponents; Democrats as well as Republicans. From this point on everything said or leaked to the media will be meant to hurt those who hurt her.

Up to this point Senator Clinton had been cuddled and cooed like a new born baby by Main Stream Media, everything that she did was cute, everything that she pronounced was treated like baby’s first word.

And then the unthinkable Clinton was treated like all the other adults in the room by the moderator and her democrat opponents. That’s what the Clinton campaign is complaining about, equal treatment! I thought Senator Clinton spent her life’s work fighting for equal treatment… apparently not!

For one night, for a change, it wasn’t all about, “Some girl named Hillary!” No this night was about who was best qualified to be nominated the Democrat’s Presidential candidate. But beware because Hillary is a “Dem-o-Hawk” remember Clinton’s vote to give President Bush authority to go to war with Iraq. Clinton is unapologetic about her invade Iraq vote and with that same attitude Hillary has declared war on everyone who opposes her, Code Pink Democrats and Republicans alike.

Senator Clinton has proven that she feels most comfortable waging these propaganda wars. She did it for eight years in her husbands administration. This will be made clear enough if the documents in the Clinton Presidential Library ever come to light before Clinton Former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger decides that these papers are yet more official documents that the American public shouldn’t see.

You see destroying documents is one of Senator Clinton’s skills over the years her lawyerly training has taught her if there is no evidence there is no proof. What Sandy Berger did and was convicted of is but an extension of what had gone on in the Clinton White house for years. If Bush Lied, the Clintons Deceived and the American public still doesn’t know the extent of the damage that was done to our National Security under the Clinton Presidency, thanks to Berger some of the evidence has been scrubbed.

I’m sure the Clinton’s would love another chance to get back into the Whitehouse to scrub clean any evidence that they weren’t able to destroy before they left eight years ago.

To accomplish that the plotting and planning of the Hillary Clinton war room is fully engaged to drop bombs on the Senator’s rivals and opposition. You heard of the term “Spin” Hillary invented that too.

Is America really contemplating going backwards to a time when every communiqué from the Whitehouse was legalistic code decipherable only by the International Court at The Hague? I don’t think so!

But, that is what Hillary Clinton wants. She only knows one way to get it, on the attack. Always forward not relenting, never saying quite what she means, and never saying she’s sorry.

Attack, attack, attack… war room, propaganda, spin, Hillary Clinton is the mother of political division in this country.

In Tuesday’s, November 29th Democrat debates was the first signs that some are beginning to become aware of the Clintonian methodologies of political manipulation. If the American people begin to get it too nothing that comes out of the Clinton war room will be taken at face value.

As it should be for a candidate and her campaign who’s propaganda and spin are untrustworthy and who’s legalistic parsing is only decipherable by the International Court at The Hague!

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  1. Anyone who watched Fox News last night, knows why the liberals HATE Fox.

    Hannity cut right to the chase, and disclosed all of the scandals, WHILE the Clintons were in the White House. The "Chinese Connection" was probably the biggest of them all.... followed closely by the "Lincoln Bedroom" scandal.

    So-called American Chinese, donated millions of Slick Willy's campaign, through one of the front men for the Chinese Military. When investigators tried to verify the donations..... NONE of the donors could be found. Janet Reno protected the Clintons' asses, the same way she did on all the other occasions.

    Now, appears that Hillary is doing the same thing, with "untracable" donations.

    Can it be, one crook, following in the other crook's footsteps?