Friday, April 11, 2008

What Will it Take?

I can't believe that the liberals are still sucking their Kool-aid!

What has to happen before they believe that this Obama is a fraud? He presented himself as a "uniter" (he figured it worked for Bush) but has never reached across the aisle, except for a couple of bills that he thought would help his image.

What kind of a President would he make? He doesn't salute our flag, he won't wear the small American flag pin on his lapel, he associates with known terrorists and a "Reverend" who insults the spirit of Christianity. How dumb can the American voter be?

I don't care what people call me.......... racist, bigot, etc. I call the shots as I see them............ and let the chips fall where they may. Obama can attempt to explain away his associations, but when you lie down with dogs, you get fleas.

"Reverend Wright" was his pastor, confidant, friend and counselor for some 23 years. He married the Obamas and christened their two children. Over this period of years, not a short time I might add, Barack had dozens of opportunities to discover just what a bigotted, racist, unpatriotic man Wright is................ and yet, he continued his close association. Does anyone really believe that he had no idea of where the "Reverend" was coming from?

First........ when the news about Wright broke, Obama played typical politician, and disclaimed any knowledge of the vitriolic sermons......stating
that had he known of them, he most certainly would have expressed his
dissatisfaction to his mentor. I don't believe that for one minute!

As the facts would have it, when he found himself caught in a lie (not a small one, I might add), he spoke publically at length, but somehow managed to turn the conversation toward race, and just skirted the real issue. This outcry wasn't about race............. though Wright is definitely
a racist............ but about pride in country and patriotism. We all had to suffer through Obama's labored explanations, even involving his grandmother, who was described as a "typical white person". One thing that was conveniently left out, was an open and honest explanation of why he had lied about sitting in the church hearing those sermons, in the first place. But I guess he figured that he had masked the whole situation with the race-bait. The really amazing part of this is, that Obama, the DNC, the Democratic strategists, and most of the liberal MSM, just can't understand why we keep revisiting this situation. What part of lies and deceit don't any of them understand?

Now, as more comes to light over Obama's "friendship" with the organizer of the "weathermen", who has a total lack of remorse over the bombings at the Capital, NYC Police Headquarters, and other government facilities...... those same lame-brains are wondering why people are getting upset once again. This is even a more serious situation than the Wright controversy, and is going to require a lot more detailed explaining.

I want to know just how "friendly" Obama and Ayers really are..... and what Obama really thinks about his participation in these terrorist operations. I also will not feel completely comfortable, until an in-depth investigation of Obama is done. On the surface, his wife seems cold and uncaring.... in spite of the fact that she had the benefit of attending the best schools in the world, received her degrees, became an attorney, and earns well into the six figures each year.

And THIS is the first time that she is proud of her country?..... only because her husband is in the Democratic primaries??? Where was she when we caused the collapse of one of the most oppressive regimes in history, the Soviet Union, where was she when we were feeding, clothing and protecting million around the globe?......... where was she when they were teaching American history? She got hung up on slavery in America, and still hasn't gotten past that. In her thesis, she states that she is FIRST AND FOREMOST BLACK............ and THEN everything else. She should be an American, who happens to be black. But then, I guess that she got to where she is BECAUSE she is black, and had the benefit of Affirmative Action. So she made it all about race!

For the reasons above,............ I am totally uncomfortable with the idea of an Obama presidency. I hope that the American people will see through this sham, and vote according to their own brains and hearts.


  1. brook,
    Once you total me that a story I posted was a waste of time because liberals wouldn't be convinced.

    Today, I guess I can return the favor. This post is just a rehash of Conservative anti-Obama dreg.

    It's almost as bad as the anti-Bush dreg that we've suffered though for 8 years.

    You were not going to vote for Obama anyway and no one who agrees with your point of view is going to vote for him.

    But there is nothing here to convince anyone who supports Obama to disavow him.

    You really don't want to know what it will take to dissuade Obama supporters if you did you wouldn't have begun your rant by recanting what they consider to be Republican attack lines.

    You want to know what it will take?

    Try a positive post about McCain that is what it will take to win the Independent swing voters who will decide this election.

    This country is still evenly slit right down the middle and the only votes in play are the Independents. Show them why they should vote for your candidate. That is what it will take!

  2. I strongly disagree Al..... this is not about ideology or platforms at this time. We have not yet chosen the Democratic nominee. There is plenty of time for the Dem/Repub/Ind debate.

    This is about trust, honor and patriotism. Obama has none of this in his corner. His BS message from the start was about "change"....... an ambiguous term at best, and a ludicrous on in his case!

  3. Change is good!. Politicians need to be changed out, just like baby diapers and for the very same reason.

    Sorry Al, I'm with Brooklyn on this one. Obama is full of that well known brown stuff. People who want to vote for an obvious non-patriot and liar had better close their eyes and hold their nose when they do so.

  4. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Liberation Theology and Prosperity Theology are a Toxic Brew similar to aqua regia, where the sum of two poisons are greater than their parts.

    Here is a paper on this matter: , which clearly states that Marxist Liberation Theology plus Prosperity Theology equals a non-Christian Political Doctrine whose object is to "avenge" the "wrongs" done by the Ruling Class as well as to enrich the Leadres of the Liberators.

    You talk about Conservatives drinking the Kool-Ade, yet you miss the point that Jonestown was all about Liberation Theology, and to a lesser extent, Prosperity Theology. Even most Liberals would agree with the Religious Conservativism view that a Theology whose emphasis is to Govern(read "Plunder")is WRONG.

    You are TOTALLY ALONE on this one. The recent BITTER CHRISTIAN & GUN OWNERflap with Obama underlines the points we have been making to you over the last month. This is how a proponent of both Liberation and Prosperity Theology thinks. Jefferson would doubtless define this way of thinking as "Mentally Impaired".

    You called me a Racist over this. Are you also prepared to call RC2 & Brooklyn Racists for saying the same things?

    Keep this up and your blog will become a Dinosaur Blog.

    I will continue to lurk in the hope that you clean up your act.