Thursday, January 24, 2008

Clintons make elections Race and Sex Wars and then Sleep

Bill and Hillary Sleeping at the Reagan Funeral

Bill Clinton said Wednesday he expects blacks to vote for Barack Obama and women to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the dynamic may cause his wife to lose the South Carolina Democratic presidential primary Saturday.-- CHARLES BABINGTON

Who injected race and sex into the 2008 presidential elections? Well it wasn’t Barack Obama. On the contrary Obama has been doing everything that he can to minimize race as a factor in this election.

While he's awake President Clinton is in South Carolina fighting for every black vote that he can get. And in apparent acts of desperation Bill and Hillary Clinton have played both the race and the sex card in order to split the vote and attempt to give Hillary an advantage according to Dick Morris. (More White people than Black people)
So why is he (President Clinton) making such a fuss over a contest he knows he's going to lose?
Precisely because he is going to lose it. If Hillary loses South Carolina and the defeat serves to demonstrate Obama's ability to attract a bloc vote among black Democrats, the message will go out loud and clear to white voters that this is a racial fight. It's one thing for polls to show, as they now do, that Obama beats Hillary among African-Americans by better than 4-to-1 and Hillary carries whites by almost 2-to-1.

But most people don't read the fine print on the polls. But if blacks deliver South Carolina to Obama, everybody will know that they are bloc-voting. That will trigger a massive white backlash against Obama and will drive white voters to Hillary Clinton.
Dick Morris

Mr. Clinton also attended the Martin Luther King birthday on Monday where he fell asleep right in the pulpit. Not the first time the Clintons have fallen asleep at an important event they used President Ronald Reagan’s funeral to catch up on some much needed rest too. (see picture above)

And then tired of a hard month of dissing Barack Obama, well you know running down your wife’s competition can take a lot out of you, Mr. Clinton fell asleep at the Martin Luther King birthday celebration. (maybe he and Mrs. Clinton suffer from severe Sleep Apnea)

Apparently President Clinton thought it a great idea to grab some shut-eye and have a dream of his own at the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebration on Dr. King’s birthday right behind Dr. King’s son Martin Luther King III.

After all Martin III is not the speaker that his daddy was and Mr. Clinton hasn’t campaigned this hard since he whipped George H.W. Bush, H. Ross Perot and then Bob Dole in his own presidential campaigns. So get some rest Bill!

Am I the only one getting the distinct feeling that we are boring the Clintons! Please, someone just wake Mr. and Mrs. Clinton coronate Hillary and get it over with!

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