Thursday, March 27, 2008

Superdelegates: Will they steal the Election?

Al Gore and Superdelegate Donna Brazile

[T]he superdelegate system is doing exactly what it was designed to do: defend the Democratic Party from Democratic voters. --Ted R. Bromund

Donna Brazile a Democrat superdelegate and campaign manger for Al Gore’s 2000 presidential bid has threaten to leave the Democrat Party if her fellow superdelegates decide this Democrat candidate process contrary to the vote of the Democrat voters.

It is against that backdrop that a group of rich and powerful Hillary Clinton backers are pressuring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to withdraw her statements that superdelegates should support the will of the majority of voters.

They believe that superdelegate should go against the will of the voters and appoint Hillary Clinton as the nominee of the Democrat Party in spite of the fact that Sen. Barack Obama is presently ahead in the pledged delegate count and not to mention the fact that numerically Sen. Clinton has no possibility to over take him in the pledged delegate vote.

You remember the 2000 Florida presidential campaign between George W. Bush and Albert A. Gore. You remember the alleged disenfranchisement of Florida voters and the slogan, “Count every vote, every vote counts.”

Back then Democrats felt that ballot confusion and the inability to punch through paper voting ballots prevented citizens from exercising their constitutional guaranteed rights to vote. They blamed Republicans for their voting woes when most of their problems happened in polling places that were completely under Democrat control.

Al Gore threw the election into the Florida courts the process then when through to the Florida Supreme court which was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. And because of the outcome at the U.S. Supreme court Democrats felt that the elections were stolen.

In essence what the U.S. Supreme court decided was that the Florida court should not have intervened, that voting process should have progressed without court interference that was not the ruling Democrats wanted so they claimed that the U.S. Supreme stole the presidential elections and appointed George Bush president. How twisted a claim!

Now 8 years later and according to David Saltonstall of the Daily News more than 14 million Americans have voted in this Democratic primary yet this election primary can be stolen from the voters quicker than a Floridian can say Chad! How?

Superdelegates that’s how. The superdelegate’s job is to bequeath the nomination to the Democrat candidate that they feel would be the best nominee regardless of how 14 million of you voted. The nominee is chosen by 795 party insiders. Normally the number of superdelegates would be 796 however it is presently minus one because of a death and a new delegate has not been assigned yet.

If Democrats who have protested so viscerally that 2000 and 2004 were stolen from the voters stand idly by and allow Democrat Party elites to dictate who the Democrat nominee will be in spite of the vote of the people or against the vote of the people then the Democrats are hypocrites and not fit to lead in this country.

Democrats for 8 years have blamed Republicans for their political misfortunes and if these same Democrats allow their own Party members to steal away their choice by vote, how can these Democrat hypocrites hold their heads up after the political hell that they've put this country through for what they called stolen elections?

Superdelegate is a Democrat code word that means that Democrat Party elites don’t trust their Democrat voting constituents’ ability to make the right choice for their Party.

Democrat superdelegates are training wheels for the Democrat unwashed masses the first sign of a Fascist like attempt of government control of the people and another in the long list of reasons why Democrat paradoxes such as superdelegates make them unfit to lead this great Nation.


  1. Anonymous6:30 AM


    Is it beginning to look like the legendary Madison Square Gardens Free-for-All of 1924 that took 103 ballots and two weeks?

    That would be A Midsummer Night's Dream!

    May it last until The Twelfth Night!

    Death Match! Death Match! Death Match!

    Someone needs to inject some humor into your blog. I guess I'm elected

  2. Or maybe you are your own Superdelegate!

  3. Anonymous8:35 AM


    You are the only Conservative Blogger who can treat this comic news about the Democratic Convention like an Obituary.

    Were you baptized in Vinegar? Did your Mother bottle feed you with Lemon Juice instead of Milk? Do you put Lemon into your tea by simply dipping your finger in it?

    Granted, you may be like I am about Miracles, only expecting to walk on Water when the Pond is frozen three foot thick. However, you should take some joy in them when they happen. Did Moses and the Children lament when Pharoah's Chariots got bogged down in the Red Sea? Were Sts. Peter and John particularly sad when Herod was struck down?

    Granted, you don't celebrate someone's misfortune, but you do celebrate your deliverance.

    Show some joy. Don't make it sound like it was too tragic an event.


  4. Unlike the dance celebration in the end-zone after each touchdown only to lose the game.

    I prefer to dance after the game is won. We have a lot of work to do to secure this country from the forces that intend to destroy it.

    Those forces are both foreign and domestic and both psuedo-Conservative and Liberal.

    Many times we won't be able to tell the difference.

    I enjoy levity as much as the next Pagliacci. I just don’t think it wise to prematurely taunt any foe lest they veer around and rend thine garments.

  5. Anonymous10:22 AM


    It's not as if I were casting my pearls down before them (to correct your Biblical Reference). It's just that even a Democrat will chuckle at a good Comedy of Errors like this one. I do understand your question whether a Republican Victory is To Be OR

    When Marc Antony said "
    Now let it work.--Mischief, thou art afoot,
    Take thou what course thou wilt!--
    , do you actually thing he said such a thing in Public? No! He said it as an aside at the end of Act III, Scene II, when the Crowd was away.

    How do we know if this mischief is actually working? Let's just say that I'm halfway expecting Hillary to say "These many then shall die; their names are prick'd."

    I will take your advice against calculating the number of juvenile poultry before their oviod containers are disposed of. However, you don't mind if I count that chick that crows in the morning.

    Just don't be a Gloomy Gussie when you hear the Cavalry in the background.

  6. I thought the Democratic party created "super-delegates" to be a deciding force in the Primaries.

    They are supposed to be able to "vote their conscience" and let the popular vote be damned!

    In the case of Clinton & Obama, they most certainly should vote with Hillary, since Obama is all but "unelectable"!

  7. You're right as rain brook only thing is Superdelegates can cancel out an outcome of a primary election if they go against the people's vote.

    It just seemed kinda hypocritical to me that Dems would do all that yapping about disenfranchisement and "count every vote, evey vote counts" down in Flordia yet have a system in place in their primary that would effectively rob their people of the vote.

    As ironic as it is, as MD points out it's pretty funny!

  8. Anonymous3:10 PM


    I'm going to try to hold my glee down to a smirk, at least until Christmas.

    The Liberal blogs are beginning to dread the Convention, and they seem to be accepting the coming fratracide as inevitable. I'm going to restrict my taunts to those that inflame Liberals against each other. It's going to be things like "Did you hear what Hillary said about Obama's Preacher?".

    Still, we do have some grounds for optimism. Your SNL skit was a start. Nothing erodes the power of the Powerful more than showing them to be ridiculous. Have a look at a certain Louis Phillipe Cartoon where he was shown devolving into a Man of the People, where the final stage showed him as a pear.

  9. I guess that would be a "hoot" if the super-delegates made the decision as to which one runs.

    ........... and they bitched about the Supreme Court decision when Bush won!

  10. Hold your "glee" anon.........

    Pretty soon, Arianna Huffington will trigger a fractricide of the entire Democratic party.