Friday, February 22, 2008


Sens. Obama and Clinton: Last Night’s Debate

Hillary Rodham Clinton accused presidential rival Barack Obama of political plagiarism Thursday night, but drew boos from a Democratic debate audience when she ridiculed him as the candidate of "change you can Xerox."David Espo

The Clinton campaign went to great lengths to derail Barack Obama’s political juggernaut by leveling charges of plagiarism at him for weeks then ironically with the last word in a otherwise lackluster Democrat nomination debate, last night, Sen. Clinton plagiarized former Senator and former Democrat nominee hopeful John Edwards’ “We’re going to be fine” line to close out the debate. See for yourself:

Thus again proving that, “it’s just words” with the Clintons. They will do and say anything, for instance like trumping up false plagiarism charges in a campaign of personal destruction against a fellow Democrat and then do the very thing same thing that they so publicly and dramatically took offense at.

Somehow Senator Clinton I suspect that we may all be fine, but after Texas and Ohio and your campaign completely folds, as much as you want to be President, when you lose those two states you will not be fine.

Hey did anyone hear Sen. Clinton give Sen. Edwards credit for the line that she stole from him? ...I didn't think so!

Let’s finally turn the page on the Clintons after all nobody wants to fall backward into another Clinton administration!


  1. Anonymous6:12 AM

    We don't want her campaign to unravel yet. A deadlocked convention is exactly what is called for. If Hillary is seen to be stealing the Convention from Barack, it's problems for her.

    If she's selected by the Superdelegates and not elected by the Primarys, Al Gore will have to wegh in against her.

    Edwards hasn't endoresed anyone, so he's going to want his pound of flesh from whoever wins.

    I don't like Hillary, but I'w with Ann Coulter on this one. A vote for Hillary is a vote to to the most damage to the Democrats.

    I know that you dislike her totally and would like to see her career end as soon as possible. I'm different. I'd like to see her career end as abysmally and as rancourously as possible, with a total loss of dignity thrown in as a bonus, even if it means giving her a few more dying gasps of false hope.

  2. Anon,
    I have nothing against Sen. Hillary Clinton personally.

    I don't dislike her, I'm against anyone who holds the ideologies that would destroy this Nation.

    That's why I can be against Bush when he strays or McCain for his continual misgivings.

    I dislike ideologies of Socialism, Liberal Fascism and Communism if anyone holds any of this philosophies I would have a natural philosophical opposition to them.

  3. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Your explanation goes to why it would be a good idea to end the Clinton Era. I would like to end the Obama Era as well for the same reason.

    Late them both take each other out. Nature will take out McCain soon enough.

    That is why I'm backing the DOOMED campaign of Clinton. Let the Democratic Convention end in Chaos! A vote for Hillary is a vote for Chaos to her Party! May Chaos Reign!

  4. I understand your tactical point. Lets see how it works!

    Good luck