Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Show me yours and I’ll Show you mine: Politics of Hillary Clinton

Maureen Dowd

Maureen Dowd’s “Gift of Gall” is as warped a piece of liberal logic as one could ever imagine.

Dowd’s “You go girl,” salute to Hillary Clinton for Clinton’s attempt to have it all ways in the Democrat Debates is a disturbing insight into the degenerate thinking of the Liberal mind.

Dowd’s high praise for the unscrupulousness of Hillary Clinton forever makes the point that Liberals are debased unethical creatures of justification; anything and everything can be justified by running it through a liberal’s mind.

At first read Dowd’s commentary seems to be a tongue-in-cheek barb at Senator Clinton but three-fourths down the column you find yourself saying, hey wait a minute she’s really serious here for example, Dowd’s opening salvo:
I must rush to a sister’s defense.

Women need to rally to support Hillary and send her money because there are men, men like Tim Russert, who have the temerity to ask her questions during a debate. If there are six male rivals on stage and two male moderators and heaven knows how many men manning lights and boom mikes, the one woman should have the right to have it two ways.
One would think okay, Dowd’s not seriously attempting to rally feminists and women’s support of Senator Clinton because a moderator of a debate asked the Senator a question is she? And even thought Ms. Dowd surreptitiously introduces the idea that Senator Clinton is the only female in the building (of course she wasn’t the only female in the building) by alluding that the debate was an all male production we really don’t know if there were women as well as men “manning” the lights and boom mikes now do we?

Then there is Ms. Dowd’s estrogen laundry list outlining why it’s perfectly acceptable for Senator Clinton to play the reverse sexism card.

1. A woman has the right to keep secrets as in Senator Clinton’s White house records (Records which the Senator claims shows that she has experience to lead this country).
2. A woman has the right to say anything she wants about immigration because men say anything that they want about it. (Dowd cites Lou Dodds here as a man who says what he wants about immigration).
3. A woman has the right to play the reverse sexism card because it works!

All errantly weak points justifiable only in a reverse sexist’s mind!

However as the saying goes, with friends like Maureen Dowd Senator Clinton doesn’t need any enemies, what Dowd does is reinforce the perception that the Senator is a cold calculating contradictor, equivocator or liar.

Dowd reinforces the idea that in the span of a single sentence Senator Clinton can and often does say one thing and then completely the opposite. Ms. Dowd cites the obviously staged attempt of Senator Clinton to have it both ways by making the public statement that she realizes that her opponents were merely challenging her as the front runner while secretly she directed her campaign to run a website edited version of the debate skewed to appear as men attacking a poor defenseless woman.
In New Hamphire on Friday, she stayed above the fray, saying that her male rivals are not “piling on” because she’s a woman but because she’s “winning.” Meanwhile, she let her aides below the fray stir up fem-outrage by putting a video on the campaign Web site called “The Politics of Pile On,” edited to highlight men ganging up on her to the tune of Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro.”
This Ms. Dowd is everything that Senator Clinton’s opponents have ever said about Mrs. Clinton, she speaks from both sides of her mouth therefore she can’t be trusted!

According to Maureen Dowd nothing should be sacred when it comes to rousing the women’s vote. Yet this is another example that anything can be justified in the mind of a liberal.

To which I say, if that is the case then nothing should be sacred or off limits from preventing a lying, manipulation woman from become the Democrat Nominee for President of the United States. Nothing! Not piling on, not attacking a woman nothing!

And for any man who is attempting to stop this woman who is a reverse sexist and a manipulating female politician, I say, you go boy!

Now how’s that for what’s good for the gander is good for the goose politics? (Has it really come to this? Thanks to Senator Clinton, yes it has!)


  1. You need to adjust your sarcasm meter. That entire column just drips with it. As I explain on my blog, Dowd is being very critical of Clinton for playing both sides of the sexism game.

  2. Hillary can try any tactic she wants, to win. Nothing will disguise the fact that she is totally worthless and a criminal to boot.

    If she is elected, then she will give a whole new meaning to the word, corruption. Even more than she has already.

  3. "Like Alfonse, Hillary has the gift of gall. She can be righteous while playing brass-knuckle politics. She will cozy up to former enemies she can use, like Matt Drudge and David Brock, and back W.’s bellicosity if it helps banish her old image as antimilitary."

    "There is nowhere she won’t go, so long as it gets her where she wants to be."

    "That’s the beauty of Hillary."

    Thanks Maureen Dowd for reminding everyone that Hillary is nothing more than a fraud and a flip-flop artist.

    Speaking of beauty and Hillary in the same sentence?. Maybe if you took her to a dog show. I bet she could win first prize there and come by it honestly too!.

  4. Read your blog mo. Your Dowd analysis is much to deep for me.

    It most be your life's work!

    I'm thinking that Dowd would be so much more effective if she simply said what she meant so that people like you could get a life.

    No offense but I'd take a bumbling President Bush any day over some one who has to have their comments interpreted be that Hillary or Dowd!

  5. Anonymous1:26 PM

    I'll Translate it for you:

    Gee! I thought that Hillary was supposed to have BALLS!

  6. Hillary's got balls?. Now I know why Billy boy strays from home!,