Thursday, January 31, 2008

Don’t Worry McCain Can’t Win

McCain and Martinez: Amnesty buddies

Don’t worry, don’t worry calm down, Senator John McCain will not be President of the United States of America! You can quote me.

Think about it all of Senator McCain’s victories have been at the hands of non-Conservatives (even the Florida victory) which means that voters who voted for him have an alterative candidate to fall back on.

Most of the voters that voted for Sen. McCain in the primaries were non-Conservatives and they view McCain as an alterative to Conservatives so in a head to head race McCain vs. any Democrat, non-Conservatives will vote for the real choice, a Democrat, 90% of the time. McCain loses!

That places McCain in a dilemma because a dispirited Republican vote will be suppressed if he is the Republican nominee. Why? Conservatives don’t trust John McCain that is a fact, so all of a sudden the numbers just aren’t there.

McCain loses to any Democrat even to a Dennis J. Kucinich. Why, because despite what the Liberals say they are the ones who vote along straight party lines. As well Liberals tend to vote for special interest such as Global warming, fetal stem cells and for the race or sex of their candidate.

On the other hand it is conservatives who normally vote for principle so any Democrat will get a Liberal vote but not any Republican will get a Conservative vote, again McCain loses.

Oh I know what the polls are saying but that is only idle talk like, what if the Cowboys would have beaten the N.Y. football Giants they would be in the Superbowl. In reality the Cowboys lost 21-17 and John McCain will lose to any Democrat!

So throw out the thought that McCain has the best chance to win as a Republican that is simply balderdash!

Now allow me to explain the dynamics that are in play in this election. You feel defeated and somewhat betrayed but you can’t quite identify just how McCain is winning without any Conservative support. Allow me to explain.

The explanation is, if you are a conservative you are being punished and there is an attempt to destroy your Party. How could I know that?

Let’s start at the beginning George W. Bush for all Liberal accounts was not supposed to win the Presidency in 2000 and 2004 (I know that you’ve heard that a thousand times) but you Conservatives backed him and because of your support he won.

Remember the Dubai Ports deal? Very powerful Saudis where supposed to buy interest in U.S. Ports but you Conservatives came against it and stopped it.

Then there was the Comprehensive Immigration Plan back by our Globalist Republican President George W. Bush. Conservatives rose up against their Party leaders and said no and you stopped it and cost corporate interest a lot of money.

Also no one is more vocal against the North American Community Plan than conservatives. A plan where Global elitist including President Bush plan to erase internal continental borders for one border that outlines the outer North American Continent and in the process blurring the national sovereignty of Canada, the United States and Mexico. Conservatives are the ones questioning this plan.

Conservatives have weaken terrorism, they have slowed the Liberal agenda, they have changed the course of the moral decline that much of the world hates the United States for and hold us in contempt for. We had become a laughingstock because a U.S. President was involved in untoward behavior in the very house that belongs to the people.

Osama bin Laden himself cited Bill Clinton’s behavior as one of the reasons that he declared jihad against America! I bet you didn’t know that!
Who can forget your President Clinton's immoral acts committed in the official Oval office? After that you did not even bring him to account, other than that he 'made a mistake', after which everything passed with no punishment.

Is there a worse kind of event for which your name will go down in history and remembered by nations?
--Osama bin Laden, In open letter to America

Truth is you conservatives have become too pesky, too powerful and you hinder the Liberal’s socialist progress for that you must be stopped.

So to guarantee that no one more Conservative than George Bush would win the Republican nomination and consolidate conservative power and momentum a plan was enacted to destroy the Republican Party from within.

But who could enemies of Conservatives get to perform such an act. Just who wears the Conservative title but would not object to working at odds against Conservative principles?

His name is John McCain. McCain is a wolf in sheep’s clothing doing the bidding of unseen forces he is being used to stop the progress of Conservativism in the Republican Party.

Therefore you don’t have to worry he was never intended to be President, the same people who support McCain now will support either Hillary or Obama in the general election in an effort to deal Conservativism a final fatal Coup d’état.

McCain is merely a tool that is being used to that end. He, Liberals, Moderates, Progressives, Socialist and Compassionate Conservatives all have combined efforts to crush the Conservative movement that has dominated Presidential elections in this country the last 8 years.

So don’t worry this fight is not about electing John McCain this fight is about stopping Conservatives.

And because Conservatives don’t realize the real natural of this fight I’m afraid they are at a disadvantage.

Right now Conservatives should be fighting to elect someone who best represents their ideas. Someone who is willing to fight and do what it takes for the ideas of Conservativism to prevail or there is always the alternative. Don’t fight. Allow McCain to win the Republican nomination and watch him get grubbed by either Hillary or Obama.

Then watch Hillary or Obama set in motion an agenda that will end Conservativism in America.

Remember you heard it from me Sen. McCain doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of becoming President.

It may already be too late but if Conservatives were smart they’d back a Conservative that does have a chance or will at least represent their principles. And by the way Rudy is no Conservative either he says so!

You decide!


  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Quoting you when you say that "Sen. McCain doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of becoming President.", I conclude that if the Whitehaired Rino Wonder gets the nomination,HELLary will win and, ALL IS LOST!!!

  2. On that much we agree. Interestingly you've made my point!