Monday, June 23, 2008

Homosexual Insurgents Assault California Voters Yet Again

What if you woke up tomorrow morning and you no longer had rights as an American citizen. What if someone or some group told you how to act and how to think. And what if you didn’t do as you where told and you were severely and harshly dealt with. Would that be America?

That is exactly what has happened in the state of California where the State Supreme Court of California struck down the People’s initiative proposition, 22 and replaced it with the opinions of four black robed individuals imposing their holier-than-thou will on 31.1 Million Californians.

California you are not in America anymore.
– Alaphiah
The People in the majority in this country are under attack, but you knew that. Their traditions, their beliefs, and their way of life are being threatened by 3 to 4 percent of the Nation’s population and by that minuscule minority’s surrogates, supporters and attorneys.

This minority attacks the majority by using U.S. courts and laws as weapons of mass destruction, using the very institutions that were meant to uphold the traditions of our society against it and the majority’s lives, liberties and pursuit of happiness. This minority is waging this war against the majority in the same fashion that al Qaeda uses guerilla tactics and IED’s (roadside bombs) against U.S. troops in Iraq. But you knew that.

This minority uses their corrupt interpretation of law like al Qaeda uses their corrupt interpretation of Islam to wage jihad against all people who are not Muslims.

This minority uses Orwellian tainted words and ideas to confuse language and understanding so that their attacks on the majority have the appearance of benign civil rights causes and legislation, which confuses the ignorant and children, rather than appear to be the threats that they are, real devastating violent overturning societal changing events.

Just what I’m going on about? In an outrageous, unmatched and unbelievable act of arrogance and in-your-face disdain for the California voter, homosexual insurgents have once again declared a fatwa against California voter’s rights.

Lawyers for Equality California, a homosexual al Qaeda like front group, are attempting to block the new People’s marriage initiative, the Protection of Marriage Amendment, from the November 4 general election. This Initiative would add the definition of marriage that the people of California originally intended to be enforced by the People’s Supreme Court in proposition 22 sadly only to find that they must act by initiative once again to put the people’s will into the California Constitution itself.

It was the People of California’s will to protect the definition of marriage from such anticipated court attacks from invading homosexual hedonistic hordes and their attorneys.

That is why the people of California erected the great wall of proposition 22 in 1999 as protection from capricious and fanciful redefinitions of marriage, and as well to protect themselves from the tampering with of American and Western society that they anticipated would come and has come like the rising recent floods in Iowa and Mississippi river towns.

This tampering is not good change this tampering has weakened the family and has weakened American tradition the fundamental structures of American and of Western society.

Yet, homosexual insurgents convinced a majority on the high court of California with specious civil rights and politically correct arguments that had no basis in California Constitutional law to overturn and treat the people’s right to vote like so much flotsam based on these events.
Two years ago, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom thumbed his nose at California voters by illegally issuing marriage licenses to thousands of homosexual couples in open defiance of Proposition 22. Ultimately, the courts declared those so-called "marriages" to be invalid, but left the door open to a future constitutional challenge against traditional marriage.

• Additionally, the courts have undermined Proposition 22 and marriage by upholding an act of the Legislature that gave homosexual "domestic partners" the full legal status of married spouses. A San Francisco judge ruled that Proposition 22, a regular statute, violates the California was Constitution and ordered the licensing of same-sex "marriages." That decision is currently being appealed in the California Supreme Court.

• The Legislature twice passed legislation to allow licensing of homosexual "marriage." Both of these measures were vetoed by the governor.

• On May 15, 2008, the California Supreme Court found a "right" to homosexual marriage in the California Constitution and overturned Proposition 22.
Chief Justice Ronald George writing for the majority acknowledged the fact that their ruling had no basis in the California Constitution for the Justice’s decision, yet in spite of that the Justices ruled in favor of homosexual al Qaeda on March 15, 2008 and homosexuals successfully ambushed voters using the California Supreme Court like an Iraqi roadside bomb to blow-up proposition 22 California’s definition of what the People say legalized marriage is in this state.
First, we must determine the nature and scope of the “right to marry” –a right that past cases establish as one of the fundamental constitutional rights embodied in the California Constitution. Although, as an historical matter, civil marriage and the rights associated with it traditionally have been afforded only to opposite-sex couples…”—Justice Ronald M. George
Noting in his written Judgment that historically civil marriage has always been understood in California Constitutional law to be between a man and a woman the court then reaches outside of the Constitution and the Court’s own rightful authority to invent an abomination to law, tradition and society, homosexual marriage.

Now with equally desperate arguments as used to justify the Courts ruling which deprived 31.1 million Californians of their vote. Equality California is again attempting to exclude the People of California from what could possibly be one of the most important votes in the history of this Country if not the history of the entire western civilization.

Equality California has petitioned a clearly prejudged California Supreme Court to prevent the Protection of Marriage Amendment, which was legally certified by California’s Secretary of State Debra Bowen for the November ballot which would add the definition of marriage to the California Constitution, from appearing on November’s California ballot.

California’s Supreme Court must recuse itself from hearing such a case that is the very least that a Court that has already involved itself in inappropriately legislating from the bench can do.
“I respect the Court’s decision and as Governor, I will uphold its ruling. Also, as I have said in the past, I will not support an amendment to the constitution that would overturn this state Supreme Court ruling.” --Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
The People of California by now must realize that they are not only fighting California Courts and politicians, the Liberal Democrat controlled California Legislature and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, no Californians are also fighting against corporations that are funding this homosexual assault against our society, corporations which are only concerned with their revenue goals no matter that they are virtually destroying American culture to achieve them.
Everything that is wrong in America today can be blamed on an out-of-control corporate environment that will do anything and everything for the sake of the bottom line. Profit!Alaphiah
The media is reporting this fiasco as if it is some sudden economic windfall for California.
Same-sex weddings could create hundreds of new jobs and pump hundreds of millions of dollars into California's economy, according to a new study released Monday.

Gay couples are projected to spend $684 million on flowers, cakes, hotels, photographers and other wedding services over the next three years - so long as voters don't put a halt to the same-sex marriage spree, according to a study by the Williams Institute at University of California, Los Angeles School of Law.

The study estimates that over the next three years, gay weddings will generate $64 million in additional tax revenue for the state, and another $9 million in marriage-license fees for counties.
The Associated Press reported by
If California tax revenue is all that the government of California is concerned about then why not legalize prostitution, pornography and all forms of gambling, not just the California lottery. One could project at least a trillion dollars of tax and business revenue in these activities as well!

Homosexual insurgents and their supporters are hoping that they can create so much confusion in California law that their handiwork will be irreversible or they are hoping that the people of California can be totally excluded from the most important decision in California law by the implemented fascist ruling of the state Supreme Court, that established legal homosexuality and now they are attempting to protect that unconstitutional ruling by asking the Court involved in the middle of this controversy to again unfairly rule in their favor. (EQCA board of Directors)

Now once again and with equally desperate arguments as employed in their victory over proposition 22, Equality California is attempting to exclude the People of California from what could possibly be one of the most important votes in the history of this Country and the history of western civilization.

California’s Supreme Court is clearly prejudged in this matter and Creating Orwellian Worldview calls for them to recuse themselves immediately from hearing any case involving homosexuality, and the Court’s oxymoronic invention Homosexual Marriage!

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