Monday, February 25, 2008

Democrats have Failed

Michael Kensley

I’m attempting to understand the radical Liberal ideology that Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama represents. I’ve read and listened to countless arguments coming from the left trying to convince anyone who would listen that the surge is a failure and the war is lost.

Just recently another of these screeds was published written by Michael Kinsley in the LA Times. Kinsley is reduced to some technical nuanced connotative exploitation of the word surge. But in spite of his awkward and uneven parsing even Kinsley has to admit that the surge did in fact work. His point of departure is that by definition it did not work. Huh?

Let’s take a look at how this Liberal convolution all evolved; it began with Rep. John Murtha who swore on his congressional oath that the Iraq war was lost. So influential were his rantings that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid often parroted Rep. Murtha’s now discredited claims.

Then in a remarkable display of contempt for the truth Liberal Democrat ancillary group pronounced in a discounted New York Times ad that the surge was a failure and that General Petraeus was a betrayer. All of this before they had heard one word of his schedule report on the progress in Iraq.

What followed In the Senate Armed Services Committee Hearings on Iraq was equally as outlandish. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton defamed the General and Ambassador Ryan Crocker intimating that they were nothing more than lackeys for the Bush administration and then she wryly stated that to believe the General’s positive report regarding Iraq required a suspension of disbelief. (See here)

So against all of the evidence to the contrary, I say okay lets assume that all of your Liberal arguments are correct and lets stipulate that the surge is a failure. And equally let’s agree (separate from the facts on the ground) that the war is lost as many Democrat leaders have assured us.

Now based on that logic I have a seemly new proposition for anyone who would be so incline to take me up on it, and that is, Liberalism has failed and the Democrat Party is an abysmal failure. Can you prove otherwise? Come on I dare you to show me where I’m wrong.

If I use just regular Liberal logic I have to conclude that Liberals and Democrats are the worst failures in political history, just look.

After over 40 years of controlling both houses of Congress Democrats lost control to their arch rivals the Republicans in 1994 who were led by Newt Gingrich. Gingrich told America that he intended to bring Conservativism back to government and Americans responded by sweeping Democrats out of power and for the first time in recent history voted both the Senate and the House to Republican control.

Next thing is Democrats attempted to regain the presidency after William Jefferson Clinton’s term in office but they lost to George W. Bush once in 2000 and again in 2004. Democrats are such failures that they couldn’t beat the worst President (according to them) in history. And no matter how you think President Bush gained office, if he was as dumb, stupid or pathetic as Democrats claim, how could he have beaten them twice unless for the fact that Democrats are totally incompetent failures themselves?

Then Democrats promised America that if they were restored to congressional power they would end the war and set the country in a new direction.

Democrats were restored to congressional power in 1996 yet they have failed miserably to end the war like they promised and they have failed to do anything about what they see as the country’s worsening condition. In fact the approval ratings for Congress are at an all time low. In comparison President Bush’s approval ratings are at an all time low too. But even Bush’s ratings are higher than that of a Democrat controlled Congress’ approval ratings which again are lower than an increasingly unpopular president Bush.

Congress has been termed the do nothing congress but even more so since the Democrats came into power. Do nothing because Democrat’s mean spirited partisanship has brought the institution that is responsible for doing the people’s business to a dead halt.

For going on twelve years Democrats have not been able to advance their socialist agenda as they have promised and have you noticed that Democrats are always fighting.

I fought for this bill or I fought for this program but the end result is that Democrats have failed to advance any meaningful liberal change in over 12 years.

So the next time some Liberal proclaims that the surge has failed or the war is lost take notice because no one knows failure like those who practice it on a daily basis.

And ask them do you think Democrats have failed? Only the intellectually honest and less than partisan would even entertain your question, the rest?

The rest would never admit under any circumstances that Liberal Democrats have failed and that they are failures! They reserve such rhetoric for their partisan war against the Republicans.

Now if they lose to John McCain then I guess they would not only confirm but they would prove my point now wouldn’t they!


  1. Al.........

    ....... now can you still even "consider" voting for either Clinton or Obama?


  2. brook,
    I can consider it, but it is highly unlikely that I would. I'm just so angered at the GOP elite that pushed McCain down our throats I went through a momentary faze.

    As you know McCain is apart of the "former Senators walking" group.

    He has no more business heading the GOP ticket as Lindsey Graham has to claim that he (Graham) is Conservative.

    I know I've probably scared you with some of my rhetoric but I hoping the GOP is hearing the frustation that the grassroots are feeling out here too!

  3. Anonymous11:29 AM


    It's like this. I'm going to vote for Hillary and give her campaign another dying gasp. Are you aware of how dangerous a politician can get during the death throes of a campaign? Remember the damage that Rockefeller did to Goldwater in 1964 or Teddy Kennedy to Carter in 1980? Well, Hillary is the very person to make the Democrat Presidential Nomination not worth having. Remember how Hillary lives her life: MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!

    The longer we keep Sugar Pie alive, the worse for Obama.

    As per McCain, he almost has to pick Condoleeza Rice as VP. With one foot firmly planted in the grave and the other foot firmly planted on the Banana Peel, it won't be long before Natural Selection takes him out. I'll back mccain and RICE in November, but I'm backing Hillary now.