Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sen. Reid Claims Income Taxes are Voluntary

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Now we know why Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid believes that the Iraq war is lost and that the surge is a failure in spite of the evidence to the contrary which is we are winning the war and the surge is a huge success.

Reid is a Liberal and by definition that means he is a contrarian, whatever the facts are, people like Reid will say or believe the opposite. This is especially true if the facts are present by anyone who a Liberal believes is connected to the Republicans in any way.

You remember General David Petraeus’ report before the Congress on surge in Iraq? condemned Petreaus before they heard one word of testimony and several Democrat Senators, Hillary Clinton was one, contradicted Petraeus’ every factual claim.

They were all wrong. Petraeus was right!

No clearer example of this is this interview where interviewer Jan Helfeld makes the statement that the government forces people to pay taxes. Sen. Reid takes exception at that statement and attempts to contradict Helfeld by arguing that taxes are not forced the American people pay taxes voluntarily. (Do you?)

This is a free country right? So if you decided, “I’m not paying a single penny more in taxes!” Could you just flat out stop paying your voluntary taxes?

The Democrats are set to increase their majority status in the Congress this election year and the country will be at the mercy of people who think like Senator Reid. Do we really want that? Before you answer you might want to take a look at this! (Please view video)


  1. Sure, paying income tax can be "voluntary" just as going to jail for tax evasion is involuntary. What a crock!.

    Reid and his ilk are nothing more than parasites and then they have the nerve to insult everyones intelligence with lies that would be obvious to a 6 year old child.

  2. Hey rc,
    I don't think Reid gets how retard he sounded.

    Makes you almost feel sorry for the Democrats! (Laugh)

  3. Yet more proof that the likes of Reid live in a fantasyland!