Monday, February 18, 2008

There Will Be Chaos and Democrats will Bring It!

Sen. Clinton Campaigning

They always do!

All eyes will be on Denver Colorado this coming August 25-28 at the Democrat National Committee Convention to see if the Democrat Party will implode into a Black Hole of Chaos with Hillary Rodham Clinton and Howard Dean at it’s vortex trapping and sucking all of the hope and light from the Democrat Party into Clinton’s and Dean’s dense core of negativity and anti-rules.

Yes rules don’t seem to matter to Democrats not their own rules nor the rules or laws of the Country in which they live. If the DNCC is any indication of how Democrats will govern if they are granted power then no doubt there will be chaos if Democrats are elected, here’s why.
The Democratic National Committee sought to seize control of its unraveling nominating process yesterday[Friday, August 25, 2007], rejecting pleas from [Florida’s] state party leaders and cracking down on Florida for scheduling a Jan. 29 presidential primary.
The DNC's rules and bylaws committee, which enforces party rules, voted yesterday morning to strip Florida of all its [157] delegates to the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver -- the harshest penalty at its disposal.
Michael Shear
The DNC had hoped that the penalties imposed on Florida would be enough to detour any other state from scheduling this year’s presidential primaries before established DNC rules and times.

The DNC rules stipulate that states that have not been granted a special waiver must
schedule presidential nominating contests after Feb. 5.
"Rules are rules," said DNC member Garry S. Shays, of California, at the meeting. "California abided by them, and Florida should, as well. To ignore them would open the door to chaos."

Donna Brazile, a member of the rules committee who argued for a swift and harsh punishment for Florida, said states' desire to be more relevant in the nominating process does not excuse violations of rules intended to make the system fair for everyone.
CBS News
Yet the door was opened to chaos when in spite of the harsh ruling against Florida, Michigan decided that they would hold their Democrat primary January 15, 2008 before the February 5th date.

The DNC responded by first threatening the state Party but when the Party held it’s primary on the prohibited January date the DNC sanctioned the Michigan Democrat Party and ruled that the state Party’s 156 delegates would not be seated at the Democratic Convention as agreed to by National party officials of the DNC and all of the Democrat candidates running for president.

Attempting to comply with Party rules all Democrat candidates decided not to campaign in Florida and Michigan and some decided to withdraw their names from the Michigan ballots while some did not comply nor did they withdraw their names.

All the major Democratic candidates agreed not to campaign in either Michigan or Florida because those states violated party rules. And in Michigan, most of the major candidates will not even be on the ballot.
Democratic candidates John Edwards, Barack Obama, Bill Richardson and Joe Biden have withdrawn their names from the ballot to satisfy Iowa and New Hampshire, which were unhappy that Florida and Michigan was challenging their leadoff status on the primary calendar.CBS News
Hillary Rodham Clinton, Dennis Kucinich, Chris Dodd, Mike Gravel left their names the Democratic ballot in Michigan which Sen. Clinton flew into Florida and Michigan and she won both virtual uncontested races.

Since Sen. Clinton is now running behind Sen. Obama in the delegate count and is losing the Democrat nomination the Clinton campaign is attempting to introduce chaos into the race and change the rules in midstream, rules that they agreed to, and they are threatening to sue to have Florida’s and Michigan’s delegates seated at the convention because Sen. Clinton won those two states even though everyone agreed that a win in those states, according to the rules, meant nothing! projects the Democrat delegate count would be 1302 for Sen. Obama and 1235 for Sen. Clinton including the Democrat Superdelegates. Wisconsin and Hawaii will be voting tomorrow and Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont are scheduled to vote on March the 4th Michigan’s 156 and Florida’s 157 unseated delegates could be a factor in the outcome of this nomination.

313 delegates could give Senator Clinton the Democrat nomination which explains why the Clinton campaign is willing to throw the whole nomination process into chaos to seat delegates that by rule and mutual agreement should not be seated.
Harold Ickes, a top adviser to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign who voted for Democratic Party rules that stripped Michigan and Florida of their delegates, now is arguing against the very penalty he helped pass.

In a conference call Saturday, the longtime Democratic Party member contended the DNC should reconsider its tough sanctions on the two states, which held early contests in violation of party rules. He said millions of voters in Michigan and Florida would be otherwise disenfranchised - before acknowledging moments later that he had favored the sanctions.
Here we go again, Al Gore 2000, Gore called then president elect George W. Bush on election night and concede the elect and was on his way to make his concession speech when someone in his campaign told him that he shouldn’t concede because Florida was to close to call.

That advice and Gore's subsequent actions set in motion the political chaos of loathing and bitterness between the Democrat and Republican Parties that we have today. And because of it we have what has been termed the Red state Blue state divide in this country.

Can we expect these continual acts of divisiveness from a Democrat administration or a partisan Democrat controlled Congress?

If Democrats can’t keep their own party rules then how can we expect them to keep our Nations laws? How are they going to enforce our borders?

What happens in Denver in August will tell America all we need to know about the way a Democrat administration would govern America.

And judging by the now apparent desperation if the Clinton campaign there will be chaos at the Democrat National Convention and the same is in store for America too if Democrats are elected to the Executive Office come November 2008.

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