Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Clintons unleash the Race bomb to blow up Obama

Barack, Hillary and Bill with Black people in happier times

"I think she is destroying the Democratic Party," said New York lawyer Daniel Berger, who had backed Clinton with the maximum allowable donation of $2,300.

"That there's no way for her to win this election except by destroying [Obama], I just don't like it. So in my own little way, I'm trying to send her a message."

The message came in the form of a $2,300 contribution to Obama.
—Daniel Berger as reported by Jonathan Weisman and Matthew Mosk of The Washington Post
In the Democrat’s own version of Hiroshima and Nagasaki the Clinton’s “He can’t win” bomb against Sen. Obama is latent with implications that Sen. Obama can’t win because he is Black.

The fact that the Clinton campaign would stoop to direct and indirect race baiting has the Democrat Party fearing that Bill and Hillary Clinton are causing irreparable racial damage to the Party! The fact that our nation dialog has turned to divisive matters of Race indicates that Hillary and Bill Clinton have managed to polarize this country once again only this time along the lines of Race.

Who would have thought that the Clintons who received nearly 100 percent of the Black vote in their respective campaigns, his for Presidency twice and hers twice for her U.S. Senate runs would turn to Race baiting in an, “If I can’t have the Black vote then I’ll make it an albatross for Sen. Obama.” Plainly said the Clintons are Race baiters!

See CBS report on the controversy (after commercial interruption):

Sen. Clinton’s recent Pennsylvania win will no doubt be used to punctuate the claim that Sen. Obama a Black man can’t win the Presidency and provide ammunition for the upcoming North Carolina primaries. Completely disregarding the fact that Pennsylvania was a virtual home state for Sen. Clinton one where her grandfather and father gave the Senator familial ties to the state.

The Black Vote

In addition to that as I previously reported Gov. Ed Rendell a Clinton supporter claimed the reason that Sen. Obama lost in Pennsylvania is because white voters in Pennsylvania are >not ready to vote for a Black candidate.

Ironically, if the same claims had been made by Kanye West a Black rapper who said that President Bush doesn’t like Black people West would have been immediately renounced for being a reverse racist.
When one-fifth of Democratic primary voters admit taking race into account in the ballot booth, it shows the nation still has social hurdles to overcome.

If a candidate's race is as important to some voters as his or her views on the economy, or the cost of health care, then something is being lost in the debate over how to move the country forward.
—The Philadelphia Inquirer
So perhaps Gov. Rendell has something to his claim.

It was the Clinton campaign that leaked the Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan links to Sen. Obama in this Presidential campaign yet in 1997 Gov. Ed Rendell praises Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. (see below)

Democrats have made this campaign a confusing mix of gender and Race that apparently even they can’t seem to figure out. Here’s Democrat and Liberal Juan Williams on Fox News, along with most of the Fox News panel, admitting that the Clintons are using divisive tactics of Race in their do anything, say anything campaign to win. (See below)

Unable to beat Obama on delegates and still unlikely to beat him in the popular vote, Hillary Clinton has just one strategy left - to persuade super delegates that Obama is unelectable. She has tried branding him as inexperienced and slick-tongued, and neither of those have worked.

At this stage she has just one argument left: his race. For several months now, her aides have been whispering to whoever would listen that America would never elect a black candidate. In desperation, some are now raising their voices.
—Gary Younge, The Guardian
The Clintons have demonstrated an anything to win power no matter what the cost mentality, if Democrats thought that way about protecting America against terrorism and winning the war in Iraq as they do about politics and winning power we would have won the war by now and would be bringing the troops home.

But it seems that the only thing that Democrats have the stomach for is winning with their politics of personal destruction is politics even if the person or persons that they destroy are members of their own party!


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    OK, Hillary has horns. So what? That doesn't mean that Obama, whom you seem to endorse, is any better. For that matter, is McCain, who will knife you in the back, any better than Hillary, who will always make a point of it to knife you from the front when she knifes you?

    Your last three posts are getting VERY TEDIOUS. Just remember that you have only two other regular posters, and they haven't posted that much lately, nor do they seem to agree that much with you either.

    You always seem to dwell on the bad news lately. This blog has been getting too depressing lately. It can also become a lonely place in a hurry if you don't say something interesting soon.


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