Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ripping Obama

Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

Senator Barack Obama found himself consistently on the defensive as he and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton met Wednesday night in a tense debate that left him parrying questions and criticism on issues including values, patriotism and his association with onetime radicals from the 1960s.-- ADAM NAGOURNEY and JEFF ZELENY
I tuned in expecting a debate last night between Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama but instead the program that was on was Barack Obama’s extremities tied by rope to two horses that were pulling in opposite directions until Obama was ripped part. A debate this wasn’t. This was more like Obama being tortured at Abu Ghraib.

The team of ex-Clinton White house adviser George Stephanopoulos and Charles Gibson both ABC affiliates where the horses while Sen. Clinton was in cool command of the whip of personal destruction which she used unrelentingly to prod her two horses into directions that kept Sen. Obama stretched to the limits all night with limbs about to be pull away from his six foot frame. If given his druthers I’m sure Obama would have preferred water boarding to this piling on of Hillary shills.

Mangled words, Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Louis Farrakhan, and the American Flag, most of which were Clinton smears (with the exception of the American Flag) brought to bear on Obama in this formal setting giving the smears even more legitimacy. One could see Sen. Obama wilting under the Clinton offensive with shots of Chelsea Clinton in the audience for good measure adding to that subliminal pro-Clinton ABC touch.

There were two salient points in the midst of this Obama Abu Ghraib session. One, both candidate vowed to withdraw troops from Iraq no matter what their Generals and Commanders advised if they were President and two, both candidates vowed no new taxes on the middle class if elected.

Other than those two points it was definitely an all out effort to sway Super delegates and Pennsylvanians to kept Sen. Clinton in the race for the presidency.

Yet I don’t think that Sen. Clinton baggage statement is a very good selling point if she intended to impress Super delegates and Pennsylvanians.
“I have a lot of baggage, and everybody has rummaged through it for years, and so therefore, I have, you know, an opportunity to come to this campaign with a very strong conviction and feeling that I will be able to withstand whatever the Republican sends our way.”—Sen. Hillary Clinton
Fact is Sen. Clinton it is your kind of baggage that we would do well to rid Washington of at the earliest opportunity that we can afford.

Other than show us the entire Democrat playbook this airing of Democrat dirty laundry did nothing to enhance either Democrat candidate’s standing in my opinion.

And then there was Sen. Clinton’s Yes, yes, yes, in response to the question would Sen. Obama be qualified to lead this nation as president, Sen. Clinton don't you realize that that type of blantant reversal still shows your propensity for lying.

What, after all that she has been saying about Sen. Obama’s lack of qualifications to be president she now all of a sudden believes that he is qualified?

In spite of all of the help from ABC in last night’s pile on and torture Obama, Sen. Clinton you still have not given the American people a reason to trust you or entrust you with the most powerful job in the world.

And for Democrats and ABC this pro-Hillary showing was a big No, no, no!


  1. Al......

    My comment was much too long to post here. I created another post!


  2. Anonymous7:08 AM

    There is method to Hillary's Madness. By becoming a hectoring harridan during the debate, Hillary's infernal nagging and whining has put Obama in the unenviable position of scapegoat that married men know quite well. The steady drumbeat of Hillary's torrent of scolding, making Obama's life a Living Hell, is enough to make any man explode. Yet Obama dare not explode.

    Most sane men respond to such deft application of the Feminine Art of Nagging as Hillary executed by offering something of vaule, usually a divorce with custody of the kids and occupancy of the house.

    Hillary's Goal is a Higher Goal. She wants to either to induce Obama to quit or to provoke a damaging angry reaction and/or gaffe. Powered by Estrogen and Gall, Hillary has gone to full NAG Mode. The horrible unrelenting torment of Hillary's voice, never ceasing, has inflicted its toll of shame and grief upon Obama. One wonders if Obama is fit to govern by having the abysmally low self-esteem to tolerate this abuse.

    One thing for sure, Hillary has played the Girl Card to the fullest. She has done the one thing that makes married men envy Priests for their Celeibacy, that is to Nag. Nagging Women ALWAYS get their way, and Hillary kwos how to NAG!

    BTW, I am considering writing a collection of Poetry entitled Holy Matrimony is a Drag . Here is a sample poem:

    Nagity Nagity Nag!
    Nag Nag Nag Nag Nag!
    I bride groom I should never be.
    A Priest's Life is the Life for me!
    Nagity Nagity Nag!
    Nag Nag Nag Nag Nag!


  3. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Somebody is trying to get a charge out of Alaphiah with that post about Nagging. I would sure hate to see her reaction when she gets back from the weekend. Hell's Fury is about to be unleashed.