Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Can't Help But Laugh!!!!!!

This would be funny, except for the fact that it
is a pathetic situation.

Over the past two years or so, we've heard from the
Democratic Senators and Representatives, that
President Bush had an unacceptable approval
level of just 34%.

Well, lo and behold.............. according to the most
recent Rasmussen report, the lofty Congress itself
is enjoying a good year! Barely 15% of US citizens
feel that Congress is doing a passable job.
Forty six percent, think that their performance
stinks! By the way................ that's DOWN from
that horribly low 26% approval rating of just one
year ago.

Now doesn't that tell you a lot, about a Congress
that was going to fix everything that the Bush
administration "screwed up", and can barely tie
its own shoes?

What a shame! And to think, there are still
voters who are "considering" voting for Hillary
or Obama!



  1. Funnier still, We are deciding between three Congressional members for the Presidency of the United States of America.

    So they're screwing up Congress and whomever is elected will be able to screw up the White house! That's just great!

  2. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Right now, Hillary looks like the best of a sorry lot, She would do as much damage as the other two, but she does have one redeeming limitation that the others don't have. When President Achhhhh-[Gutteral Sound]madinijad of Iran acts bad and makes her cry, or when she starts a recession by repealing the taz cuts, she will know when to quit! To the Clintons, their legacy is the all-important agenda, the thing for which they would sacrifice a million virgins for, even if Chelsea is in that number. When the sorry but inevitable day comes that the Clinton Legacy becomes imperiled, Hillary will do what it takes to pull it back from the fire, even the political rehabilitation of Bush.

    The tragicomic Presidential campaign has seen Hillary pander to the state of Texas, the home state of Bush, for right-wing votes while Bill amuses himself at the local Gentleman's Clubs like Stilletos and Fantasy Caberet. There was no sharp rebuke for Ann Coulter as Hillary got her endorsement. Even the despised Rush endorsement is quietly welcomed.

    These are amusing times. Have a look at Real Clear Politics, the Delagate section for the Democrats, and look at the leads for all states up to Ohio and Texas and you can extrapolate [ie,do the Math] that Hillary can gain 60+ plus more delegates than Obama, enough to erase her deficit. Look for some interesting deals that have the fragrance of Polecat.

    I'm going to withhold my support just to see who will come pandering my way. I've never seen politicians THIS DESPARATE before.