Thursday, January 10, 2008

Global Starvation?

Corn grows in a farm field near Seneca, Illinois. Upcoming shortages?

"If we will not endure a king as a political power we should not endure a king over the production, transportation, and sale of any of the necessaries of life."—John Sherman

You’re probably like me extremely concerned over who will be in charge of this country’s future. You’re probably equally concerned about the war in Iraq, whether there will be another terrorist attack against America, the reality or the fallacy of Global warming, rising gas prices, or the general corrupting of our culture and you probably want to know who is responsible for corrupting it. Right?

As you think on those things here’s another thing to consider, and its ramifications are far more immediate than Global warming, there is an upcoming crisis with the world food supply and nobody really want you to know. Rising demand for grain to make fuel, food and livestock feed has helped push the prices of corn and soybeans to record prices.
A new crisis is emerging, a global food catastrophe that will reach further and be more crippling than anything the world has ever seen. The credit crunch and the reverberations of soaring oil prices around the world will pale in comparison to what is about to transpire, Donald Coxe, global portfolio strategist at BMO Financial Group said at the Empire Club's 14th annual investment outlook in Toronto on Thursday. --Alia McMullen, Financial Post
Who is responsible you ask? Well just who is responsible for shutting down manufacturing in the United States of America for cheap manufacturing sites throughout the world.

Oil used to be pumped from American oil wells but now wells were built in the Middle East enriching some Americans but also enabling the mind boggling wealth that we see in the Middle East, wealth that has enabled terrorist and terrorism against America. Who is the primary cause, the prime movers behind terrorism attacking America today?

Lost your job lately? Was it outsourced to India, China or another cheap labor rich country? Again who’s at fault for what ails America.

Terrorism, Mad Cow disease, Genetically Modified Food, The Health Care Crisis, Poisoned pet food, lead tainted products and toys are all the doing of corporate decisions to maximize profits and minimize corporate cost and now a food shortage?
"The greatest challenge to the world is not US$100 oil; it's getting enough food so that the new middle class can eat the way our middle class does, and that means we've got to expand food output dramatically," -- Donald Coxe, global portfolio strategist at BMO Financial Group
Donald Coxe believes that the sharp rise in raw food prices in the past year will intensify in the next few years amid increased demand for meat and dairy products from the growing middle classes of countries such as China and India as well as heavy demand from the biofuels industry. And at the centre of the imminent food catastrophe is corn - the main staple of the ethanol industry.

So as you worry about whether Hillary’s tears were real, or if Brittney is wearing panties, or any of the hundred thousands of inconsequential things that we are constantly bombarded with there is a rather focusing reality about to come into affect when you can’t get your Whopper or when there is nothing to prepare at the Aujourd’hui, the most elegant restaurant in Boston because there is no food.
It is time for the American people to get off the defense and take the offense against corporate power, the way it was done in the consumer, environmental and worker areas from 1965 to 1975 and beyond, and move to new frontiers of subordinating the big corporations to the rights and necessities of real people. –Ralph Nader
There is no corporate exit plan to free America from the addiction of foreign oil which they created. Yet we denigrated an American President for having no exit plan out of a war that corporations caused by the wealth that they funneled into the Middle East by their oil exploits.

If corporations had not began using the Middle East as the oil center of the world Islam would not be funding world-wide terrorism with their oil profits. They would have remain powerless tribes running around in the desert cutting one another’s throats rather than buying nuclear facilities now which will allow them to wage an Islam threat against the world.

Likewise if we allow the ethanol industry burn up all the corn to fuel our cars what is the plan to feed the world?

Someone, no, everyone really needs to get our priorities straight before we allow corporate greed to do to food what it’s done to oil and jobs and health care, and…!

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  1. You can add stifling of alternative energy ventures to the list of corporate meddling and greed.

    Just to think that the whole concept of corporations was to provide mass quantities of a product or products that smaller businesses are not capable of, and at the same time provide a comfortable living for workers.

    Now, all that matters is Wall Street and the fat and greedy CEO's ability to take home a bigger bonus every year. Consumers and workers no longer matter.

    In fact, a joke at one corporation I worked for was, "Don't ask, how are you? Instead ask, how's your numbers?"

    BTW: Heard the latest about Brittany?. (just kidding)