Thursday, April 17, 2008

He Deserves It!

Al.............. that debate, or whatever you choose to
call it, was an expose of Barack Obama, a man who pretended
to be someone that he certainly isn’t!

Those horses ARE, Wright, Ayers, Farrakhan, the
Million Man March, saluting the American Flag, and a host
of other issues that have neither been completely addressed,
nor sufficiently explained by Obama. They will continue
being the millstones around his neck..... right through the
upcoming elections, should he be the chosen Democratic

As the those political issues that both Hillary and Barack
seemed to somewhat agree on............ their promises show
that neither of them is qualified to lead this country. Any
sitting president, who is determined to totally disregard the
advice of the commanding generals, at a time of war, and
recall an ever succeeding army home, is an idiot at best.

As for the “no new taxes on the middle class if elected”,
claim....... how closely were you watching their definition of
“middle-class”? If the Democrats in Congress allow the
Bush tax cuts to expire, and they don’t kill the AMT, anyone
making more than $50M per year, is in for the largest tax
increase in history. Enough to bring on the most severe
recession ever experienced in the US.

Time to stop waving the Obama flag Al........... and let Hillary
loose on him. She is just echoing the feelings of most of the
electorate, and he deserves everything that he is getting, after
having deceived everyone, as to exactly who this Barack Obama
really is. Once he is out of the way, she and McCaine can battle
it out to the finish. I have no doubt of the outcome of that contest..


  1. brook,

    I'm aware that Conservatives think that they have a better chance of beating Hillary but I'm not so sure.

    Obama loses for all of the reasons that you've pointed out here and more.

    There are people who would never vote for a Black man period. That was the ace in the hole.

    If Hillary defeats him then she has her advantage back. Hillary's whole campaign is geared to defeat White men. That is why Obama gave her such fits.

    An old White tired John McCain will be made mincemeat of by the Clinton machine that is gear especially for the White men of the Republican Party.

    Frankly I don't see why Conservatives don't get it!

    Everything that the Clinton surrogates said about Obama, only being where he was because he is black, was their frustration talking because they knew that Hillary's pandering to the female vote would suckerpunch any of the other white candidates.

    We had Hillary on the ropes and let her off by attacking Obama prematurely.

    It's the classic Tora Bora move where we had bin Laden cornered and allowed him to escape.

    You've given all of the reasons that we would hand Obama his hat in the general election now if Hillary gets there and wins over McCain, and believe me she is capable of doing that, the whole Republican party, talk radio and bloggers who attacked Obama are going to have a lot of explaining to do!

    Remember there is nothing that you can throw at the Clintons that will deter them so if you're depending on John "I want a civil debate" McCain to win the day it ain't going to happen.

    You've seen how Hillary is able to orchestrate the total destruction of Obama, with such a flawed candidated as John McCain it will be even worst.

    Democrats already have a head start with the eight years of negativity against Bush going for them they just take out Bush's name in insert McCain's and not even Conservatives will vote for McCain!

    That flag that you think you see me waving is for your own protection. You want Hillary in the general be careful what you wish for because McCain has already let it be known that he is not going to fight for it.

    And we all know that the Clintons will!

  2. Al.....

    It is NOT Hillary who is destroying Obama, but the rest of us! She is no more capable of destroying him, than she is of destroying McCaine. Notice, that she is jumping on the bandwagon that conservatives have started rolling.

    Don't forget it was conservative radio and Fox News (God Bless them) that brought to light the inside workings of that so-called "christian" church that Obama blindly and deafly attended for 23 years.

    So far as I am concerned, whether Obama or Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee, they will be defeated in November.

  3. What I remember and what I have blogged about is that it was the Clinton campaign that leaked those stories to Fox News and the media.

    As I have said this is all orchestrated by the Clinton campaign and now she is sitting around looking at Conservatives doing her dirty work.

    I'm glad that you are so confident but I gotta tell you the fact that Conservatives see Obama as a bigger threat than Hillary is a joke.

    I believe that she is right on this one point, she is better able to handle the Republicans.

    Bill handled Republicans in his adminstration and she has that going for her.

    Look Republicans are not that smart, we allowed the Democrats to select our candidate, John McCain.

    We allowed the Democrats to take back control of both the House and the Senate.

    We have George Bush promoting Global warming and Illegal Aliens and McCain does too!

    And now we are beating up on a sure win in Obama so that we can face a ruthless sociopathic liar whose backers are ultrapartisan and will not be disuaded from their loyalty to her.

    We have traitors in both the Republican Senate and the House that even if McCain were elected he would have to fight if he were to do anything conservative.

    And believe me he won't.

    I wish that I was as optimisic as you but in the last eight years Republicans have been a total disappointment and I'm not seeing anything promising on the horizon.

    We should have attempt to eliminate Hillary first dealt Liberals a crashing blow that then took out Obama in the general.

    Giving Hillary a second life was a grave mistake I don't see how anyone can think going against her will be a cake walk.

    It won't!

  4. Anonymous2:06 PM

    I don't care what you think about my provisional support of Hillary. My February 25th comments still stand. I will give Hillary as many dying gasps as I can until her candidacy outlives its usefulness.

    Are you not aware that the Clinton Campaign is leaking a lot of things about that Quack of a Preacher Wright? It is actually mathematically possible for Hillary to catch up by the Puerto Rico Primary according to the current apportionment rules and current popularity percentages. the way Obama is unravelling, this is in the cards. If a certain blogger is the Chess Player she claims to be, we are talking about a very long endgame here (like a B+N+2P vs. a 2B +P endgame).

    I'm not in a hurry to support McCain. He hasn't said anything either Conservative or Interesting lately. It will do him some good to know that he's going to have to get some of his base back from Hillary. Let him earn some votes for a change. He has no credit with me.


  5. I actually agree with your last statement MD.-- Alaphiah

    Cur etiamnunc ades?