Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How McCain Is Doing It

Senators John Kerry and John McCain

Was Senator McCain encouraged to running in spite of the fact that he has zero Conservative backing? Encouraged by those whose plan is to win the White house for Liberals and if not win then place a Liberal Manchurian Candidate in the White house who will do the bidding of Liberals at the code words “This is Ted Kennedy McCain Listen.” -- Alaphiah

There are no accidents in politics only the careful planning of assassinations or the equally carefully planned making of a king. In politics unlike Vegas the house always wins, however like Vegas you never get to see who the house is!

From worst to first, from politically dead to Republican front runner posed to steal or claim the Republican nomination for President of the United States all this without the support of Conservatives how was it done, purely serendipitously? Not hardly!

It’s a story of political subversion, betrayal and treachery. It is a story of turning on Party members, turning on the Party, turning on Party values and then turning on the grass roots of the Party.

Were there conspirers on the grassy knoll of McCain’s unexplainable come back and if so who were they? And why John McCain, why should he have the good fortune of being the one designated to be leader and front man of this secret movement to gain electoral power?

To explain how it happened we must first explained why it happened.

It is no secret that there is a partisan war being waged in our government. President George W. Bush is perhaps the most maligned United States President in modern times.

His presidency has been sabotaged, undermined, lied on and unfairly criticized by partisans on the left. Partisans that he in no short measure has attempted to reach across the aisle too.

Yet all that the president has been able to produce for his efforts is a fervor of ferocious Bush bashing. In spite of it the President still attempted to legislate what Democrats wanted and supported, CIRA or Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act. And policies that were apparently important to him such as the North American Community the Dubai Ports Deal, Homeland Security and fighting Terrorism.

Several of the president’s agenda met with strong Conservative opposition, CIRA, North American Community, and the Dubai Ports Deal. In fact Conservatives were able to turn back the tide on these three main Bush agenda items.

Sen. John McCain is punishment for you Conservatives that did not allow this agenda to go though.

What you say? That’s correct John McCain is retaliation against Conservatives that stopped CIRA and the vast Left wing conspiracy. I’m not kidding!

Until the mid term elections of 2006 Republicans enjoyed the majority in Congress for twelve short years compared to the nearly 50 years that Democrats controlled both houses of Congress before the 1994 Newt Gingrich Conservative revolution called the Contract with America which swept corrupt Democrats out of office.

Instead of Republicans using their majority status to further solidify their agenda Republicans began partying like Rockstars so much so that they began to mimic the very corruption that they promised to over throw.

Other Republicans began to buy into the Liberal social agenda of homosexuality, illegal immigration, global warming, misspending the public’s money and larger government just to name a few agenda items.

John McCain was apart of this second group. So much so that Democrats began to court him and other Republicans like him, believing that they would be able to defeat President Bush by back dooring Bush with a weaken Republican Congress weakened by defectors.

The only Republican that they could manage to completely get to embarrass Bush publicly by defecting was James Jeffords of Vermont in 2001 who went independent.

However Sen. McCain was so in play that Sen. John Kerry considered having him run with him instead of John Edwards. McCain chose not to.

Yet McCain let it be known that though he was not willing to bolt the Party he was quite willing to undermine Republican principles similar too but a little less than Sen. Lincoln Chaffe a known Republican malefactor.

Sen. McCain had a third way, he could remain a Republican in name while receiving George Soros and Teresa Heinz Kerry moneys to support his McCain-Feingold campaign to stomp out free speech as well as his open borders pursuits though a non-profit that he created called, The Reform Institute. This Liberal monetarial support plus his Liberal friends would be all that Senator McCain would need to be the Republican nominee for President.

McCain supports amnesty for illegal aliens, was behind the Gang of 14, is a gun grabber, opposed the Bush tax cuts, ran roughshod over the Constitution with McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform, opposes a Constitutional amendment to protect marriage, was rumored to be considering switching parties multiple times, talked with John Kerry about being his Vice-President, lines up with the global warming alarmists, wants to close Gitmo, wants to coddle captured terrorists -- you can go on and on with this. – John Hawkins

There are 23 other Republicans Senators besides Sen. McCain who make the Republican Party unstable and weak they are:

Alaska Sens. -Lisa Murkowski and Ted Stevens, Arizona -Sen. Jon Kyl,
Florida -Sen. Melquiades Martinez, Idaho -Sen. Larry Craig, Indiana -Sen. Richard Lugar, Kansas -Sen. Samuel Brownback, Kentucky -Sen. Mitch McConnell, Maine -Sens. Susan Collins, and Olympia Snowe, Minnesota -Sen. Norm Coleman, Missouri - Sen. Christopher Bond, Mississippi -Sen. Chester Lott .(No longer serving), North Carolina -Sen. Richard Burr, Nebraska -Sen. Charles Hagel, New Hampshire -Sen. Judd Gregg, New Mexican -Sen. Pete Domenici, Neveda -Sen. John Eric Ensign, Ohio -Sen. George Voinovich, Pennsylvania -Sen. Arlen Specter, South Carolina -Sen. Lindsey Graham, Utah -Sen. Robert Bennett, and Virginia -Sen. John Warner.

John McCain, the Senators listed above and a Liberal plot to turn Republicans plus Republican Senators and Congressmen who were caught up in corruption scandals are the reasons that Republicans lost both houses of Congress in 2006!

Then the coup d’├ętat, an already weaken President Bush weaken by the Liberal Democrat’s plan to subvert his presidency, the Republican Party and the war on terrorism and in Iraq, did the unexplainable he started pushing CIRA or Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act. Bush got many of the above named Senators to go along with his Party splitting plan and it worked.

No, CIRA didn’t pass, Conservatives stopped that, but the President and his cohorts split the Republican Party at a time when the Party could lest afford it, just prior to the 2008 Presidential elections.

A block of Lincoln Chaffe Republicans were born, Sen. Trent Lott, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. Arlen Specter, Sen. Melquiades Martinez, Sen. Olympia Snowe and Sen. John McCain just to name a few all Republican in name but often championing other than Republican causes and legislation before these events they worked independently but now they began working together.

Because of John McCain’s open (and media supported) defiance of the Republican Party McCain was cheered on by the Left and mistrusted by the Right. McCain lost the 2000 nomination to President Bush and it looked like any hopes for a 2008 nomination would be pointless his campaign had collapsed and he had no money.

But a group of Lincoln Chaffe Republicans spurred on by now former Sen. Trent Lott made John McCain their instrument of revenge against the Conservative wing of the Republican Party for handing them a defeat on Comprehensive Immigration Reform.
Former Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.), a longtime McCain ally, said that when it looked like the bottom fell out over the summer, he rallied a group of McCain supporters in Washington.
Lott told The Hill that the meeting was far from a “celebration,” but the group resolved to stay with McCain.
“I said, ‘Look, just relax,’ ” Lott said. “ ‘If we can come up with a million, million and a half [dollars] a month to keep him afloat, he’ll come out of this by October.’ ”
The Hill

And come up with the money they did Liberal money George Soros and Teresa Heinz Kerry money funneled to Sen. McCain’s Reform Institute!
The Reform Institute was founded in 2001 in direct response to the millions of Americans who, during the 2000 presidential campaign, expressed profound disillusionment with corrupt fundraising activities and the political “closed shop.” The initial bipartisan Honorary Chairs of the Advisory Committee were Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and former Senator Bob Kerrey (D-NE). After Senator McCain resigned his position in 2005, former Congressman and former Fortune 500 CEO Amo Houghton of New York served as President.

It was Lott and the Lincoln Chaffe wing of the Republican Party that backed McCain and orchestrated the front running status that McCain now enjoys and it was George Soros and Teresa Heinz Kerry moneys that funded it as laid out by blogs the Captain’s Quarters, David Horowitz the Frontpage magazine and Michele Malkin.

If you look at McCain’s supporters they are all Lincoln Chaffe Republicans, Rudy Guianni, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lindsey Graham, all Republicans who would rather switch than fight for Conservative ideas.

John McCain has managed to connect with a virulent strain of anti-Conservativism right in the heart of the Republican Party. A perusal of the backers of this campaign will out these self hating Republicans and explain why McCain won the state delegates he thus far has won from their support.

John McCain has managed to unite what is worst in the Republican Party the appeasers and the Democrat Lincoln Chaffe wannabes. He now stands before a Conservative base, one that he has defied for many years and tauntingly suggests that, you’ve got to accept me now, there is nothing else that you can do!

Sen. McCain and you Lincoln Chaffe Republicans, you are wrong. There is plenty left to do. Just like the retired Sen. Trent Lott, we will show you the way out of the Republican Party and that doesn’t mean we promote you for your political incompetence and treachery to the highest elected office in the land as a reward for your years of betrayal of Conservatives and Conservative values.

John McCain may have gotten this far with his group of Moderates, Liberals and Mavericks, all funded by Liberals, whose plan was to destroy the Party from within, but he will soon find out that he needs Conservatives much more than Conservatives need him!

Long live Conservative values that have heretofore made this Country great and may all who oppose these values go down to defeat!


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