Wednesday, February 13, 2008

McCaine Will Be President!

Since the Democratic party has been hijacked by the
far left.............. the liberals have been having a field day.

Their attack machines have done some damage to the
Bush administration, but much to their chagrin, he is
far from out...... as attested to by the fact that he is still
getting the legislation that he has fought for since 2000.

By pitting Obama against Hillary, they have once again
played the "race card", dividing the party. Nobody can
deny that........... even CNN, CNBC, NYT or any of the other
liberal MSM. Figures show that Obama has garnered
nearly all of the available "black vote". If it weren't for
color, he would probably never have advanced to where
he is today. This race is not supposed to be about color,
as we hear from black politicians, but they are the first
ones to back him because he is black.

After the bloodletting, the accusations, the "investigations"
and the revelations.......... both Obama and Clinton will be
ready for the garbage heap. And that's before the Republicans
even start on whichever one makes it through the fray.

Each day, it appears more and more, that Obama will be
the Democratic candidate for president. In the polls it
looks very impressive, but polls have been wrong before
............more often wrong than right. If I recall, Kerry
was going to 'steam-roll' over Bush in '04. I made
some money on that bet!

Pitting Obama...... a rookie Senator............ against McCaine,
with all his faults and warts,.......... there is no contest. The
hopeful "democratic candidate", who is the most liberal of
all the Senators in Congress, will galvanize moderate and
conservative Democrats disgusted with the party, and most
Republicans, even including the ultra-conservatives.

Why will this happen? The answer is simple. McCaine has
an overall 85% conservative voting record: voting for extending
the Bush tax cuts, a strong defense, victory in Iraq, border
security and fiscal responsibility.......... against Obama's 100%
liberal record.

Those in their right minds will not want to see this
country slip more and more toward Socialism, which is
basically what the Democrats, and particularly Obama,
have been preaching. His programs go in only one direction
............. tax the middle-class, and give to the lower class.
Grant amnesty to all the illegals in the US. Give them
Social Security. Give them drivers licenses..................
give them your job!

No my far-left wackos..........the United States is still about those
Americans who have built this country, sacraficed for it, and
refuse to turn it over to free-loaders. If I have to go door to
door come November, I will do my damndest to see that this
country is not surrendered............ to terrorists, opportunists
or overly-ambitious and underqualified politicians.


  1. Anonymous1:51 PM


    McCain is spelled :

    Big M
    Little C
    Big C
    Little A
    Little I
    Little N
    No final E


  2. Brook,
    I'm glad that you're back with such a strong post!

    The way that I'm seeing it is the Democrats have been out voting the Republicans 2to1 and in some cases 3 to 1. Democrats are galvanized not Republicans.

    Neither will Republicans be galvanized this election cycle.

    It is my opinion the low Republican voter turnouts are due to John McCain.

    If that is the case McCain has some major fence mending to do. (I don't think he's capable)

    I have voted Republican for over 25 years and I have attempted to support Republicans (I give to the RNC) and of course I attempt to defend Conservative ideas through this blog but this is the very first time that I'm considering voting for someone other than a Republican.

    I know that I'm not the only one. A if I feel that way I know that there are hundreds of thousands of Republicans who are feeling dispirited.

    Therefore I can't boldly predict that there will be a Republican in the White house next year.

    Republican have deep Party issues that need to be resolved. Too many Democrat wannabes in the Party.

    Until Republicans fix what is wrong with their own party I don't think that they are going to appeal to the voters.

    My prediction is that McCain will not win the Presidency after he receives the Republican nomination.

    It would be poetic justice for McCain to be sitting on top of the ticket when the Party that he helped to destroy loses the Presidency.

    That's how I see it.

  3. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Let's see . . . you've voted for the Republicans for at least 25 years. The minimum voting age is 18. That means that the youngest that you could possibly be is 25+18=43 .

    We're getting OLD, aren't we?

  4. Has TWOG truly come out of the woodwork........... again?

    Let's see......... in keeping with his (it's) MO, having nothing important to contribute to any discussion....... he nit-picks his way though life.

    So what TWOG, if in my haste, my fingers did some thinking on their own? The only part of you that thinks at all, is covered by your shorts.


  5. Al...........

    Remember my words. They WILL prove true!


  6. Anonymous8:26 AM


    I am a TWOG IMPOSTER! The real TWOG does not have a sense of humor like I do. He/she/it does not use his name acronym like I do either. Nor would TWOG conclude with:

    Happy V Day

  7. Sorry "anon",...... it was that trickie use of "Brookie" that thew me.

    She was known for that!


  8. Anonymous5:45 PM


    You act too much on your kneejerk reactions. You can be too easily had. Alaphiah is a little harder to snooker. I sent her a Valentine message and pretended to be RC, and she figured it out. I think that I had her going over wine & chocolate store chain endemic to RC's locale.

    Remember that you are with a more cerebral and less liberal crowd.

    May your roses be as red as your wine and your beer be as dark as your chocolate.