Thursday, February 14, 2008

There will be No Truce and No Calming Down!

Donna Brazile, Democrat Party Leader

"If 795 of my colleagues decide this election, I will quit the Democratic Party. I feel very strongly about this," Donna Brazile told CNN this week.
Brazile, who managed Al Gore's presidential campaign in 2000, is herself a super delegate.
--ABC News

People who stand for Conservative principles are in short supply these days. When someone takes that strange stance, which used to be recognized as a stand on principles, most people are not sure how to take it.

For instance when Conservatives took a principled stand against John McCain a so-called Conservative who is in the mainstream of negotiating away Conservative values and principles most of the left collectively scratched their heads because it was puzzling to see people so unwilling to change their beliefs or so they say.

The Political Left believes that everything is transitory, negotiable, relative and progressively changing. You want change right? That being the case, it is not at all out of the realm of possibilities that though abortion is the law today that it just might be ban in the future. It really all depends on whether people change their minds about it. Right?

And then there’s homosexuality, homosexual relationships and the homosexual sex act could be ban too if enough people thought the latest fad was now heterosexuality and people began to believe that we were born that way, you know all straight and stuff.

Homosexuality would just become plain passé. Support for homosexuality could change too, now couldn’t it? And people would simply shun the act. Now that would be change. Wouldn’t it?

If you’re thinking no way, Roe vs. Wade must always remain law and homosexuals must always be permitted to do what they were born to do. After all what’s important is that two people love each other.

My question is then, what makes you any different than a Conservative that says marriage must always remain a relationship between a male and a female or that babies in their mother’s womb must always be protected.

The point is this Dr. James Dobson, Anne Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Gene Beck, Laura Ingram and Sean Hannity all have been taking flack from the main stream media, Liberals and their allies because of their principled stand against Sen. John McCain. And by the way the Right doesn’t hate Sen. McCain. Hate for political opponents is the exclusive emotional response of Howard Dean Liberal Democrats!

What is so paradoxical in this whole situation is Sen. McCain has been lauded from the Left when he took various principle stands against Conservative ideas and against the Right. Such stances have earned Sen. McCain face time in the National media as the voice of Republicans when the same media would not dare ask any other Conservative the same questions given to McCain on a given subject.

So why does the Left get to stand on their principles plus get to lambaste the Right when the Right does the same thing?

Here’s an example, various Conservative leaders and radio/TV commentators have stated emphatically that if John McCain is the Republican Nominee they will not vote for him.

Ignorantly some from the right are calling for truces in the name of don’t worry about your principles just defeat the Democrats. McCain supporters are asking for calm so that the party can be unified around McCain. Both suggestions are out of the question! Why?

Because this whole bloody deal is about an Oligarchical take over of the Conservative Party without consulting with the people. A very small group of moderates to liberal Conservatives has decided that they know what is best for the Party and they are taking over the Party by bloodless coup.

That is what the McCain nomination is fundamentally about taking this Party in a different direction, the wrong direction.

Isn’t the irony of it all plainly seen? If Conservatives abandon their values or compromise to work with McCain on shared values then Conservatism is no better than its, transitory, negotiable, relative and progressively changing nemesis, Liberalism.

That is exactly what McCain has been working for he and those affiliated with and working with him are attempting to move Conservatives to the Left and according to McCain Conservatives are supposed to calm down while he pulls the pants down around the ankles of Conservatism, places Conservatism, hands tied, over the barrel of his apparent nomination and does the Sen. Larry Craig airport bathroom shuffle on the bent over Republican Party.

Yet, there will be no truce and there will be no calming down. If there were ever a time to fight this is that time.

Conservatives who are aware know what I’m saying is true.

McCain is the Liberal’s, destroy Conservatism, suicide bomber. Seemingly innocuous McCain is being placed where he can be detonated and do as much damage to the Party and its faithful as possible.

Anyone in hers or his right mind would waterboard McCain if given the chance, to make him confess his secret agenda.

This is not McCain derangement syndrome as some are mockingly referring to those who oppose John McCain. Those who oppose McCain have the evidence of long record of McCain counter Conservative insurgency to go on.

No this is a principled stance much like the stance Donna Brazile the long time Democrat and Al Gore supporter has recently taken. Ms. Brazile a dyed in the wool Democrat has promised emphatically that if Sen. Barack Obama is cheated out of his Party’s nomination by Superdelegate vote if the popular vote establishes him as the Democrat nominee, Ms Brazile has promised that she will leave the Democrat Party.

Now you could call that Hillary Clinton derangement syndrome or you could accept it for what it is.

A stand on principle in a time when everyone else considers such a stance archaic!

Like Ms. Brazile seems to believe there are some things worth fighting for and there are some principles worth leaving a Party for!

There Will be no Truce there will be no Calming Down!

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    If I had to choose a face for an UGLY VALENTINE, I would chose Donna Brazile over Phyllis Diller any day!

    Can't you guys ever lighten up once in a while?