Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stand up and Fight!

Presidential hopefuls Governor Mitt Romney and Sen. John McCain

But I know what it takes to stand your ground and defeat Republicans and I have a track record that proves that.

Nobody else has been through it in the way I have been through it. And I think it’s going to be important to have somebody who will be ready immediately in the campaign to stand up and fight back.
Hillary Clinton

Where are the fighting Republicans?

Listening to the Democrats one would think that all they do is fight. Hillary makes the claim that she has been fighting for 35 years. Here’s Sen. Clinton’s ad demonstrating that she’s a fighter:

Barack claims that he’s a fighter too. He has fought against Conservative ideas. So we know who is fighting against Republicans what we don’t know is who is fighting for Conservative ideas.

Will Senator McCain fight for Conservativism? Will Governor Romney? That’s the problem we don’t know. Though Sen. McCain is supportive on the war there is little else that he is willing to fight for that is important to Conservatives. Romney is a recent born again Conservative that just found Ronald Reagan as his spiritual guide to Conservativism.

While McCain can be described as Conservative on national defense and Romney seems to be an Economic Conservative the question is which one of these men will appoint the strict constructionists judges that are needed to protect the integrity of our Constitution?

According to McCain Judge Sam Alito wears Conservativism on his sleeve and is an example of someone that he wouldn’t appoint as a judge. If that’s the case Judge Alito is who we should be considering for President, as Conservatives, not John McCain.

Because what Conservatives, what Republicans need right now is someone who is not afraid to be a Conservative what we need is someone who is not afraid to proudly demonstrate that fact. Conservatives need not be ashamed, of any of our values if Hillary and Obama can wear their beliefs on their sleeves, and they do, we certainly are entitled.

Hillary and Obama proudly confess their allegiance to Liberalism they don’t care who knows that they hold disdain for Conservatism. They boast of their life long fight against Conservatism. Never do you hear Conservative politicians making claims that they are fighting against the wrong ideas of Liberalism.

Too often John McCain Republicans are to often ready to forsake conservative principles to get along with Liberal Democrats who hate them and everything that they stand for, to borrow a sentiment from Democrat National Chairman Howard Dean.

So as Florida considers which Republican should carry the banner for the Republican Party one thing is certain, there is no prefect candidate but you must remember that George W. Bush came to Washington D.C. stating that he was a uniter and for that he was demonized and made a polarizing figure because Democrats don’t unite with Republicans they fight them.

Congressman Barney Frank speaking on behalf of the Clinton campaign says that Barack Obama would not be the right Democrat to lead his Party because Senator Obama doesn’t know the fights of the 90’s. Democrats and Liberals are still fighting the 90’s fights they are like the Southern Jefferson Davis Confederates who will not acknowledge that the North won the Civil war so they’re still fighting the Civil war.

As long as the Democrats are fighting the fights of the 90’s Republicans need someone who will not appease them. Republicans need a skillful politician that is able to communicate Conservative ideas and idealism, someone who is able to put voice to the ideas of Ronald Reagan. like Barak Obama so rightly recognized Ronald Reagan was able to speak to the hearts and minds of the American people and inspire Americans to put America first.

George Bush was woefully lacking in this regard, John McCain is no better a communicator and less of a committed Conservative.

Conservatives are about preserving the ideas and institutions that make this country uniquely E Pluribus Unum, out of many one, one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

The Change that Liberals are offering is a Balkanizing Multi-cultural special interest divided heavy regulated nation that is contradictory to the American ideas of freedom and unity.

In my opinion John McCain doesn’t represent nor does he fight for Conservativism, John McCain betrays Conservativism.

What we most need now is someone who can articulate Conservative ideas and who is willing to stand up and fight for those ideas.

If Floridian Republicans fail to stand up and fight for the candidate that will most benefit the Conservative cause our country will definitely fall back in the wrong direction.

A bridge to the 20th Century! Fighting the old fights of the 90’s a la Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party.

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