Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where’s the Recount?

Sen. John McCain exalts in Florida victory

It was the state of Florida that put the word Chad in the political lexicon, in not its finest hour I must say!

The 2000 election year in Florida will be forever remembered as one of the biggest fiascos in modern American election history. Confused geriatric voters that meant to vote for Al Gore but accidentally voted for George W. Bush or so they claimed.

Recounts, court decisions and allegations of election fraud forever seared into memory that Florida presidential politics are perhaps the worst in America. Which begs the question, has Florida become a third world Banana Republic?

This election result causes us to remember a time when Butterfly ballots and Florida State Supreme Court intervention brought the electoral process in the United States to its lowest point in American modern politics. Such is the questionable Florida election process that we have all come to dread and expect.

Many of us while not approving were not disappointed by Fox News who called early the Florida elections for Sen. John McCain. Many of us got the outcome that we expected not the one we had hoped for. An outcome that we don’t trust, in fact for many of us there will never be trust for any election result in the state of Florida ever again.

If New York was ground zero on 9/11 2001, Florida was ground zero on 11/8 2000 the day after elections when thousands began their ascension down on the orange juice state to count Chads in the Florida political heat. A day after the 11/7 Election Day in which the 2000 Presidential Elections resulted in the recount of six million votes in 67 counties in an election process that was described as bizarre and susceptible to manipulation.

So isn’t it more than ironic that in the state that made Diebolt an American election necessity Sen. John McCain would prevail as the anti-Conservative Candidate in the 2008 Republican Florida elections for nominee to be President.

Sen. McCain won among the Geriatric, Independent and Illegal Alien supporters in Florida to which the main stream media will foist the designation of Republican front runner on his diminished 5’ 9” frame.

Governor Romney won among Conservatives but in Florida that’s not enough, in Florida winning among Conservatives in a Republican election is not enough.

Apparently the dynamics which threw the 2000 elections into utter chaos and turmoil are still at play in Florida and at the risk of sounding a little like sour grapes I look at the exit polling which shows McCain wins once again on the strength of the anti-Conservative vote.

So-called Moderates, Independents, Illegal Alien supporters and a demographic of voters who were confused by the butterfly ballot in 2000, are a virtual coalition of the anti-Conservative vote.

Governor Romney will live to fight anew another day but Florida will forever remain the state that couldn’t tell a Republican from a Democrat on the ballot in 2000 and apparently they still can’t!

…And where is the recount?


  1. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Clinton vs. McCain? A choice of Evils! Which poison do you want?

    McCain will, on the pretense of "Bush's Third Term", wash out Conservativism as a viable philosophy for at least a generation. We can expect economic stagflation and a pusillanimous Foriegn Policy from him.

    Clinton will be the cause of an aggravated Recession when she does away with the Tax Cuts,and a Second 911 when her Foriegn Policy fails, which will certainly be followed by another of her crying fits. That would at least resurrect Conservatism.

    The choice is clear! It is between an Angel with a Pitchfork and a Devil with a Halo. I'm going to hold my nose as I vote.

  2. Yeah, real nice choices! A dummycrat turned inside out, or a dirty, lying and cheating Socialist.