Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Skewing the News!

Time after time the MSM and the likes of CNN and CNBC, bend
the news to make their leftist points.

The much despised "Christian coalition" FOX NEWS put out a
straight-forward news story about Pope Benedict's XVI's trip to
the US. They stated on their broadcast that "President Bush
welcomes Pope Benedict with a State Dinner. Simple, unadorned and
truthful reporting.

Not to be outdone, CNN brings it down to their usual gutter level, with, "White House justifies LAVISH dinner for Pope!"
What kind of crapola is this? Are these people so into themselves
that everything that isn't falling off the left coast, is
something that has to be questioned or justified?

You want justification CNN??? Pope Benedict XVI happens to be a
Head of State........ just the same as our President is, Queen Elizabeth is, and Putin was. So take your stupid gripe, along with
your bent view of political relations, and stuff it!

I noticed that you haven't tried justifying former President
Jimmy Carter's foolhardy and traitorous trip to meet with the leaders of Hamas!

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