Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Will Sen. Clinton fix the mess that she’s made?

Gerald Seib

[I]t is Sen. Clinton who now has the greater ability to ease racial tensions within her party. Arguably, she also has the greater need to do so, for her long-term standing.

Simply stated, her camp is the one now being accused of, or at least implicated in, using the race card.

The most recent assertions came in the form of comments last week by Rep. James Clyburn, a black Democrat from South Carolina, who accused Sen. Clinton and, more pointedly, former President Clinton, of damaging the Democratic Party by using race to political advantage.
—Gerald Seib

Gerald Seib has only one thing right in his assessment of the Clinton caused Racial facture in the Democrat Party that is Sen. Clinton could ease the Racial Tensions if she chooses too, but she won’t.

Hasn’t Mr. Seib noticed that Sen. Clinton campaign is built on only two pillars, one the fact that she is White the other the fact that she is a woman. That’s it. Nobody’s buying that tested and ready shtick. Nobody’s accepting her experience by osmosis claims either.

Just because someone lives in a barn doesn’t mean that they are a tractor, likewise just because Sen. Clinton lived in the White house doesn’t mean that she has somehow intuited the experience to be the chief executive. Yet Sen. Clinton is running her campaign like all that she has to do is cry a little and lie a little and then remind America that Barack Hussein Obama is a Black man, just a little, to win the Democrat nomination.

Sorry Mr. Seib Sen. Clinton isn’t going to give up her only advantage over Sen. Obama just to save the Democrat Party. No, she hasn’t say it, as far as I know, but by her actions you’d swear she’s thinking, “No, no, no God damn the Democrat Party, I’m in it to win it!” à la Rev. Wright’s infamous curse against America.

Speaking of damning when Sen. Clinton was asked just before the Pennsylvania primaries how she would respond if she were president if Iran attacked Israel with nuclear force, Senator Clinton retorted that she would totally obliterate Iran!

Yeah, Sen. Obama knows a little something about being totally obliterated by the Clintons as Robert Scheer of the Huffington Post relates in his “Clinton threatens to obliterate Iran.”

Sen. Clinton's eminently sensible and centrist--to a fault—opponent [Sen. Obama] is now viewed as weak and even vaguely unpatriotic because he is thoughtful. Neither Karl Rove nor Dick Morris could have done a better job.—Robert Scheer
Again sorry Mr. Seib Hillary Clinton is not going to do anything to jeopardize her perceived momentum in this campaign to be the Democrat nominee.

And though it would be beneficial for the Democrat Party for Senator Clinton to repudiate anyone who is basing their vote on the Race of the candidates, not to mention that the Clintons should also apologize for the racial overtones that she and president Clinton have caused, However, you gotta know that anyone who would obliterate Iran is not concerned about a little Racial collateral damage caused by their ambitions to became President!

I’m sure the Clintons feel that they can repair any damage that they’ve caused much later after they’ve won the nomination. After all she is offering Universal Health Care isn't she?

This whole scenario would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

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  1. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Sixty three years ago to the day, in a bunker in Berlin, a certain other doomed leader faces his Gotterdamerung. Cumulative errors in political judgement need not have required him to end his life had he not been so evil and ruthless enough to make the rest of the world demand his life. Hillary is a similar situation, but in a much smaller scale. Hitler was between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Hillary, though up a Creek without a paddle, is in at least shallow water.

    The point of this analogy is to point out that your pleas for Hillary's Deliverance make about as much sense as a sudden Tank Offensive by General Patton to rescue Hitler to give him safe conduct to Switzerland.

    Patton decided that it was more productive to rescue the Lippizan breed of horses than to save Hitler. Wouldn't you be better off following General Patton's example by spending your time and energy to rescue some stray cat out there in California than to try to rescue the already doomed Hillary Clinton Campaign from the flames she herself set?