Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Sen. Hillary Clinton

"We're going to emphasize more and more the experience gap," Clinton told several hundred supporters who had paid at least $500 to attend a Boston fundraiser. "You'll hear a lot about it the next eight days." --BETH FOUHY quoting Sen. Hillary Clinton
Experience! With it one is supposed to be ready “on day one” to govern the free world in the office of the most powerful political executive position in the world, the Presidency of the United States of America.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is staking her political fortunes on that one word “experience.”

Sen. Clinton knows a lot about words, she just freshly scolded Sen. Barack Obama last week for allegedly using words that were not his own, words which he failed to give credit to the author for their use. Sen. Clinton accused Sen. Obama of Plagiarism.

Clearly Sen. Obama doesn’t have the experience that Sen. Clinton has or he would have never committed such a grave sin.

Speaking of experience Senator Clinton has a lot of it. She has been apart of her husband’s campaign for Governor of Arkansas, she has been apart of two of her husband’s campaigns for President of the United States and she has had two campaigns for the Senate seat which she currently holds as a Senator of New York.

Yep a lot of experiences no doubt, so please someone explain to me how someone whose primary argument for why she should be elected President of the United States is experience has mismanaged her own campaign to the point that she has virtually run it into the ground.

Out of money, time and seriously behind in a campaign which she attempted to project an air of inevitability now Sen. Clinton is attempting to reassure her financial backers that the 11 straight victories that her inexperienced Democrat upstart rival Barack Obama has claimed will be dealt with. Sen. Clinton even rolled out a new outlined road map and says she will follow it to beat Barack Obama in the Ohio and Texas primaries March 4. (I can’t wait!)

So why did the more experienced Sen. Clinton have to loan her cash strapped campaign $5 million dollars of her own money when her inexperience opponent has remained able to pay his bills?

Why did the more experienced Sen. Clinton have to change her campaign manager in midstream and why did the more experienced Sen. Clinton’s campaign staffers go unpaid this month?
Clinton campaign advisers -- including campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle -- have "voluntarily chosen to work without pay this month" as part of a "Clinton cash crunch" (This is despite the fact that campaign pollster Mark Penn's firm was paid $4.3 million by the campaign.)The Huffingtonpost.com

Answer: a mismanaged campaign by the candidate of experience.
With bills and salaries going unpaid, Clinton admitted Wednesday she wrote out a $5 million check from her personal funds to cover some expenses and go forward in her neck-and-neck contest with the surging Barack Obama but the loan won't be enough to bail out the financially-strapped campaign.

Many staffers will work without pay this month and Capitol Hill Blue has learned that many vendors are demanding cash up front because of the campaign's overdue bills.
–Capital Hill Blue
According to Times KAREN TUMULTY this is a campaign of mismanagement and miscalculation Clinton began this campaign like a coronation but soon discovered that there are only two inevitabilities in life, death and Democrats losing Presidential campaigns.
This is not the race that Clinton thought she would be running. Her campaign was built on inevitability, a haughty operation so confident it would have the nomination wrapped up by now that it didn't even put a field organization in place for the states that were to come after the megaprimary on Feb. 5. Karen Tumulty
And then there was the extravagant spending, private chartered jets with the finest eats for the Press corps groupies, first class hotels and my those exorbitant consultant fees.

Sen. Clinton once stated that the country couldn’t afford all of her ideas apparently not even her campaign could afford all of her ideas.
"I have a million ideas. The country can't afford them all." —Sen. Hillary Clinton
Running a deficit in one’s campaign doesn’t bode well for someone who claims to have the experience to run American’s government. Quite a story here yet the main stream media has seemed to have missed it.

Yes, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton “would be” President of the United States of America. Senator Clinton who has denigrated President George Bush at every opportunity in every possible way for the way President Bush has conducted the country’s business, her own campaign is in disarray and out of money due to mistakes that apparently not even her less experienced opponent Sen. Obama would make nor has he!

Ironically, Sen. Clinton could not run the only thing that she has ever had the opportunity to run, her own presidential campaign, without running a deficit and totally mismanaging an election that was hers to lose. And she is losing it!
[Sen. Clinton’s] team of battle-tested veterans failed to plan for much of anything after Super Tuesday. We now know that the Clinton campaign blew so much of its cash on the February 5 multi-state primary that it had little left in the tank for what was to follow, forcing the candidate to loan herself $5m and spend valuable time last night on television trying to raise more.

So strongly did the Clinton campaign assume that Super Tuesday, with its 1,000-plus pledged delegates up for election in more than 20 states, would be the effective end of the nomination campaign that it failed to have a Plan B.
–Richard Adams
Experience is supposed to be that needed insight, it is suppose to be that edge one needs to avoid the pratfalls of errand campaigns and misdeeds. Yet for Sen. Hillary Clinton, who is trying to sell America on her experience, experience didn’t help her run a smart campaign nor a winning campaign.

Neither has Sen. Clinton demonstrated to the American people that she would be ready “on day one” to lead a government as complex as the American government because she can’t even run the much smaller campaign to became president of the United States.
Even George W. Bush ran better campaigns for the presidency than the experienced Sen. Clinton.

The hubris, the utter ineptitude, the overspending, and the mismanagement of the Clinton campaign is not inductive of leadership and experience as Sen. Clinton has claimed, no this is a shameless amateurish bunch of rouge hack politicians who are rehashing the tactics of the 90’s in a 2008 campaign for the presidency.

If Hillary Clinton thinks that she will be ready on day one to be president a botched campaign is not a very reassuring to the American people that she is.

If Sen. Clinton’s campaign is what experience has to offer, then the fairy tale is looking more real to me than her claims of experience.

I’m thinking that real experience can be found between either the fairytale or the pseudo-Republican, and Sen. Clinton’s claim of experience?

Why, that has proven to be a farce just as fake and phony as the statement, “I did not have sex with that woman… Ms. Lewensky!”


  1. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Wasn't Hillary's specialty the quashing of Bimbo Erruptions?

    Havwe you heard the news about Gennifer Flowers lately? Did you know that the recorded conversations between Gennifer and Bill (Gasp! Gasp! Drool!) were on the Auction Block?

    Why is it that sex always gets into the picture with the Clintons? My appologies,however; you did want to talk about Clinton and that's part of the course.

  2. Yes contrary to NOW and other womens rights organizations Hillary Clinton worked directly against womens rights when it came to defending Bill Clinton.

    Yes I've heard, Ms. Flowers claims that she was offered 5 million dollars for them by a Chinese collector years ago.

    She should have taken the money I doubt that kind of money is on the table now.

    We agree that the Clintons lowers the American discourse!

  3. Anonymous9:55 AM

    The timing could not be worse for Hillary. You know that Hillary must be stewing about it. Bill is probably facing a pretty big rolling pin when he comes home at night. What more delicious revenge could here be for Gennifer than knowing that Hillary is there waiting for Bill with her rolling pin because of the Bill & Genn Sex Tapes Sale announcement.

    Right now, Bill is probably getting envious of steers.

  4. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Alaphiah, I've noticed that you have dissapeared lately.

    Is it because you are taking the weekend off for Sadie Hawkins Day this Friday?

    Good Luck! I hope that you are fast as the wind!