Friday, January 11, 2008

Hillary the Great Liberator

Senator Clinton: Liberating Women everywhere

"Maybe I have liberated us to actually let women be human beings in public," said Clinton, the former first lady, reflecting on a memorable moment of emotion the day before she gained her own New Hampshire victory. --Dana Wilkie
Before Hillary Rodham Clinton women where emotional repressed slaves in public life thanks to their dominate male repressors. But Senator Clinton is working to change hundreds of years of world-wide male domination while reversing the ugly notion that big girls don’t cry!

Buoyed by her surprise win in New Hampshire, which wasn’t supposed by be a surprise at all because after all she is the candidate of inevitability, Hillary Clinton is proving the fact that Americans are gullible to the ways of Clintonian politics.

What the Clintons are infamous for doing is polling for results. They poll people to see what the people want to hear and then they tell the people exactly they want to hear. The people's own polled results back at them.

Senator Clinton will tell you that she listened to the people and that’s why she won in New Hampshire . That is absolutely the case. The Polls showed that Hillary’s image was too strident and too combative. What the people wanted was a more vulnerable, open and sincere soft side. And boy did she deliver!

Now that doesn’t mean that she IS more vulnerable, open, sincere and soft but that’s what you said you wanted and in order to win in New Hampshire that's what Hillary gave you! Only thing is it was all scripted. It was all an act!

Dick Morris a former Clinton adviser says that Hillary Clinton is a control freak and that everything that she does is planned. If Mr. Morris can be trusted then that one moment of quivering voice and welled up eyes was for the benefit of all of you that said that you wanted a more vulnerable Hillary and judging by Hillary’s victory she gave you just what you wanted. You've been played!

Now being the narcissist that she is she has beset and dubbed herself with the mantle of Liberator of all womankind. She is claiming that because of herself, Hillary Rodham Clinton, all women everywhere at whatever stage or station have been released from the bonds and restrictions of not being allow to be human beings in public. Ladies you can now remove your Burkas.

If you’re the head of a major corporation and you are a woman, if things aren’t going quite right just cry a little.

If you’re in command in the armed forces and you're under heavy fire just let it out! Go on cry a little.

If you’re a woman and you are the President of the United States and Europe just sabotaged your economy, Iran just launched nuclear missiles from technology acquired from Russia at Israel and the United States. In addition to all of that, a dirty bomb is ignited in the United States, what do you do? You now have the right to do the human thing,cry a little.

You’ve been freed to be an emotional woman at a time of great stress by Senator Clinton.

Now that’s progressive feminism if I’ve ever seen it! And we all have Hillary Clinton to thank! Hillary the Great Liberator!

Thank you Senator Clinton! And now excuse me I’m feeling a little misty right now.

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  1. I doubt if Hillary has shed any tears over Filegate, Whitewatergate, Travelgate or Vince Foster. Just some little things that everyone is supposed to forget about.