Friday, January 25, 2008

Stimulus transfers Banking and Business debt to Taxpayers

President Bush and Congress complicit in this scheme

My Daddy use to say that there ain't no free government cheese someone's got to pay for it! Likewise there isn't any free government $600 to $1200 dollar checks someone has to pay for them. You ever thought who?

Call me cynical but I found it somewhat disconcerting that the government has to give Americans money in the form of $150 billion dollars of tax refunds and tell Americans to go spent that money shopping in order for the economy to be stimulated.

Aren’t economies supposed to be based on something like, I don’t know, productively? When is consumer spending equal to factory and industrial production of real goods?
What? Is there nothing being produced in America anymore? Are there no jobs from which people can receive adequate salary compensation, we need the government to dole out money like writing checks on an empty checking account because jobs that paid living wages were outsourced to minimize corporate cost while maximizing corporate profits?

That brings us to the question are we so far under government and corporate control that big daddy government has to give us each an allowance and tell us to run along and go to the movies and buy some popcorn?

Am I the only one? Who else is raising this question?

To stimulate the economy the president and congress just voted for $300 to $1200 dollar tax cuts for 117 million families. Now I would be the last person to speak against tax cuts but when these particular tax cuts are tied to the welfare of the economy I’m thinking “house of cards” time and it’s about to all come tumbling down.

Does anyone want to know what’s in the package, how it will work and why the U.S. economy is in such disrepair? This can’t be good. Here on one hand the government is speaking about competing in Global Market economies and on the other hand it is doling out dollars to prop up a U.S. economy that has no economy infrastructure other than spending money at restaurants and Wal-Mart.

It’s like shopping is the only thing what fuels the U.S. economy. Is that true, is the consumer the economic stimulus that fuels our economy? Do you know how crazy that is? Is that why at the beginning of the Iraq war the president admonished us all to continue with our normal lives go shopping and go to the mall?

Maybe you’ve noticed a pattern like me that at every change of Presidential leadership someone decides to siphon off money from the U.S. economy and send the country into a recession. Who are the forces behind this? It happened in 2001 when Clinton was leaving the White house and it is once again happening as Bush is exiting. Maybe they think that we would be too busy with politics to notice.

Now the question is who would be best to lead in this kind of economic crisis? Conventional wisdom would favor the Democrats. The only problem is neither Hillary nor Barack has ever had any executive or business experience. And as Hillary has said on several occasions you need someone who would know what to do the first day that they enter into the White house. Unfortunately that would not be her! Hillary ruled herself out by her own standard of competence.

The only candidate that has the executive and business experience needed to lead in this crisis is Republican Governor Mitt Romney. He is the only one who has run a successful multi-million dollar business and he alone has executive experience as Governor of Massachusetts.

This is not an endorsement of Governor Romney but seeing how most voters are determining their vote based on the candidate’s sex, race or likeability I thought that I would mention that if most American really knew what we face as China, Russia, the EU and Islamic terrorist have joined in attempting to dismantle the U.S. economy, meaning no jobs, no homes and recession. This is happening now no matter what some of the other candidates are promising you.

Maybe Americans should rethink and select a serious candidate with credentials rather than the fairly tale of the first female or black president. (To borrow a term from Bill Clinton)

You want to know how bad it really is? President Bush and a Democrat controlled Congress just sat down together and agreed to give American money that we don’t have to go spend in an economy that is in collapse because of economic policies that have allowed corporations and banks to rip off Americans in sub-prime mortgages and other deceptive business and banking practices.

So you the taxpayer/consumers are being put on the hook to cover the debt that is being passed to you from defaulting banks and corporations because you the consumer/taxpayers could not pay the usurious balloon adjustable interest rates connected to your teaser sub-prime loans.

Banks and business are not going to suffer these losses you the tax payer are going to pay for it.

And because the Government, Banks, and Corporations think that you are stupid it comes in the form of a $600 to $1200 dollar tax refund that you will pay back with interest in stealth taxes which will bail out mortgage companies and banks and business by allowing them to pass on the losses to the American taxpayer/consumers.

You ever seen the Matrix? The human energy cells that the machines derived their power from? That’s you! And Soylent green, that’s you too!

Isn’t it great to be an American! Vote wisely.


  1. I agree with your article 100%, however I don't think that a vote for any of the losers on parade to become the next Pupppet -In -Chief will make a bit of difference.

  2. Makes a lot of difference rc. First McCain has stated that he knows nothing about economics so that rules him out.

    Though Hillary and Obama have not admitted it they know even less than McCain.

    Now one problem is to get someone in office that knows something about saving the American economy.

    Second problem is to ensure that the next President is working on behalf of the American people and not corporate interest.

    Only some who is a nationalist will put America's interest above all other concerns. You know put America first.

    That means that any office holder, Democrat or Republican that is a globalist first or a special interest partisan sell out must be defeated in the race for the White house and the Senate.

    If we don't hear a clear message from any of the politicians running for office in 2008 that states unequivocally that the American people are his or her primary concern that person should not be re-elected or elected to office.

    We have to start somewhere so we have to vote for the best out there now and better for the next time until we rid ourselves of McCain Lindsey Graham alike politician who turn on the people for corporation interest and special interest.

  3. You're absolutely right. It does make a difference as to finding the least incompetent one out of this bunch of puppets and low life's.

    This was not the way that the election process was intended to be, but it sure is now. The Founding Fathers of this country would puke, if they were to observe the mockery of what they created.

  4. Yeah you're right. The Founders knew that if we were going to keep our Democratic Constitutional Republic that we would have to remain vigilant and if need be fight for it.

    Well it's time to Fight!